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AddAla-Kokko, T(ero)
AddAla-Korpela, M(ika)
AddAlahuhta, S.
AddAlen, M.
AddAntikainen, R.
AddAnttonen, V(uokko)
AddBiancari, F.
AddBloigu, R(isto)
AddEskelinen, S.
AddFlinkkilä, T(apio)
AddHakkola, J.
AddHallman, M.
AddHartikainen, A(nna)-L(iisa)
AddHausen, H.
AddHautala, N(ina)
AddHautala, T(imo)
AddHeape, A.
AddHerzig, K(arl)-H(einz)
AddHillbom, M.
AddHiltunen, J.K.
AddHörkko, S.
AddHuikuri, H
AddHukkanen J(anne)
AddIgnatius, J.
AddIsohanni, M.
AddJaakkola, J.
AddJaakkola, M(aritta) S.
AddJaakola, V-P.
AddJämsä, T(imo)
AddJanhonen, S.
AddJärvelin, M(arjo)-R(iitta)
AddJokelainen, J(ari)
AddJuffer, A.H.
AddJunttila, J(uhani)
AddJuvonen, T.
AddKaarteenaho, R(iitta)
AddKajantie, E(ero)*(THL/OY)
AddKarppinen (Koivunen), P(eppi)
AddKarppinen, J(aro)
AddKarttunen, T.J.
AddKeinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S(irkka)
AddKerkelä, R(isto)
AddKesäniemi, Y.A.
AddKettunen, J(ohannes)
AddKietzmann, T(homas).
AddKivirikko, K.I.
AddKnuuttila, M.
AddKoivukangas, J.
AddKursula, P.
AddKyngäs, H.
AddLarivaara, P.
AddLarmas, M.
AddLehenkari, P(etri)
AddLehtiö, L(ari)
AddLeppilahti, J.
AddLuukinen, H.
AddMainio A
AddMajamaa, K.
AddMäki, P(irjo)
AddMäkikallio, T.
AddMännikkö, M(inna)
AddManninen, A(ki).
AddMartikainen, H(annu)
AddMiettunen, J(ouko)
AddMyllyharju, J.
AddMyllylä, R.
AddMyllylä, V.
AddNäyhä, S.
AddNeubauer, P.
AddNieminen, M(iika) T.
AddNieminen, P(entti)
AddNiinimäki, J(aakko)
AddOhukainen, P(auli)
AddOikarinen, A.
AddOikarinen, K.
AddPelkonen, O(lavi)
AddPetäjä-Repo, U.E.
AddPihlajaniemi, T.
AddPirttiniemi, P(ertti)
AddPuistola, U(lla)
AddRajaniemi, H.J.
AddRämet, M(ika)
AddRäsänen, P.
AddRaustia, A.
AddRemes, A(nne)
AddRisteli, J.
AddRistiniemi, J.
AddRuddock, L.W.
AddRuokonen, A.
AddRuskoaho, H.
AddRyynänen, M.
AddSaarakkala, S.
AddSaari, A.
AddSalo, T(uula)
AddSándor, G(eorge) K.
AddSavolainen, E-R.
AddSavolainen, M.J.
AddSavolainen, O.
AddSillanpää, M(ikko).
AddSoininen, R.
AddSorri, M.
AddTaanila, A.
AddTapiainen, T(erhi)
AddTervonen, O(smo)
AddTimonen, M(arkku)
AddTjäderhane, L.
AddTurpeenniemi-Hujanen, T.
AddTuukkanen, J(uha)
AddTuulonen, A.
AddUhari, M.
AddUkkola, O(lavi)
AddUusimaa, J.
AddVainio, O.
AddVainio, S.
AddVeijola, J(uha)
AddVeijola, R(iitta)
AddVirokannas, H.
AddVoipio, H(anna)-M(arja)
AddVuolteenaho, O.
AddWeckström, M.
AddWei, GH.
AddWierenga, R.K.
AddWinqvist, R.
AddYlänne, J.
AddYlitalo, K(ari)

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Effect of culture medium, host strain and oxygen transfer on recombinant Fab antibody fragment yield and leakage to medium in shaken E. coli cultures.Neubauer, P.2562 dayssaveRefWorks
Cultivation of Marine Microorganisms in Single-Use Systems.Neubauer, P.2562 dayssaveRefWorks
Polyamine metabolism during exponential growth transition in Scots pine embryogenic cell culture.Neubauer, P.2864 dayssaveRefWorks
Physiology of resistant Deinococcus geothermalis bacterium aerobically cultivated in low manganese medium.Neubauer, P.3130 dayssaveRefWorks
High-temperature cultivation and 5' mRNA optimization are key factors for the efficient overexpression of thermostable Deinococcus geothermalis purine nucleoside phosphorylase in Escherichia coli.Neubauer, P.3263 dayssaveRefWorks
The Influence of P. fluorescens Cell Morphology on the Lytic Performance and Production of Phage ?IBB-PF7A.Neubauer, P.3298 dayssaveRefWorks
A two-compartment bioreactor system made of commercial parts for bioprocess scale down studies: Impact of oscillations on Bacillus subtilis fed-batch cultivations.Neubauer, P.3311 dayssaveRefWorks
Two-compartment method for determination of the oxygen transfer rate with electrochemical sensors based on sulfite oxidation.Neubauer, P.3311 dayssaveRefWorks
Enhanced growth and recombinant protein production of Escherichia coli by a perfluorinated oxygen carrier in miniaturized fed-batch cultures.Neubauer, P.3325 dayssaveRefWorks
Parallel production and verification of protein products using a novel high-throughput screening method.Neubauer, P.3336 dayssaveRefWorks
Reducing conditions are the key for efficient production of active ribonuclease inhibitor in Escherichia coli.Neubauer, P.3374 dayssaveRefWorks
Modification of Buffered Peptone Water for Improved Recovery of Heat-Injured?Salmonella?Typhimurium.Neubauer, P.3381 dayssaveRefWorks
Complete genome sequence of the lytic Pseudomonas fluorescens phage phiIBB-PF7A.Neubauer, P.3417 dayssaveRefWorks
Single-chain antibody fragment production in Pichia pastoris: Benefits of prolonged pre-induction glycerol feeding.Neubauer, P.3480 dayssaveRefWorks
Fed-batch process for the psychrotolerant marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis.Neubauer, P.3604 dayssaveRefWorks
Crystallographic binding studies with an engineered monomeric variant of triosephosphate isomerase.Neubauer, P.3648 dayssaveRefWorks
Sandwich ELISA for quantitative detection of human collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase.Neubauer, P.3696 dayssaveRefWorks
