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Nucleotide homeostasis and purinergic nociceptive signaling in rat meninges in migraine-like conditions.Giniatullin, R.1932 dayssaveRefWorks
Autonomous control of cardiovascular reactivity in patients with episodic and chronic forms of migraine.Giniatullin, R.1984 dayssaveRefWorks
Stable, synthetic analogs of diadenosine tetraphosphate inhibit rat and human P2X3 receptors and inflammatory pain.Giniatullin, R.2025 dayssaveRefWorks
Age-dependent action of reactive oxygen species on transmitter release in mammalian neuromuscular junctions.Giniatullin, R.2084 dayssaveRefWorks
Homocysteine aggravates ROS-induced depression of transmitter release from motor nerve terminals: potential mechanism of peripheral impairment in motor neuron diseases associated with hyperhomocysteinemia.Giniatullin, R.2182 dayssaveRefWorks
Hunting for origins of migraine pain: cluster analysis of spontaneous and capsaicin-induced firing in meningeal trigeminal nerve fibers.Giniatullin, R.2251 dayssaveRefWorks
Mechanisms of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Action on Synaptic Transmission at the Mouse Neuromuscular Junction.Giniatullin, R.2272 dayssaveRefWorks
Involvement of NMDA receptor subtypes in cortical spreading depression in rats assessed by fMRI.Giniatullin, R.2433 dayssaveRefWorks
The Involvement of P2Y12 Receptors, Nadph Oxidase, and Lipid Rafts in the Action of Extracellular ATP on Synaptic Transmission at the Frog Neuromuscular Junction.Giniatullin, R.2510 dayssaveRefWorks
Ambiguity of mapping the relative phase of blood pulsations.Giniatullin, R.2525 dayssaveRefWorks
Membrane current series monitoring: essential reduction of data points to finite number of stable parameters.Giniatullin, R.2560 dayssaveRefWorks
ATP-gated P2X receptors in health and disease.Giniatullin, R.2623 dayssaveRefWorks
Flat-floored Air-lifted Platform: A New Method for Combining Behavior with Microscopy or Electrophysiology on Awake Freely Moving Rodents.Giniatullin, R.2658 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of oxidative stress in degeneration of the neuromuscular junction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Giniatullin, R.2700 dayssaveRefWorks
Fast vascular component of cortical spreading depression revealed in rats by blood pulsation imaging.Giniatullin, R.2742 dayssaveRefWorks
Opposite Reactivity of Meningeal versus Cortical Microvessels to the Nitric Oxide Donor Glyceryl Trinitrate Evaluated In Vivo with Two-Photon Imaging.Giniatullin, R.2784 dayssaveRefWorks
Parenchymal spin-lock fMRI signals associated with cortical spreading depression.Giniatullin, R.2810 dayssaveRefWorks
Special lipid-based diets alleviate cognitive deficits in the APPswe/PS1dE9 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease independent of brain amyloid deposition.Giniatullin, R.2825 dayssaveRefWorks
Desensitization properties of P2X3 receptors shaping pain signaling.Giniatullin, R.2853 dayssaveRefWorks
Asynchronicity of facial blood perfusion in migraine.Giniatullin, R.2867 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of NMDA and mGluR5 receptors in calcium mobilization and neurotoxicity of homocysteine in trigeminal and cortical neurons and glial cells.Giniatullin, R.2882 dayssaveRefWorks
Acral coldness in migraineurs.Giniatullin, R.2937 dayssaveRefWorks
Cortical spreading depression induces oxidative stress in the trigeminal nociceptive system.Giniatullin, R.2952 dayssaveRefWorks
Redox Sensitive Synchronizing Action of Adenosine On Transmitter Release at the Neuromuscular Junction.Giniatullin, R.3032 dayssaveRefWorks
Nitroglycerin-induced changes in facial skin temperature: 'cold nose' as a predictor of headache?Giniatullin, R.3067 dayssaveRefWorks
Variability of microcirculation detected by blood pulsation imaging.Giniatullin, R.3158 dayssaveRefWorks
Reactive oxygen species contribute to the promotion of the ATP-mediated proliferation of mouse skeletal myoblasts.Giniatullin, R.3340 dayssaveRefWorks
The inhibitory action of the antimigraine nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug naproxen on P2X3 receptor-mediated responses in rat trigeminal neurons.Giniatullin, R.3505 dayssaveRefWorks
Unusually Strong Temperature Dependence of P2X3 Receptor Traffic to the Plasma Membrane.Giniatullin, R.3585 dayssaveRefWorks
Gender-Specific Mechanism of Synaptic Impairment and Its Prevention by GCSF in a Mouse Model of ALS.Giniatullin, R.3589 dayssaveRefWorks
Highly Conserved Tyrosine 37 Stabilizes Desensitized States and Restricts Calcium Permeability of ATP-Gated P2X3 Receptor.Giniatullin, R.3697 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of the ectodomain serine 275 in shaping the binding pocket of ATP-gated P2X3 receptor.Giniatullin, R.3698 dayssaveRefWorks
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor attenuates inflammation in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Giniatullin, R.3762 dayssaveRefWorks
Opposite modulation of time course of quantal release in two parts of the same synapse by reactive oxygen species.Giniatullin, R.3789 dayssaveRefWorks
Newborn Analgesia Mediated by Oxytocin during Delivery.Giniatullin, R.3826 dayssaveRefWorks
Amino acid residues constituting the agonist binding site of the human P2X3 receptor.Giniatullin, R.3880 dayssaveRefWorks
Effects of H?O? on electrical membrane properties of skeletal myotubes.Giniatullin, R.3933 dayssaveRefWorks
Familial hemiplegic migraine Ca(v)2.1 channel mutation R192Q enhances ATP-gated P2X3 receptor activity of mouse sensory ganglion neurons mediating trigeminal pain.Giniatullin, R.3940 dayssaveRefWorks
SNARE tagging allows stepwise assembly of a multimodular medicinal toxin.Giniatullin, R.3982 dayssaveRefWorks
Muscle-derived collagen XIII regulates maturation of the skeletal neuromuscular junction.Giniatullin, R.4010 dayssaveRefWorks
Synthesis, photolysis studies and in vitro photorelease of caged TRPV1 agonists and antagonists.Giniatullin, R.4274 dayssaveRefWorks
The C-terminal Src inhibitory kinase (Csk)-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation is a novel molecular mechanism to limit P2X3 receptor function in mouse sensory neurons.Giniatullin, R.4402 dayssaveRefWorks
Sphingosine facilitates SNARE complex assembly and activates synaptic vesicle exocytosis.Giniatullin, R.4496 dayssaveRefWorks
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