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A Custom Forest Plot from Wonderful WednesdaysR bloggers151 dayssaveRefWorks
More factors, more variance…explainedR bloggers151 dayssaveRefWorks
Covid-19 Vaccination RaceR bloggers151 dayssaveRefWorks
Explore art media over time in the #TidyTuesday Tate collection datasetR bloggers151 dayssaveRefWorks
Non-hierarchical edge bundling, flow maps and metro maps in RR bloggers151 dayssaveRefWorks
Stingy Beanie baby webscrapingR bloggers151 dayssaveRefWorks
glmnet v4.1: regularized Cox models for (start, stop] and stratified dataR bloggers155 dayssaveRefWorks
R/Python Teams Course AnnouncementR bloggers155 dayssaveRefWorks
J.League Soccer 2020 Season Review with R!R bloggers155 dayssaveRefWorks
Bilingual Data ScienceR bloggers156 dayssaveRefWorks
What’s new with AzureRR bloggers156 dayssaveRefWorks
Teaching coding: What is a faded example?R bloggers156 dayssaveRefWorks
My predictions for 2021– Data and analyticsR bloggers156 dayssaveRefWorks
Code for the“Variable Utility is not Intrinsic” ArticleR bloggers157 dayssaveRefWorks
Win Probability Added– Batsman ReviewR bloggers157 dayssaveRefWorks
The Bachelorette Eps. 9 to Finale– The Final – Data and Drama in RR bloggers157 dayssaveRefWorks
ppsr: An R implementation of the Predictive Power ScoreR bloggers157 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube Channel Update: Coffee Ratings Analysis now up!R bloggers158 dayssaveRefWorks
Little useless-useful R functions– Countdown number puzzleR bloggers158 dayssaveRefWorks
Simulating the dice game“Toss Up!” in RR bloggers158 dayssaveRefWorks
Fantasy Football and the Classical Scheduling ProblemR bloggers158 dayssaveRefWorks
Explaining predictions of Convolutional Neural Networks with‘sauron’ package.R bloggers159 dayssaveRefWorks
Empirical Economics with R (Part A): The wine formula and machine learningR bloggers160 dayssaveRefWorks
Machine Learning with R: A Complete Guide to Logistic RegressionR bloggers160 dayssaveRefWorks
Fast and Easy Aggregation of Multi-Type and Survey Data in RR bloggers161 dayssaveRefWorks
future.BatchJobs– End-of-Life AnnouncementR bloggers161 dayssaveRefWorks
Safety Checking Locally Installed Package URLsR bloggers161 dayssaveRefWorks
Daniel Aleman– The Key Metric for your Forecast is… TRUSTR bloggers161 dayssaveRefWorks
Smoothing isn’t Always SafeR bloggers162 dayssaveRefWorks
Little useless-useful R functions– Mathematical puzzle of Four foursR bloggers162 dayssaveRefWorks
Emil Hvitfeldt– palette2vec – A new way to explore color paletttesR bloggers163 dayssaveRefWorks
IMDb datasets: 3 centuries of movie rankings visualizedR bloggers163 dayssaveRefWorks
Exploring the game“First Orchard” with simulation in RR bloggers163 dayssaveRefWorks
R Shiny {golem}– Designing the UI – Part 1 – Development to ProductionR bloggers164 dayssaveRefWorks
Trades Jan. 5, 2021R bloggers164 dayssaveRefWorks
How to Analyze Data with R: A Complete Beginner Guide to dplyrR bloggers164 dayssaveRefWorks
Upcoming Why R Webinar– Integrating Rshiny and REDCapR bloggers164 dayssaveRefWorks
Kenneth Benoit– Why you should stop using other text mining packages and embrace quantedaR bloggers164 dayssaveRefWorks
Bringing R to Swift on macOSR bloggers165 dayssaveRefWorks
The Nature of OverfittingR bloggers165 dayssaveRefWorks
F1 2020 Season ReviewR bloggers165 dayssaveRefWorks
Example of Pairs TradingR bloggers166 dayssaveRefWorks
BASIC XAI with DALEX — Part 6: LIME methodR bloggers166 dayssaveRefWorks
Little useless-useful R functions– Playing stack of cardsR bloggers166 dayssaveRefWorks
puzzles & riddlesR bloggers167 dayssaveRefWorks
Neighborhoods: Experimenting with Cyclic Cellular AutomataR bloggers167 dayssaveRefWorks
Should statistical data analysis in psychology be like defecating?R bloggers167 dayssaveRefWorks
Correlation Analysis in R, Part 1: Basic TheoryR bloggers167 dayssaveRefWorks
Little useless-useful R functions– Folder TreemapR bloggers168 dayssaveRefWorks
RObservations #6- #TidyTuesday– Analyzing data on the Australian Bush FiresR bloggers168 dayssaveRefWorks
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