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Cuban Government Agrees To Dialogue And Tolerance For ArtistsArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Worst Kind Of Book ThiefArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Documentaries Are Hot Right Now, Threatening HBO’s DominanceArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
What’s Up With Romance Novel Architecture?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Ask A Teen: Ballet’s A Visually Perfect Sport Art FormArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
More Details Emerge About Why Mosaic Theatre Company Kicked Out Its Founding Artistic DirectorArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
London’s Proposed Tulip Means Nothing About Cultural Capital, But A Lot About EgoArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Flor Silvestre, Mexican Singer, Actress And Musical Matriarch, 90ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Musician Taking Wedding Gigs To Survive The PandemicArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Hollywood Is Lost And Wandering, And Wondering How To SurviveArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
American Museums Are, Finally, Going Through An Identity CrisisArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Paradoxically, You Can See More‘Nutcracker’ Than Ever This YearArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
The True Value Of An Arts DegreeArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Not Even A Pedophilia Scandal Can Crack France’s Legendarily Clubby Literary WorldArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Slightly Correcting The Scales By Adding A Portrait Of One Woman To Britain’s Royal SocietyArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Era Of The Blockbuster May Be Over, For Now Or ForeverArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Hugh Grant Says He Never Wanted To Be A Romantic HeroArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Sarah Bryan Miller, Longtime Classical Music Critic In St. Louis, Has Died At 68ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Is That Mysterious Monolith In Utah Actually By Artist John McCracken?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Why We Need To Rethink The Idea Of Public StatuesArtsJournal - Daily Arts News5 dayssaveRefWorks
My Zoom With AndreArtsJournal - Daily Arts News5 dayssaveRefWorks
What Will The Biden Administration’s Arts Policy Look Like?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News5 dayssaveRefWorks
Just How Do Latinx Get Traction In Hollywood?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Penguin Random House To Buy Simon & Schuster In Publishing Mega-DealArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Theatres Are Becoming Media CompaniesArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Simon & Schuster– A “Bargain” At $1.7 Billion?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
New York Times Film Critics Pick Their 25 Best Actors Of The Century (So Far)ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
La Scala Cancels Staged Opening Night, Will Do Gala InsteadArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
When Is A Piece Of Dance Protected By Copyright And When Not?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Of Long-Gone Jazz Clubs And RaceArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Chopin’s Letters Show He Was Totally Gay, So Let’s Quit Pretending, Says JournalistArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Boundaries: Our Brains Are Wired For Personal SpaceArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Classical Grammy Nominations: Dudamel/LA Phil, Danielpour’s ‘Passion of Yeshua’, Met’s ‘Porgy and Bess’, Ted Hearne’s ‘Place’ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
A Breakthrough In Artificial Intelligence Is Surprising Its CreatorsArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Dave Chappelle Calls For Boycott Of His Old Sketch ShowArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Daniel Cordier, French Resistance Hero Who Became Prominent Art Dealer, Dead At 100ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Cambridge Discovers That Two Of Charles Darwin’s Notebooks Have Been Missing For Up To 20 YearsArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Three Lessons Museum Leaders Learned From This Very Painful YearArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
How Theatre Producers Cope With England’s Ever-Changing COVID RestrictionsArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
France To Reopen Theatres And Museums On Dec. 15ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
$1 Billion Overhaul For Melbourne’s Arts DistrictArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
A Grand Unifying Theory Of Culture?… (Meh)ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Do So Many Books With Trump In Them Not Name Trump?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Men’s Books, Women’s Books… Where Do Readers See Themselves?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Judge Rules Seller Of Fake Hals Must Pay Sotheby’sArtsJournal - Daily Arts News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Yo Yo Ma Reflects On Life And MusicArtsJournal - Daily Arts News7 dayssaveRefWorks
Houston Grand Opera Managing Director To Depart; Company To Reorganize LeadershipArtsJournal - Daily Arts News7 dayssaveRefWorks
Could The Pandemic Decentralize The Dance Industry?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News7 dayssaveRefWorks
Does Nudging Someone Really Change Behavior?ArtsJournal - Daily Arts News7 dayssaveRefWorks
‘The Inheritance’ Playwright To Pen Major Biopic Of Tennessee WilliamsArtsJournal - Daily Arts News7 dayssaveRefWorks
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