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Postdoctoral Position in Phase Field Modeling of Oxide Film GrowthiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Postdoc openings in metal 3D printing at Tsinghua UniversityiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Global Composites Experts Webinar by Dr. Conchur O BradaighiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
immediate post-doc positions at Stevens Institute of TechnologyiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Abstracts: Mini-Symposium on Dynamic Fracture of Composites at the 2021 Mach conferenceiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Dynamic Modelling of a Hydraulic Engine Mount Including the Effects of Elastomer AgingiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
A unified mechanics theory-based model for temperature and strain rate dependent proportionality limit stress of mild steeliMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Postdoc Position available in Experimental Mechanics in the Franck Lab at WisconsiniMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Opening at MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering on Biomedical Device DevelopmentiMechanica520 dayssaveRefWorks
Real-space density functional theory adapted to cyclic and helical symmetry: Application to torsional deformation of carbon nanotubesiMechanica528 dayssaveRefWorks
PhD Scholarships in Computational Mechanics and Machine Learning, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney, AustraliaiMechanica528 dayssaveRefWorks
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics' free-of-charge live webinar by Prof. David McDowell - Friday (15/1) at 2 pm GMTiMechanica528 dayssaveRefWorks
Collective behavior in the kinetics and equilibrium of solid-state photoreactioniMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
Vibration localization due to flutter instability in a bladed rotoriMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
Does roughness enhance or destroy adhesion????iMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
2 Webinar of Politecnico di BARI graduates who are working in FORMULA 1 --- FERRARI and BREMBOiMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
Postdoc in Mechanics/Tribology of Triboelectric Nanogenerators at University of GlasgowiMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
10 days left for "Instabilities in structural membranes" Marie Curie PhD position @ University of Trento (Italy)iMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
Fully paid PhD position, Fibre-reinforced CompositesiMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
Data-driven 2 Ph.D. positions: fracture, large deformation, machine learning, phase field, polymers in Computational Mechanics in Luxembourg - industry-academia partnership - SnTiMechanica531 dayssaveRefWorks
Postdoc Position at University of ConnecticutiMechanica537 dayssaveRefWorks
EML New Year MessageiMechanica537 dayssaveRefWorks
USACM 2021 Call for Award NominationsiMechanica537 dayssaveRefWorks
Fully funded PhD positions in Damage Mechanics and AIiMechanica540 dayssaveRefWorks
Journal Club for January 2021: 3D Printing of Soft MaterialsiMechanica540 dayssaveRefWorks
Jie Yin will be the next Editor of iMechanica Journal ClubiMechanica544 dayssaveRefWorks
Ciavarella-McMeeking. Crack propagation at the interface between viscoelastic and elastic materialsiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
Postdoctoral Fellow Position Available at Khalifa UniversityiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
Phase field predictions of microscopic fracture and R-curve behaviour of fibre-reinforced compositesiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
Enhancement of hydroxyapatite dissolution through structure modification by Krypton ion irradiationiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
Compressive performance and crack propagation in Al alloy/Ti2AlC compositesiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
Master internship in the field of modeling nanomechanicsiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
The coupling electro-mechanical behaviors in the interdigital electrode device of ferroelectrics——the Online First Article of Acta Mechanica SinicaiMechanica555 dayssaveRefWorks
Chronicle of Higher Ed – Re-Engineering Engineering EducationWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
NY Times article – Scientists create transistor from single atomWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
Undergraduate Reading Groups in Engineering (MIT)World of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
SciVerse Hub site now available to general publicWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
Scholarly article template – courtesy of Wicked AnomieWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
Scitopia search engine to go dark December 31World of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
Mobile Science and Engineering Apps – databasesWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
SPIE Open Access JournalsWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
Tele-Present Water – Sculpture By David BowenWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
IEEE Computer Society Books in IEEE XploreWorld of Engineering555 dayssaveRefWorks
MS student position in inverse modeling and wave analysis, Central Michigan Univ.iMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
RA and Postdoc position in Computational Mechanobiology at Penn StateiMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
1st Workshop on: Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials - SIAMM21iMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
Torque-dense photomechanical actuationiMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
Stickiness of randomly rough surfaces with high fractal dimension: is there a fractal limit?iMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
keep reading-28iMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
keep reading-27iMechanica559 dayssaveRefWorks
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