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Investor crowds have blunted nowcasting returns, quants sayRisk - Financial Risk Management1 daysaveRefWorks
New Hong Kong fund rules collide with China’s poor ESG dataRisk - Financial Risk Management1 daysaveRefWorks
Citi-led consortium plans multibank CLO trading platformRisk - Financial Risk Management4 dayssaveRefWorks
Asia moves: Natixis hires two in Asia, Sumitomo boosts corporate banking, and moreRisk - Financial Risk Management5 dayssaveRefWorks
Eurex switches default fund calculationRisk - Financial Risk Management6 dayssaveRefWorks
Podcast: Barclays’ Ben Burnett on how banks can implement HVARisk - Financial Risk Management6 dayssaveRefWorks
Fed economist sounds alert over op risk capital arbitrageRisk - Financial Risk Management7 dayssaveRefWorks
Isda preps swaps blueprint for new Bloomberg rates benchmarkRisk - Financial Risk Management8 dayssaveRefWorks
Users clash with ASX over changes to its DLT settlement systemRisk - Financial Risk Management11 dayssaveRefWorks
Esma weighs delay to review of repo reporting rulesRisk - Financial Risk Management11 dayssaveRefWorks
Singapore rates committee says no new SOR swaps post-SeptemberRisk - Financial Risk Management11 dayssaveRefWorks
Bill Dudley: exclude reserves, not Treasuries, from SLRRisk - Financial Risk Management12 dayssaveRefWorks
Dealers applaud proposal to halt yen Libor swaps after Q3Risk - Financial Risk Management12 dayssaveRefWorks
US markets fret over‘unrepresentative’ fallbacksRisk - Financial Risk Management12 dayssaveRefWorks
Refuge of‘chancers’: Spacs draw criticism from big investorsRisk - Financial Risk Management13 dayssaveRefWorks
Market dispels fears over USD Libor cross-currency swap shiftRisk - Financial Risk Management13 dayssaveRefWorks
Hong Kong banks await guidance on IRRBB for risk-free ratesRisk - Financial Risk Management15 dayssaveRefWorks
FMSB proposes wider use of term Sonia in derivativesRisk - Financial Risk Management17 dayssaveRefWorks
Japan debuts swaptions linked to risk-free rateRisk - Financial Risk Management17 dayssaveRefWorks
Calls grow for more oversight of ESG ratingsRisk - Financial Risk Management18 dayssaveRefWorks
ECB: don’t expect equivalence extension for UK CCPsRisk - Financial Risk Management19 dayssaveRefWorks
Amundi puts a Darwinian spin on bond portfolio rebalancingRisk - Financial Risk Management19 dayssaveRefWorks
US regulators seek to tighten cyber incident reportingRisk - Financial Risk Management20 dayssaveRefWorks
Demand escalates for reform of EU bank resolution rulesRisk - Financial Risk Management20 dayssaveRefWorks
Fed group: SOFR term rate unlikely in 2021Risk - Financial Risk Management20 dayssaveRefWorks
Fed’s Lindo: Basel op resilience rules imminentRisk - Financial Risk Management20 dayssaveRefWorks
CFTC’s Behnam wants federal oversight of crypto marketsRisk - Financial Risk Management24 dayssaveRefWorks
Tradition to launch first SOFR order bookRisk - Financial Risk Management24 dayssaveRefWorks
CDS trading remains stubbornly humanRisk - Financial Risk Management25 dayssaveRefWorks
AQR quant on the network effects behind GameStop frenzyRisk - Financial Risk Management26 dayssaveRefWorks
Philippines weighs options for replacing swaps benchmarkRisk - Financial Risk Management26 dayssaveRefWorks
New licence forces firms to rethink Australian trading presenceRisk - Financial Risk Management27 dayssaveRefWorks
Deep hedging strays when volatility gets rough– studyRisk - Financial Risk Management28 dayssaveRefWorks
Funds breathe out as EU regulators ease ESG data rulesRisk - Financial Risk Management28 dayssaveRefWorks
Ethical ratings stir debate over saints and sinnersRisk - Financial Risk Management28 dayssaveRefWorks
EU’s initial margin relief may come too late for phase fiveRisk - Financial Risk Management31 dayssaveRefWorks
Cracks start to show in US reflation bets crazeRisk - Financial Risk Management31 dayssaveRefWorks
Podcast: Richard Martin on improving credit migration modelsRisk - Financial Risk Management31 dayssaveRefWorks
PNC appoints new chief risk officerRisk - Financial Risk Management32 dayssaveRefWorks
Foreign branches in US fear extension of liquidity rulesRisk - Financial Risk Management32 dayssaveRefWorks
GFXC sees no changes to code on pre-hedgingRisk - Financial Risk Management32 dayssaveRefWorks
Isda plans‘modular’ RFR conventionsRisk - Financial Risk Management32 dayssaveRefWorks
Asia moves: HKEX names new CEO, BNY Mellon appoints Japan country executive, and moreRisk - Financial Risk Management33 dayssaveRefWorks
Deutsche Börse eyes quantum computingRisk - Financial Risk Management33 dayssaveRefWorks
EBA faces backlash over‘green asset ratio’Risk - Financial Risk Management33 dayssaveRefWorks
BoE to consult on Sonia clearing mandateRisk - Financial Risk Management34 dayssaveRefWorks
The world's largest bitcoin fund has a tracking error problemRisk - Financial Risk Management35 dayssaveRefWorks
NatWest to quit US dollar Libor panel at year-endRisk - Financial Risk Management35 dayssaveRefWorks
Basis spreads reprice as FCA confirms Libor end-datesRisk - Financial Risk Management36 dayssaveRefWorks
New risk-free rate in Korea gets industry thumbs-upRisk - Financial Risk Management36 dayssaveRefWorks
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