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Update to biodiversity treaty proposes protecting at least 30% of EarthMongabay.com14 dayssaveRefWorks
Goldman Prize winner launches new environmental foundation in the Cook IslandsMongabay.com14 dayssaveRefWorks
Communities in Brazilian Cerrado besieged by global demand for soyMongabay.com14 dayssaveRefWorks
Ten actions for Brazilian scientists to engage in environmental politics (commentary)Mongabay.com17 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesian officials wield sharia law in defense of Sumatran rhinosMongabay.com17 dayssaveRefWorks
In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, Jan. 10, 2020Mongabay.com17 dayssaveRefWorks
Activists seek purge after Indonesia court rules forest plantations illegalMongabay.com17 dayssaveRefWorks
Philippine fern efficiently absorbs arsenic, copper from toxic mining soilMongabay.com18 dayssaveRefWorks
Rare plant species are especially vulnerable to climate change, and rarity is more common than previously understoodMongabay.com18 dayssaveRefWorks
Polly share a cracker: Study finds grey parrots are good SamaritansMongabay.com18 dayssaveRefWorks
Forest loss moves swiftly once 50% deforestation‘tipping point’ reachedMongabay.com18 dayssaveRefWorks
Pangolins top the charts while climate stories lag: Insights on our 2019 reporting (insider)Mongabay.com19 dayssaveRefWorks
Tool use in puffins may point to ‘underestimated’ intelligence in seabirdsMongabay.com19 dayssaveRefWorks
Palm oil processors top plantations in destroying proboscis monkey habitatMongabay.com19 dayssaveRefWorks
The fight is on to save the last clean waterway in Brazil’s ManausMongabay.com19 dayssaveRefWorks
Audio: Ami Vitale on how meeting Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, changed her lifeMongabay.com20 dayssaveRefWorks
Killing gods: The last hope for the world’s rarest reptileMongabay.com20 dayssaveRefWorks
Indigenous artists from the Amazon use art for environmental advocacyMongabay.com20 dayssaveRefWorks
Jakarta floods spark renewed calls for stronger environmental protectionMongabay.com20 dayssaveRefWorks
Science-backed policy boosts critically endangered Nassau grouperMongabay.com21 dayssaveRefWorks
2019: The year Sri Lanka’s stunning new species came to light (Commentary)Mongabay.com21 dayssaveRefWorks
The long goodbye: Study declares ancient Chinese paddlefish extinctMongabay.com21 dayssaveRefWorks
Deadly conditions for Indonesian migrant crews tied to illegal fishingMongabay.com21 dayssaveRefWorks
Report identifies tycoons controlling site of new Indonesian capitalMongabay.com21 dayssaveRefWorks
Our most popular nature and environment storiesMongabay.com24 dayssaveRefWorks
Communities in Ecuador fight back against palm oilMongabay.com24 dayssaveRefWorks
From scorpion skewers to cricket flour, bug protein is becoming big businessMongabay.com24 dayssaveRefWorks
In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, Jan. 3, 2020Mongabay.com24 dayssaveRefWorks
From trash to cash: How a Thai entrepreneur turned used flip-flops into a sustainable business modelMongabay.com25 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Rediscovered’ after 100 years, Gurney’s pitta is in peril once againMongabay.com25 dayssaveRefWorks
Environmental damage exacerbates Jakarta flooding amid record rainfallMongabay.com25 dayssaveRefWorks
Bolsonaro’s Brazil: 2020 could see revived Amazon mining assault — part twoMongabay.com27 dayssaveRefWorks
Concerns about radioactive contamination dog Rio Tinto’s Madagascar mineMongabay.com27 dayssaveRefWorks
Balancing short and long term interests vital for Sri Lanka in 2020 (Commentary)Mongabay.com27 dayssaveRefWorks
Our top nature drone photos of 2019 (Insider)Mongabay.com28 dayssaveRefWorks
Illegal tin mining leaves trail of ruin in protected Brazilian rainforestMongabay.com28 dayssaveRefWorks
Palm oil, fire pushing protected areas in Honduras to the‘point of no return’Mongabay.com28 dayssaveRefWorks
Habitat loss drives deadly conflict in Indonesia’s tiger countryMongabay.com28 dayssaveRefWorks
Brazil knows how to fight Amazon deforestation: Monitoring and law enforcement must be strengthened (commentary)Mongabay.com28 dayssaveRefWorks
Bolsonaro’s Brazil: 2019 brings death by 1,000 cuts to Amazon — part oneMongabay.com28 dayssaveRefWorks
Alarm over mass vulture poisoning in South AfricaMongabay.com29 dayssaveRefWorks
Rainforests in 2020: 10 things to watchMongabay.com29 dayssaveRefWorks
Global consumer demands fuel the extinction crisis facing the world’s primatesMongabay.com29 dayssaveRefWorks
2019: The year rainforests burnedMongabay.com31 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon’s Mura indigenous group demands input over giant mining projectMongabay.com31 dayssaveRefWorks
In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, December 27, 2019Mongabay.com31 dayssaveRefWorks
Love triangle complicates efforts to breed Sumatran rhinosMongabay.com31 dayssaveRefWorks
Cambodian “bat man” bolsters the fight against dengue feverMongabay.com32 dayssaveRefWorks
Photos: Top 15 new species of 2019Mongabay.com32 dayssaveRefWorks
Mega-mining project slated for Brazilian Amazon sparks controversyMongabay.com32 dayssaveRefWorks
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