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Pro-nociceptive migraine mediator CGRP provides neuroprotection of sensory, cortical and cerebellar neurons via multi-kinase signalingGiniatullin, R.147 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
GluN2A Subunit-Containing NMDA Receptors Are the Preferential Neuronal Targets of HomocysteineGiniatullin, R.147 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Origin of Infrared Light Modulation in Reflectance-Mode PhotoplethysmographyGiniatullin, R.147 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Does Cholinergic Stimulation Affect the P2X7 Receptor-Mediated Dye Uptake in Mast Cells and Macrophages?Giniatullin, R.277 dayssaveRefWorks
Double-Binding Botulinum Molecule with Reduced Muscle Paralysis: Evaluation in In Vitro and In Vivo Models of Migraine.Giniatullin, R.306 dayssaveRefWorks
Protective Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide Against the ATP-Induced Meningeal Nociception.Giniatullin, R.357 dayssaveRefWorks
Searching for Predictors of Migraine Chronification: a Pilot Study of 1911A>G Polymorphism of TRPV1 Gene in Episodic Versus Chronic Migraine.Giniatullin, R.394 dayssaveRefWorks
Modeling a Nociceptive Neuro-Immune Synapse Activated by ATP and 5-HT in Meninges: Novel Clues on Transduction of Chemical Signals Into Persistent or Rhythmic Neuronal Firing.Giniatullin, R.469 dayssaveRefWorks
Ion Channels of Nociception.Giniatullin, R.485 dayssaveRefWorks
The Emerging Role of Mechanosensitive Piezo Channels in Migraine Pain.Giniatullin, R.606 dayssaveRefWorks
Editorial: Mast Cells in Itch, Pain and Neuro-Inflammation.Giniatullin, R.643 dayssaveRefWorks
Sex-specific transcriptional and proteomic signatures in schizophrenia.Giniatullin, R.747 dayssaveRefWorks
Meningeal Mast Cells Contribute to ATP-Induced Nociceptive Firing in Trigeminal Nerve Terminals: Direct and Indirect Purinergic Mechanisms Triggering Migraine Pain.Giniatullin, R.847 dayssaveRefWorks
Prenatal hyperhomocysteinemia induces oxidative stress and accelerates 'aging' of mammalian neuromuscular synapses.Giniatullin, R.901 dayssaveRefWorks
Activation of P2X7 Receptors in Peritoneal and Meningeal Mast Cells Detected by Uptake of Organic Dyes: Possible Purinergic Triggers of Neuroinflammation in Meninges.Giniatullin, R.936 dayssaveRefWorks
Mechanosensitive meningeal nociception via Piezo channels: Implications for pulsatile pain in migraine?Giniatullin, R.949 dayssaveRefWorks
Correct expression and localization of collagen xiii is crucial for the normal formation and function of the neuromuscular system.Giniatullin, R.972 dayssaveRefWorks
Action of hydrogen peroxide on synaptic transmission at the mouse neuromuscular junction.Giniatullin, R.996 dayssaveRefWorks
Hydrogen Sulfide Ameliorates Developmental Impairments of Rat Offspring with Prenatal Hyperhomocysteinemia.Giniatullin, R.1001 dayssaveRefWorks
High sensitivity of cerebellar neurons to homocysteine is determined by expression of GluN2C and GluN2D subunits of NMDA receptors.Giniatullin, R.1036 dayssaveRefWorks
Purinergic Profiling of Regulatory T-cells in Patients With Episodic Migraine.Giniatullin, R.1072 dayssaveRefWorks
Diadenosine-Polyphosphate Analogue AppCH2ppA Suppresses Seizures by Enhancing Adenosine Signaling in the Cortex.Giniatullin, R.1079 dayssaveRefWorks
Advances in stem cell therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Giniatullin, R.1158 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel capsaicin-induced parameters of microcirculation in migraine patients revealed by imaging photoplethysmography.Giniatullin, R.1190 dayssaveRefWorks
Complex role of peroxisome proliferator activator receptors (PPARs) in nociception.Giniatullin, R.1191 dayssaveRefWorks
