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Effect of cervical spine position on upper limb myoelectric activity during pre-manipulative stretch for Mills manipulation: a new model, relations to peripheral nerve biomechanics and specificity of Mills manipulationAiraksinen, O(lavi)149 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Unfolding the outcomes of surgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis-a prospective 5- and 10-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)513 dayssaveRefWorks
Preoperative Predictors of Better Long-Term Functional Ability and Decreased Pain Following LSS Surgery: A Prospective Observational Study with a 10-year Follow-Up Period.Airaksinen, O(lavi)622 dayssaveRefWorks
Normalization of Spinal Cord Displacement with the Straight leg Raise and Resolution of Sciatica in Patients with Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation: A 1.5-Year Follow-up Study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)892 dayssaveRefWorks
High Postural Sway Is an Independent Risk Factor for Osteoporotic Fractures but Not for Mortality in Elderly Women.Airaksinen, O(lavi)939 dayssaveRefWorks
Effect of Spinal Cord Stimulation on Early Disability Pension in 198 Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Patients: Case-Control Study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1032 dayssaveRefWorks
Strong association between vertebral endplate defect and Modic change in the general population.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1048 dayssaveRefWorks
Association of Modic changes with health-related quality of life among patients referred to spine surgery.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1192 dayssaveRefWorks
Levodopa-Induced Changes in Electromyographic Patterns in Patients with Advanced Parkinson's Disease.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1311 dayssaveRefWorks
Relationship of body anthropometric measures with skeletal muscle mass and strength in a reference cohort of young Finnish women.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1479 dayssaveRefWorks
Depression is associated with the long-term outcome of lumbar spinal stenosis surgery: a 10-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1494 dayssaveRefWorks
Preoperative sense of coherence associated with the 10-year outcomes of lumbar spinal stenosis surgery.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1499 dayssaveRefWorks
Vertebral Endplate Defect as Initiating Factor in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration; Strong Association between Endplate Defect and Disc Degeneration in the General Population.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1519 dayssaveRefWorks
Infrared thermography reveals effect of working posture on skin temperature in office workers.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1563 dayssaveRefWorks
Reduced Spinal Cord Movement with the Straight Leg Raise Test in Patients with Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1582 dayssaveRefWorks
Innovative treatment modalities for urinary incontinence: a European survey identifying experience and attitude of healthcare providers.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1615 dayssaveRefWorks
Life dissatisfaction is associated with depression and poorer surgical outcomes among lumbar spinal stenosis patients: a 10-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1788 dayssaveRefWorks
Normal multiplanar movement of the spinal cord during unilateral and bilateral straight leg raise: Quantification, mechanisms and overview.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1871 dayssaveRefWorks
Life dissatisfaction is associated with depression and poorer surgical outcomes among lumbar spinal stenosis patients: a 10-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1877 dayssaveRefWorks
In Vivo MRI Measurement of Spinal Cord Displacement in the Thoracolumbar Region of Asymptomatic Subjects with Unilateral and Sham Straight Leg Raise Tests.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1939 dayssaveRefWorks
Sleep of professional athletes: Underexploited potential to improve health and performance.Airaksinen, O(lavi)1959 dayssaveRefWorks
Sub-classification based specific movement control exercises are superior to general exercise in sub-acute low back pain when both are combined with manual therapy: A randomized controlled trial.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2010 dayssaveRefWorks
Slump Test: Effect of Contralateral Knee Extension on Response Sensations in Asymptomatic Subjects and Cadaver Study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2138 dayssaveRefWorks
Low sense of coherence during postoperative recovery is associated with a poorer lumbar spinal stenosis - surgical outcome: A 5-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2183 dayssaveRefWorks
The effect of decompressive surgery on lumbar paraspinal and biceps brachii muscle function and movement perception in lumbar spinal stenosis: a 2-year follow-up.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2311 dayssaveRefWorks
Menthol concentration in topical cold gel does not have significant effect on skin cooling.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2383 dayssaveRefWorks
Correlation analysis of demographic and anthropometric factors, hip flexion angle and conus medullaris displacement with unilateral and bilateral straight leg raise.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2387 dayssaveRefWorks
Signal features of surface electromyography in advanced Parkinson's disease during different settings of deep brain stimulation.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2397 dayssaveRefWorks
Dynamic tension EMG to characterize the effects of DBS treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2450 dayssaveRefWorks
Visually assessed severity of lumbar spinal canal stenosis is paradoxically associated with leg pain and objective walking ability.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2534 dayssaveRefWorks
Preoperative MRI Findings Predict Two-Year Postoperative Clinical Outcome in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2563 dayssaveRefWorks
Effect of glenohumeral forward flexion on upper limb myoelectric activity during simulated mills manipulation; relations to peripheral nerve biomechanics.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2578 dayssaveRefWorks
Correlation of lateral stenosis in MRI with symptoms, walking capacity and EMG findings in patients with surgically confirmed lateral lumbar spinal canal stenosis.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2619 dayssaveRefWorks
In Vivo MRI measurement of Spinal Cord Displacement in the Thoracolumbar Region of Asymptomatic Subjects: Part 2 - Comparison Between Unilateral and Bilateral Straight Leg Raise Tests.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2785 dayssaveRefWorks
In vivo MRI Measurement of Spinal Cord Displacement in the Thoracolumbar Region of Asymptomatic Subjects: Part 1 - Straight Leg Raise Test.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2785 dayssaveRefWorks
Depressive burden is associated with a poorer surgical outcome among lumbar spinal stenosis patients: A 5-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2789 dayssaveRefWorks
EMG signal morphology and kinematic parameters in essential tremor and Parkinson's disease patients.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2796 dayssaveRefWorks
Life dissatisfaction burden is associated with a poor surgical outcome among lumbar spinal stenosis patients: a 5-year follow-up study.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2897 dayssaveRefWorks
EMG signal morphology in essential tremor and Parkinson's disease.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2905 dayssaveRefWorks
Non-Linear EMG Parameters for Differential and Early Diagnostics of Parkinson's Disease.Airaksinen, O(lavi)2919 dayssaveRefWorks
Are the infrared thermography findings skin temperature-dependent? a study on neck pain patients.Airaksinen, O(lavi)3025 dayssaveRefWorks
Nitroglycerin-induced changes in facial skin temperature: 'cold nose' as a predictor of headache?Airaksinen, O(lavi)3045 dayssaveRefWorks
Lumbar paraspinal and biceps brachii muscle function and movement perception in lumbar spinal stenosis.Airaksinen, O(lavi)3077 dayssaveRefWorks
Preoperative predictors for good postoperative satisfaction and functional outcome in lumbar spinal stenosis surgery - a prospective observational study with a two-year follow-up.Airaksinen, O(lavi)3206 dayssaveRefWorks
Accuracy and reproducibility of a retrospective outcome assessment for lumbar spinal stenosis surgery.Airaksinen, O(lavi)3270 dayssaveRefWorks
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