Table of Contents

Introduction: Fielding Derrida.
Jacques Derrida's early writings : alongside skepticism, phenomenology, analytic philosophy, and literary criticism.
Deconstruction as skepticism.
Derrida, Husserl, and the commentators : a developmental approach.
A transcendental sense of death? Derrida and the philosophy of language.
Literary theory's languages : the deconstruction of sense vs. the deconstruction of reference.
Jacques Derrida and the problem of philosophical and political modernity.
Jacob Klein and Jacques Derrida : the problem of modernity.
Jacob Klein and Jacques Derrida : historicism and history in two interpretations of Husserl's late writings.
Derrida's contribution to phenomenology : a problem of no species?.
Foretellese : futures of Derrida and Marx.