Long-Term Exercise Protects against Cellular Stresses in Aged Mice.Giniatullin, R.1224 dayssaveRefWorks
Emerging Role of (Endo)Cannabinoids in Migraine.Giniatullin, R.1231 dayssaveRefWorks
Adenosine promotes endplate nAChR channel activity in adult mouse skeletal muscle fibres via low affinity P1 receptors.Giniatullin, R.1232 dayssaveRefWorks
Spontaneous BOLD waves - A novel hemodynamic activity in Sprague-Dawley rat brain detected by functional magnetic resonance imaging.Giniatullin, R.1245 dayssaveRefWorks
Age-Dependent, Subunit Specific Action of Hydrogen Sulfide on GluN1/2A and GluN1/2B NMDA Receptors.Giniatullin, R.1380 dayssaveRefWorks
Immunoglobulins G from Sera of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients Induce Oxidative Stress and Upregulation of Antioxidative System in BV-2 Microglial Cell Line.Giniatullin, R.1382 dayssaveRefWorks
PSEN1 Mutant iPSC-Derived Model Reveals Severe Astrocyte Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease.Giniatullin, R.1400 dayssaveRefWorks
Parasympathetic Cholinergic and Neuropeptide Mechanisms of Migraine.Giniatullin, R.1464 dayssaveRefWorks
Cerebellar Atrophy and Changes in Cytokines Associated with the CACNA1A R583Q Mutation in a Russian Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Type 1 Family.Giniatullin, R.1468 dayssaveRefWorks
Receptor Mechanisms Mediating the Pro-Nociceptive Action of Hydrogen Sulfide in Rat Trigeminal Neurons and Meningeal Afferents.Giniatullin, R.1502 dayssaveRefWorks
Reconstructed Serine288 in the Left Flipper Region of rat P2X7 Receptor Stabilizes Non-sensitized States.Giniatullin, R.1559 dayssaveRefWorks
Functional Properties of Human NMDA Receptors Associated with Epilepsy-Related Mutations of GluN2A Subunit.Giniatullin, R.1559 dayssaveRefWorks
European contribution to the study of ROS: A summary of the findings and prospects for the future from the COST action BM1203 (EU-ROS).Giniatullin, R.1571 dayssaveRefWorks
Cholinergic Nociceptive Mechanisms in Rat Meninges and Trigeminal Ganglia: Potential Implications for Migraine Pain.Giniatullin, R.1593 dayssaveRefWorks
Selective Calcium-Dependent Inhibition of ATP-gated P2X3 Receptors by Bisphosphonates-induced Endogenous ATP analogue ApppI.Giniatullin, R.1622 dayssaveRefWorks
Collagen XIII secures pre- and postsynaptic integrity of the neuromuscular synapse.Giniatullin, R.1628 dayssaveRefWorks
Low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is associated with higher risk of frequent headache in middle-aged and older men.Giniatullin, R.1722 dayssaveRefWorks
Serotonergic mechanisms of trigeminal meningeal nociception: Implications for migraine pain.Giniatullin, R.1729 dayssaveRefWorks
Accurate measurement of the pulse wave delay with imaging photoplethysmography.Giniatullin, R.1730 dayssaveRefWorks
Aβ and Inflammatory Stimulus Activate Diverse Signaling Pathways in Monocytic Cells: Implications in Retaining Phagocytosis in Aβ-Laden Environment.Giniatullin, R.1735 dayssaveRefWorks
Hydrogen sulfide inhibits giant depolarizing potentials and abolishes epileptiform activity of neonatal rat hippocampal slices.Giniatullin, R.1740 dayssaveRefWorks
Pro-nociceptive migraine mediator CGRP provides neuroprotection of sensory, cortical and cerebellar neurons via multi-kinase signaling.Giniatullin, R.1761 dayssaveRefWorks
GluN2A Subunit-Containing NMDA Receptors Are the Preferential Neuronal Targets of Homocysteine.Giniatullin, R.1770 dayssaveRefWorks
Origin of Infrared Light Modulation in Reflectance-Mode Photoplethysmography.Giniatullin, R.1796 dayssaveRefWorks
Nucleotide homeostasis and purinergic nociceptive signaling in rat meninges in migraine-like conditions.Giniatullin, R.1907 dayssaveRefWorks
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