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Midtown is a ghost town?Ask Dr. Spindel4 dayssaveRefWorks
Zooming leads to Zooming?Ask Dr. Spindel12 dayssaveRefWorks
Why does my tooth hurt when I floss?Ask Dr. Spindel14 dayssaveRefWorks
I broke my front tooth, when can I see you?Ask Dr. Spindel29 dayssaveRefWorks
Summer vacation 2020?Ask Dr. Spindel35 dayssaveRefWorks
My crown broke,What should I do?Ask Dr. Spindel46 dayssaveRefWorks
Changing dentists in the Pandemic?Ask Dr. Spindel50 dayssaveRefWorks
Should diabetics put off having a cleaning due to the Pandemic?Ask Dr. Spindel53 dayssaveRefWorks
Does your office take my dental insurance?Ask Dr. Spindel61 dayssaveRefWorks
I have noticed that one of my teeth has become loose, What should I do?Ask Dr. Spindel73 dayssaveRefWorks
Playing your cards wisely?Ask Dr. Spindel77 dayssaveRefWorks
Why are frequent cleanings so important?Ask Dr. Spindel85 dayssaveRefWorks
Why are frequent cleanins so important?Ask Dr. Spindel85 dayssaveRefWorks
Get it while you can?Ask Dr. Spindel90 dayssaveRefWorks
Whats old has become new?Ask Dr. Spindel92 dayssaveRefWorks
Good News, Bad News?Ask Dr. Spindel98 dayssaveRefWorks
Is it safe to see my dentist?Ask Dr. Spindel101 dayssaveRefWorks
Observations from our second week back?Ask Dr. Spindel102 dayssaveRefWorks
Observations from our second week back?Ask Dr. Spindel103 dayssaveRefWorks
Observations from my first week back ?Ask Dr. Spindel111 dayssaveRefWorks
Is the office open ?Ask Dr. Spindel116 dayssaveRefWorks
When are you reopening?Ask Dr. Spindel125 dayssaveRefWorks
What steps have you taken in advance of your reopening?Ask Dr. Spindel136 dayssaveRefWorks
Fees for Teledentistry?Ask Dr. Spindel150 dayssaveRefWorks
The fog of war and the Covid -19?Ask Dr. Spindel158 dayssaveRefWorks
Commercial Banks and PPP loan. The fix was in?Ask Dr. Spindel160 dayssaveRefWorks
Commercial Banks and PPP loan. The fix was in?Ask Dr. Spindel163 dayssaveRefWorks
Phase one reopening of dental offices?Ask Dr. Spindel166 dayssaveRefWorks
Dentists collecting unemployment and applying for a PPP loan?Ask Dr. Spindel174 dayssaveRefWorks
We’ve Moved!Daily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Online Dental Information: Marvel or Myth?Daily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Relationships Matter above Everything ElseDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Extinguishing Fires— LiterallyDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Sleep Apnea: Our Journey to Be Recognized as Physicians of the Oral RegionDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
What Do You Sell?Daily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Lend an Ear to a Fellow DentistDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Cross-Train for Dental SuccessDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Put on Your Thinking Caps!Daily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Love What You DoDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Part 3: What Defines a Successful Practice?Daily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
The Dental Admission Test: Not Just an Entry TestDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Asking for Referrals: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool in the WorldDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Be Careful What You Wish ForDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Systems for SuccessDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Extending our‘Best Before’ DatesDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Part 2: What Defines a Successful Practice?Daily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Striving to Be Like the $350,000 ManDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Turn a‘Triple Play’ for Your PatientsDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
Dentist and Dental Assistant: A Necessary DuoDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
The Profitability Factor in Selling a PracticeDaily Grind, The184 dayssaveRefWorks
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