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Green and gossamer, and not gone: A Sri Lankan dragonfly flits back to lifeMongabay.com20 hourssaveRefWorks
Indigenous communities in Peru‘living in fear’ due to deforestation, drug traffickingMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Rare, critically endangered gecko making dramatic recovery in CaribbeanMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Photos: Newcomer farmers in Brazil embrace bees, agroforestry and find successMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
‘It was a shark operation’: Q&A with Indonesian crew abused on Chinese shark-finning boatMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Some tree-dwelling primates may adapt more easily to life on the ground, massive study showsMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Despite 11% drop in 2022, Amazon deforestation rate has soared under BolsonaroMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
To replace Western food imports, Cameroon gives community lands to ‘no-name’ agro-industryMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Podcast: How reporters uncovered a massive illegal shark finning operationMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Europe’s rarest fish’ numbers spawn hopes for species’ survivalMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
EU’s winter energy crisis intensifies pressure on forests (commentary)Mongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Work on cable car line to Indonesian volcano to begin despite concernsMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
In first for Indonesia, government recognizes Indigenous Papuans’ ancestral forestsMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
To be effective, zero-deforestation pledges need a critical mass, study showsMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Indigenous youths lured by the illegal mines destroying their Amazon homelandMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Dhaka’s ailing sewage system threatens human and environmental healthMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Peru is tackling water scarcity with nature-based solutions, leading the way in Latin AmericaMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Environmental peacebuilding must pay more attention to armed groups (commentary)Mongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
About 72% of gold miners poisoned with mercury at artisanal mining sites in CameroonMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Report calls on palm oil firms to make up for nearly 1m hectares of forest lossMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Bird declines boost case for transformative biodiversity agreement in MontrealMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
In Bangladesh, popular eggplant comes with a side of lead. And cadmiumMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
New standard brings best practices to bear in Nepal’s red panda conservationMongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
In South Africa, a community says no after a coal miner said goMongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
‘I have anger every day’: South African villagers on the mine in their midstMongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
What can Half or Whole Earth conservation strategies do for orangutans?Mongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
Fishers in Flores Sea opt to limit harvest of overexploited sea cucumbersMongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia’s Supreme Court rules President Widodo not liable in 2015 firesMongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
Forest management tool could help rein in rampant wildlife trade in BangladeshMongabay.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
In Nepal, officials defend detusking to reduce human-elephant conflictMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Sri Lanka university aims to be the country’s first to go carbon neutralMongabay.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
As shark numbers plummet, nations seek ban on devastatingly effective gearMongabay.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
New protections for sharks, songbirds, frogs and more at CITES trade summitMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Words that didn’t make the cut: What happened to Indigenous rights at COP27Mongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia’s orangutans declining amid ‘lax’ and ‘laissez-faire’ law enforcementMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Indigenous cooperative restores forests to form ecological corridor in BahiaMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
In Brazilian Amazon, mining harm comes from beyond just the mines, study showsMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
U.N. report calls for the ban of mercury trade and its use in gold miningMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Mountain gorilla reproduction slows with female transfers, study showsMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
New app transforms data gathering for wildlife in Papua New GuineaMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Despite pledges, obstacles stifle community climate and conservation fundingMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Conservationists play matchmaker to boost Argentina’s jaguar gene poolMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Hunting takes its toll on Himalaya’s blue sheep, favored prey of snow leopardsMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Probe finds Vietnam faltering in bid to curb wildlife trade, animal sufferingMongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
Illegal bottom trawling widespread inside Mediterranean marine protected areasMongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
COP27 boosts carbon trading and ‘non-market’ conservation: But can they save forests?Mongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia to build coal plants despite $20b deal on clean energy transitionMongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
2022 Amazon fires tightly tied to recent deforestation, new data showMongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
Report offers a road map to restore the rule of law in the Brazilian AmazonMongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
Indigenous community in Peru losing forests to timber, drug, land traffickingMongabay.com12 dayssaveRefWorks
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