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It's time President Trump?Ask Dr. Spindel146 dayssaveRefWorks
Why our office is closed?Ask Dr. Spindel149 dayssaveRefWorks
What's cooking Dr. Spindel?Ask Dr. Spindel151 dayssaveRefWorks
Is the office closed?Ask Dr. Spindel152 dayssaveRefWorks
Corona Virus arrives in New York?Ask Dr. Spindel158 dayssaveRefWorks
Going for the Gold?Ask Dr. Spindel163 dayssaveRefWorks
Angled screw channels for screw retained implant crowns?Ask Dr. Spindel165 dayssaveRefWorks
Are open dental contacts OK?Ask Dr. Spindel175 dayssaveRefWorks
Over Rating Efficiency?Ask Dr. Spindel177 dayssaveRefWorks
You gotta have heart?Ask Dr. Spindel183 dayssaveRefWorks
What is a dental fistula?Ask Dr. Spindel187 dayssaveRefWorks
Dental Insurers paying dentists with credit card payments?Ask Dr. Spindel192 dayssaveRefWorks
When does a tooth need a crown?Ask Dr. Spindel200 dayssaveRefWorks
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