Phage control of dual species biofilms of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Staphylococcus lentus.Neubauer, P.3704 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel approach of high cell density recombinant bioprocess development: Optimisation and scale-up from microlitre to pilot scales while maintaining the fed-batch cultivation mode of E. coli cultures.Neubauer, P.3728 dayssaveRefWorks
A novel fed-batch based cultivation method provides high cell-density and improves yield of soluble recombinant proteins in shaken cultures.Neubauer, P.3819 dayssaveRefWorks
Two-dimensional proteome reference map for the radiation resistant bacterium Deinococcus geothermalis.Neubauer, P.3904 dayssaveRefWorks
Isolation and genotype-dependent, organ-specific expression analysis of a Rhodiola rosea cDNA encoding tyrosine decarboxylase.Neubauer, P.4081 dayssaveRefWorks
Enzyme controlled glucose auto-delivery for high cell density cultivations in microplates and shake flasks.Neubauer, P.4276 dayssaveRefWorks
Isolation and characterization of a T7-like lytic phage for Pseudomonas fluorescens.Neubauer, P.4298 dayssaveRefWorks
Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilms subjected to phage phiIBB-PF7A.Neubauer, P.4298 dayssaveRefWorks
Sandwich hybridization for mRNA quantification from crude extracts of Escherichia coli: sensitive detection of dynamic changes in transcript levels of the copper response.Neubauer, P.4299 dayssaveRefWorks
Norvaline is accumulated after a down shift of oxygen in Escherichia coli W3110.Neubauer, P.4304 dayssaveRefWorks
High cell density media for Escherichia coli are generally designed for aerobic cultivations - consequences for large-scale bioprocesses and shake flask cultures.Neubauer, P.4378 dayssaveRefWorks
Octaketide-producing type III polyketide synthase from Hypericum perforatum is expressed in dark glands accumulating hypericins.Neubauer, P.4395 dayssaveRefWorks
Improved production of human type II procollagen in the yeast Pichia pastoris in shake flasks by a wireless-controlled fed-batch system.Neubauer, P.4512 dayssaveRefWorks
IL-17 Producing gammadelta T Cells are Required for a Controlled Inflammatory Response after Bleomycin-induced Lung Injury.Neubauer, P.4527 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure-based protein engineering efforts with a monomeric TIM variant: the importance of a single point mutation for generating an active site with suitable binding properties.Neubauer, P.4568 dayssaveRefWorks
Structural studies show that the A178L mutation in the C-terminal hinge of the catalytic loop-6 of triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) induces a closed-like conformation in dimeric and monomeric TIM.Neubauer, P.4575 dayssaveRefWorks
Pigmented villonodular synovitis in children: a report of six cases and review of the literature.Neubauer, P.4690 dayssaveRefWorks
Transcriptional response of Pichia pastoris in fed-batch cultivations to Rhizopus oryzae lipase production reveals UPR induction.Neubauer, P.4765 dayssaveRefWorks
Effective inhibition of lytic development of bacteriophages lambda, P1 and T4 by starvation of their host, Escherichia coli.Neubauer, P.4907 dayssaveRefWorks
Functional Role of the Conserved Active Site Proline of Triosephosphate Isomerase(,).Neubauer, P.4976 dayssaveRefWorks
Antisense RNA based down-regulation of RNase E in E. coli.Neubauer, P.4983 dayssaveRefWorks
RNA-based sandwich hybridisation method for detection of lactic acid bacteria in brewery samples.Neubauer, P.4984 dayssaveRefWorks
Magnetic resonance imaging of the shoulder. Current techniques and spectrum of disease.Neubauer, P.4992 dayssaveRefWorks
Fermentation process for tetrameric human collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase in Escherichia coli: Improvement by gene optimisation of the PDI/beta subunit and repeated addition of the inducer anhydrotetracycline.Neubauer, P.4999 dayssaveRefWorks
Proliferation of mycobacteria in a piggery environment revealed by mycobacterium-specific real-time quantitative PCR and 16S rRNA sandwich hybridization.Neubauer, P.5004 dayssaveRefWorks
Characterization of Adhesion Threads of Deinococcus geothermalis as Type IV Pili.Neubauer, P.5069 dayssaveRefWorks
Sensitive genus-specific detection of Legionella by a 16S rRNA based sandwich hybridization assay.Neubauer, P.5074 dayssaveRefWorks
Modelling of translation of human protein disulfide isomerase in Escherichia coli-A case study of gene optimisation.Neubauer, P.5074 dayssaveRefWorks
Biotechnology - 12th European Congress.Neubauer, P.5074 dayssaveRefWorks
A new wireless system for decentralised measurement of physiological parameters from shake flasks.Neubauer, P.5074 dayssaveRefWorks
16S rRNA targeted sandwich hybridization method for direct quantification of mycobacteria in soils.Neubauer, P.5074 dayssaveRefWorks
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