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Getting they/them pronouns Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
You're more likely to fight misinformation if you think others are being Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
One in 20 workers are in 'useless' jobs– far fewer than previously Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Pressure to return to the office could be making employees more Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
The pandemic has slowed tourism to Thailand's Buddhist temples, but the impact is more than Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Decline in languages leads to decline in Indigenous biological Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
More people with disabilities are developing technology—and it's good for Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Arabic people nearly 50 times more likely to be stopped and scanned by UK Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
How COVID-19 is disrupting and transforming the future of Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
From 'deadly enemy' to 'covidiots': Words matter when talking about Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Why countries best placed to handle the pandemic appear to have fared Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Depression and suicide risk double in high school students facing housing Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Speeding drivers keep breaking the law even after fines and Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Children risk 'generational catastrophe' from COVID: Social Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Conservatives more susceptible to believing falsehoods: Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Syrian refugees in Lebanon need targeted efforts to rebuild their Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Want to talk about prenups? Describe them as something Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Urban crime fell by over a third around the world during COVID-19 shutdowns, study Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
New research reveals the true impact of COVID-19 on police Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
New data viz tool that reveals growth opportunities for 1K Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
How illegal fishing harms Nigeria and what to do about Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
When workers feel powerless, they get paranoid—and Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Lockdowns have left Stolen Generations survivors isolated, Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Child marriage and domestic violence: What we found in 16 African Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Newspapers can reduce polarization by focusing on local Social Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Study: Parler provided echo chamber for vaccine misinformation, conspiracy Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
Research team investigates ride-sharing Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
How news coverage affects public trust in Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
Large increases in extreme poverty have been neglected in the COVID policy Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
The cost of being 'liked' on social Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
Māori view on Antarctica's Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
Seeds of economic health disparities found in subsistence Social Sciences14 dayssaveRefWorks
Overconfidence in news Social Sciences15 dayssaveRefWorks
Study among college students shows that 39.2% send sexual content via mobile phone or social Social Sciences15 dayssaveRefWorks
California wildfires disproportionately affect elderly and poor residents, study Social Sciences15 dayssaveRefWorks
Gender stereotypes still hold true for youth and types of political Social Sciences15 dayssaveRefWorks
Best practices for researching with child language learners explored in new Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
Understanding cultural differences can strengthen a multicultural Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
Corporate social responsibility and COVID-19: India's business sector takes Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
Ex-prisoners are going hungry amid barriers, bans to benefits on the Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
How a national police misconduct registry can help rebuild trust in law Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
COVID-19 kept parks busy, but not everyone ventured Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
Over half of UK's arts and cultural venues at risk from Social Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
Climate skeptics not easily persuaded by available evidence, now or Social Sciences19 dayssaveRefWorks
Why do women still get judged so harshly for having casual sex? Social Sciences19 dayssaveRefWorks
Visualizing global representation for Indigenous Social Sciences19 dayssaveRefWorks
AI tools reveal lack of non-white, non-male characters in 'mainstream' Social Sciences19 dayssaveRefWorks
Adult roles build skills for children of Latinx Social Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
Mobility data reveals universal law of visitation in Social Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
Research shows how to improve emergency service response to terrorist Social Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
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