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Predicting trail choices based on off-highway vehicle drivers' Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Study investigates the sources that Latina, Vietnamese women turn to for health Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Republican-led states lifted pandemic restrictions earlier, study Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Do you really need more petrol, or toilet paper? There are better ways to take control in a Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
CGI influencers: When the 'people' we follow on social media aren't Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Speak more Spanish in public, urge scholars, to combat stigma in Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Can radicalization be defeated? Yes, if we understand that it happens when people's bonds are Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Three reasons people with power are more likely to make bad Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Black Americans are most likely to experience fatal police Social Sciences23 dayssaveRefWorks
Internship prepares scientists in training to communicate with the Social Sciences24 dayssaveRefWorks
Nonprofits: Hold creative events to engage prospective donors and unlock more Social Sciences24 dayssaveRefWorks
New study reveals hundreds of alcohol references during high-profile televised rugby Social Sciences24 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting beyond small talk: Study finds people enjoy deep conversations with Social Sciences24 dayssaveRefWorks
New insights into social norms can drive positive social Social Sciences25 dayssaveRefWorks
Worst forms of homelessness less common in Scotland than Social Sciences25 dayssaveRefWorks
Want to reduce your food waste at home? Here are the six best evidence-based ways to do Social Sciences25 dayssaveRefWorks
Research shows the first offer in a negotiation can have a significant impact on the eventual Social Sciences25 dayssaveRefWorks
Social inclusion of women by male colleagues in STEM fields can improve their workplace Social Sciences25 dayssaveRefWorks
Past suffering can affect future praise, study Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
When it comes to reporting on sexual assault in media, words Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
People used Facebook as emergency communication system during pandemic, study Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
Twitter is buzzing about 'parasocial relationships.' Are they unhealthy? Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
Social media gives support to LGBTQ youth when in-person communities are Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
Looking for transformative travel? Keep these six stages in Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
The consequences of gender-coding of place and occupation in collaboration Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
The first coronavirus lockdown revealed big behavioral gender Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
More guns, pandemic stress and a police legitimacy crisis created perfect conditions for homicide spike in Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
Deep dive into global Twitter posts reveals possible drop in negativity towards COVID-19 Social Sciences26 dayssaveRefWorks
Future prosperity in China is unlikely to be hindered by population Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Whether journalists who left jobs chose to or were laid off predicts physical, emotional Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Men the highest risk group for firearm injuries and Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Closed Facebook groups offer respite for stressed-out women, but running them involves yet more unseen Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Stigmatization prevents lessons from the HIV Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Not all men's violence prevention programs are effective: Why women's voices need to be Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Political bias on social media emerges from users, not Social Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Social media 'likes' found to positively influence healthy food Social Sciences30 dayssaveRefWorks
'I don't think I can cope financially': People are putting off parenthood because of Social Sciences30 dayssaveRefWorks
How COVID-19 upended our understanding of migration, citizenship and Social Sciences30 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers develop algorithm to map words to colors across Social Sciences31 dayssaveRefWorks
Times we didn't act like ourselves can be helpful in the long run, study Social Sciences31 dayssaveRefWorks
Sexual relationship norms affected by social Social Sciences31 dayssaveRefWorks
Study casts doubt on electronic ankle monitors as alternative to Social Sciences31 dayssaveRefWorks
Study: Māori and Asian family violence portrayed more negatively in Social Sciences31 dayssaveRefWorks
A wide social gap in political engagement emerges during Social Sciences31 dayssaveRefWorks
Study explores the role of landlords in housing Social Sciences32 dayssaveRefWorks
A history of colorism sheds light on discrimination Social Sciences32 dayssaveRefWorks
Online searches may reduce predisposed belief in Social Sciences32 dayssaveRefWorks
The genocide of signed languages: Protecting the linguistic rights of Africa's deaf Social Sciences32 dayssaveRefWorks
Predicting a riot: Social inequality leads to vandalism in Social Sciences32 dayssaveRefWorks
Low-income single mothers feel they have 'no choice' in COVID-19 school and care Social Sciences32 dayssaveRefWorks
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