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When are you going on vacation?Ask Dr. Spindel121 dayssaveRefWorks
So many choices for crown preparation designs?Ask Dr. Spindel121 dayssaveRefWorks
Staging treatment?Ask Dr. Spindel127 dayssaveRefWorks
Honesty is the best policy?Ask Dr. Spindel131 dayssaveRefWorks
Why should someone want to have his or her own dental practice in 2019?Ask Dr. Spindel135 dayssaveRefWorks
Why is platform switching good for implant restorations?Ask Dr. Spindel138 dayssaveRefWorks
Free Dentistry for all?Ask Dr. Spindel140 dayssaveRefWorks
How to fit a crown in 2019?Ask Dr. Spindel150 dayssaveRefWorks
What's your opinion of Salon Dentistry?Ask Dr. Spindel154 dayssaveRefWorks
After all I've done for them?Ask Dr. Spindel156 dayssaveRefWorks
Join our July Preventive Dentistry Celebration?Ask Dr. Spindel161 dayssaveRefWorks
What size retraction chord do you use?Ask Dr. Spindel163 dayssaveRefWorks
The changing of the guard?Ask Dr. Spindel164 dayssaveRefWorks
Is something fishy in your dental office?Ask Dr. Spindel169 dayssaveRefWorks
What materials do you place inside an implant abutment or screw retained crown?Ask Dr. Spindel172 dayssaveRefWorks
No Man is an Island?Ask Dr. Spindel177 dayssaveRefWorks
What are the pros and cons of cast gold posts?Ask Dr. Spindel178 dayssaveRefWorks
What to do if a patient seems to have anesthesia but still has pain when the dentist is drilling?Ask Dr. Spindel190 dayssaveRefWorks
All in the family?Ask Dr. Spindel193 dayssaveRefWorks
Dexis upgrade to Titanium?Ask Dr. Spindel199 dayssaveRefWorks
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