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Basis spreads reprice as FCA confirms Libor end-datesRisk - Financial Risk Management37 dayssaveRefWorks
New risk-free rate in Korea gets industry thumbs-upRisk - Financial Risk Management37 dayssaveRefWorks
IBA rolls out Sonia indexes for lending marketsRisk - Financial Risk Management37 dayssaveRefWorks
Non-cleared margin logjam looms after squandered delayRisk - Financial Risk Management41 dayssaveRefWorks
State Street to look after bitcoin, just don’t call it custodyRisk - Financial Risk Management41 dayssaveRefWorks
CFTC urged to take lead on CCP margin modelsRisk - Financial Risk Management41 dayssaveRefWorks
Callable repack frenzy opens up new options market in EuropeRisk - Financial Risk Management41 dayssaveRefWorks
Buy-side physical FX clearing at LCH faces scepticismRisk - Financial Risk Management41 dayssaveRefWorks
Repo-linked renminbi floaters fail to excite investorsRisk - Financial Risk Management41 dayssaveRefWorks
Has Covid stopped the clocks on FX timestamp efforts?Risk - Financial Risk Management49 dayssaveRefWorks
SOFR adoption stalls after US Libor delayRisk - Financial Risk Management49 dayssaveRefWorks
Swaps users shun cash compensation in LCH Libor switchRisk - Financial Risk Management49 dayssaveRefWorks
UK seeks to take the lead on climate risk standardsRisk - Financial Risk Management54 dayssaveRefWorks
Euribor fallback proposals expose divisions in loan marketsRisk - Financial Risk Management54 dayssaveRefWorks
After Texas storm, CFTC's Benham renews carbon trading pushRisk - Financial Risk Management54 dayssaveRefWorks
First P2P trade completed on Siege FXRisk - Financial Risk Management54 dayssaveRefWorks
Korea lifers set to increase hedging as accounting shake-up loomsRisk - Financial Risk Management55 dayssaveRefWorks
UK snuffs out hopes of end to midpoint trading banRisk - Financial Risk Management57 dayssaveRefWorks
BlackRock: fix commercial paper before MMF meddlingRisk - Financial Risk Management57 dayssaveRefWorks
Vix vulnerable to retail short squeeze, analysts warnRisk - Financial Risk Management62 dayssaveRefWorks
Euribor tweaks to yield lower fix, bigger pool of usable tradesRisk - Financial Risk Management63 dayssaveRefWorks
Ending leverage ratio relief could force US banks to downsizeRisk - Financial Risk Management63 dayssaveRefWorks
Mutual funds slow to adopt SOFRRisk - Financial Risk Management65 dayssaveRefWorks
Acadiasoft brings IM standards in-house with Quaternion buyRisk - Financial Risk Management67 dayssaveRefWorks
CCP open access will be‘integral’ part of Mifid reviewRisk - Financial Risk Management67 dayssaveRefWorks
Quants say they can fix value’s broken ratioRisk - Financial Risk Management68 dayssaveRefWorks
Asia moves: Allianz adds two to China, Allen & Overy appoints new partner, and moreRisk - Financial Risk Management68 dayssaveRefWorks
EU targets late 2024 for FRTB internal model reportingRisk - Financial Risk Management69 dayssaveRefWorks
Options pricing framework buckles under GameStop frenzyRisk - Financial Risk Management69 dayssaveRefWorks
Futures industry weighs need for new post-trade utilityRisk - Financial Risk Management69 dayssaveRefWorks
Funds steering clear of bets on Libor timeline after lossesRisk - Financial Risk Management69 dayssaveRefWorks
Nasdaq held Aas portfolio for nine months after blow-upRisk - Financial Risk Management71 dayssaveRefWorks
Final NSFR rule unlocks subsidiary funding for US banksRisk - Financial Risk Management75 dayssaveRefWorks
EU fund managers confused by new ESG designationsRisk - Financial Risk Management75 dayssaveRefWorks
Cherry-picking fears as banks pull negative rates commitmentsRisk - Financial Risk Management75 dayssaveRefWorks
Nasdaq whacked with $36 million fine over Aas defaultRisk - Financial Risk Management76 dayssaveRefWorks
Shell bides time over Isda fallbacksRisk - Financial Risk Management76 dayssaveRefWorks
FCMs to let clients offset swaps and futures margin at EurexRisk - Financial Risk Management77 dayssaveRefWorks
FCA sees‘no case for delay’ on Libor cessation rulingRisk - Financial Risk Management77 dayssaveRefWorks
Isda fallback protocol sees healthy take-upRisk - Financial Risk Management77 dayssaveRefWorks
Optiver becomes first non-bank options market-maker on FXallRisk - Financial Risk Management77 dayssaveRefWorks
End‘senseless’ ban on midpoint trading, asset managers urgeRisk - Financial Risk Management78 dayssaveRefWorks
ECB grants post-Brexit reprieve on large exposures limitRisk - Financial Risk Management79 dayssaveRefWorks
ETF options: the market’s latest credit hedgeRisk - Financial Risk Management82 dayssaveRefWorks
Bloomberg, IHS Markit join race for SOFR credit add-onRisk - Financial Risk Management83 dayssaveRefWorks
Haitong set for warrants wins as China sanctions hit US banksRisk - Financial Risk Management84 dayssaveRefWorks
Brexit drives swaps trading to US platformsRisk - Financial Risk Management85 dayssaveRefWorks
Jumbo Goldman 1MDB fine upends 2020 trend to lower lossesRisk - Financial Risk Management85 dayssaveRefWorks
French regulator questions need for share trading equivalenceRisk - Financial Risk Management85 dayssaveRefWorks
US pension fund teams up with academics to cut through ESG fogRisk - Financial Risk Management89 dayssaveRefWorks
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