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Plagiarism, its Detection and Avoidance: Role of Librarians in Enhancing Quality ResearchIFLA News34 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA PressReader International Library Marketing AwardIFLA News34 dayssaveRefWorks
Two Job opportunities at IFLA Headquarters: Communications Officer and Administrative Assistant– Data Processing and AnalysisIFLA News36 dayssaveRefWorks
Administrative Assistant– Data Processing and AnalysisIFLA News36 dayssaveRefWorks
Communications OfficerIFLA News36 dayssaveRefWorks
Opening Opportunities: IFLA’s Governing Board Advances Work to Update IFLA’s GovernanceIFLA News36 dayssaveRefWorks
Recording, Researching, Reviving: how the State Library of Queensland is Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous LanguagesIFLA News36 dayssaveRefWorks
2019 Knowledge Cafe SummaryIFLA News38 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for bids to host the 17th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply Conference (ILDS) 2020IFLA News39 dayssaveRefWorks
Another step towards Open Educational Resources for libraries thanks to UNESCO's recommendationIFLA News40 dayssaveRefWorks
Museum Libraries In Modern Society - Conference 2020IFLA News40 dayssaveRefWorks
A Unique Potential, A Real Responsibility: Libraries Mark Human Rights Day 2019IFLA News42 dayssaveRefWorks
Plagiarism, its Detection and Avoidance: Role of Librarians in Enhancing Quality ResearchIFLA News42 dayssaveRefWorks
Placing Information at the Heart of Good Governance: Government Libraries ConferenceIFLA News45 dayssaveRefWorks
3 reasons why libraries should care about the Digital Single Market DirectiveIFLA News46 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA President Underlines Role of Libraries in Successful Local DevelopmentIFLA News47 dayssaveRefWorks
One Librarian, one reference #1Lib1Ref 2020IFLA News48 dayssaveRefWorks
Supporting Documentary Heritage Preservation in the Arab RegionIFLA News48 dayssaveRefWorks
Towards the Decade of Delivery: Focus of 2020 High Level Political Forum AnnouncedIFLA News48 dayssaveRefWorks
How Academic Libraries Enhance the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Research SupportIFLA News48 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Secretary General Urges Africa’s Governments to Engage Libraries in Development EffortsIFLA News49 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA at IGF 2019IFLA News50 dayssaveRefWorks
Tbilisi to be World Book Capital 2021IFLA News52 dayssaveRefWorks
The Right Structures to Deliver on our Strategy: Update on IFLA’s Governance ReviewIFLA News53 dayssaveRefWorks
Palaces for the People: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Public Library ManifestoIFLA News53 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA continues efforts in WIPO: a brief on NGO's Meeting with Director-General Francis GurryIFLA News55 dayssaveRefWorks
Partnering for Education, Science and Culture at the UNESCO General ConferenceIFLA News56 dayssaveRefWorks
2020 IFLA International News Media Conference, Mexico City, MexicoIFLA News56 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating the Public Library Manifesto this Friday!IFLA News57 dayssaveRefWorks
Mantener la presión para lograr mejores leyes para las bibliotecas: La IFLA continúa su compromiso con la OMPIIFLA News57 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Green Library Award 2020IFLA News60 dayssaveRefWorks
Bibliotecas Latinoamericanas: Motores para alcanzar la Agenda 2030IFLA News60 dayssaveRefWorks
La Oficina Regional de IFLA para América Latina y el Caribe presente en la XIV Jornada de la Asociación Civil de Bibliotecarios Jurídicos – ACBJIFLA News60 dayssaveRefWorks
Reunión de la Presidenta de la IFLA 2019IFLA News61 dayssaveRefWorks
International Day for the Universal Access to Information Endorsed by UN General AssemblyIFLA News61 dayssaveRefWorks
A Look Ahead to the 2019 Annual Internet Governance Forum MeetingIFLA News61 dayssaveRefWorks
Los ministros y secretarios de Cultura de la región pasaron por el Congreso de la NaciónIFLA News62 dayssaveRefWorks
Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research IntegrityIFLA News63 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Nominations: IFLA 2020 Honours and AwardsIFLA News67 dayssaveRefWorks
Steps towards Stronger Libraries in the MENA RegionIFLA News68 dayssaveRefWorks
UN Report on Public Spaces and Human Rights Highlights Place of LibrariesIFLA News69 dayssaveRefWorks
Update from Section ChairIFLA News69 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Joins the Discussion on Preserving and Providing Access to Digital HeritageIFLA News70 dayssaveRefWorks
Two new translations - Lithuanian and SlovanianIFLA News70 dayssaveRefWorks
Key Issues for Libraries at the UNESCO General Conference 2019IFLA News71 dayssaveRefWorks
2018-2019 Annual Report is now available!IFLA News73 dayssaveRefWorks
European Copyright Directive Implementation Advances: How Can You Get Involved?IFLA News75 dayssaveRefWorks
Danish research libraries on the move: a new strategyIFLA News77 dayssaveRefWorks
2019 IFLA ILDS Conference Proceedings eBookIFLA News78 dayssaveRefWorks
December 2019 Mid-Term Conference now open for registrationsIFLA News79 dayssaveRefWorks
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