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European Commission Facial Recognition White PaperBeyond Search1 hoursaveRefWorks
The Clearview Write Up: A Great QuoteBeyond Search3 hourssaveRefWorks
Answering This Question: What Does Country X Export? Now EasyBeyond Search3 hourssaveRefWorks
Twitter: Embracing Management Maturity?Beyond Search3 hourssaveRefWorks
This Week in Literature and Arts—December January 12–January 19No Shelf Required21 hourssaveRefWorks
New Chinese Facial Recognition Camera Reduces False PositivesBeyond Search1 daysaveRefWorks
HelhetsarkitekturEssetter1 daysaveRefWorks
Google Allegedly OstracizedBeyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon and Microsoft: Different Ways to Leverage $1 BillionBeyond Search3 dayssaveRefWorks
The New Doing Gooder GoogleBeyond Search3 dayssaveRefWorks
US China Deal: The Honeymoon Will Not Last LongBeyond Search3 dayssaveRefWorks
Library Software Soutron Version 4.1.4 Now AvailableBeyond Search3 dayssaveRefWorks
Så gick det till när norska barn hjälpte till med att flytta Oslos nya bibliotekPeter Alsbjer3 dayssaveRefWorks
Book of the Week: Blossom– The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury (Anna Carner)No Shelf Required3 dayssaveRefWorks
Software: Duct Tape Is the Fabric of SolutionsBeyond Search4 dayssaveRefWorks
NSO Does Not Play the Facebook GameBeyond Search4 dayssaveRefWorks
VideoStudio 19 Ultimate Installation Failure: This Procedure May Help YouBeyond Search4 dayssaveRefWorks
A Taxonomy Vendor: Still Chugging AlongBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
An Interesting Hypothesis about Google IndexingBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon: Maybe a Restraining Order to Halt JEDI Deal?Beyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
Education: Is the Future in the Hands of Google Type CompaniesBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
Om regional biblioteksverksamhetPeter Alsbjer5 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon and New, Quite Real Twitch OpportunityBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
DuckDuckGo Lands for European Search UsersBeyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Qatalyst Autonomy Presentation 2Beyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Dagens bibliotekslänk: Silent Book ClubPeter Alsbjer6 dayssaveRefWorks
New York Public Library?s top ten checkoutsInformation Today Europe6 dayssaveRefWorks
DarkCyber for January 14, 2020, Now AvailableBeyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Enterprise Search and the AI AutumnBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
Search Your ComputerBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
MIT and Ethics for the 21st Century: A New Spin on Academia, Ethics, and TechnologyBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Literature and Arts—December January 6–January 11No Shelf Required7 dayssaveRefWorks
Journalists: Welcome Your New Colleague Artificial IntelligenceBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Archived Information Can Be UsefulBeyond Search9 dayssaveRefWorks
Nyfiken på biblioterapi på folkbibliotek?Peter Alsbjer9 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon Finds a Home in the UKBeyond Search10 dayssaveRefWorks
Surdegar på bibliotek!Peter Alsbjer10 dayssaveRefWorks
Looking at Some Research Made Public by GoogleBeyond Search10 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Sci Tech Publishers Fight Online Innovation: MoneyBeyond Search10 dayssaveRefWorks
Lucidworks: Beyond Search for SureBeyond Search10 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube: Adulting ContinuesBeyond Search10 dayssaveRefWorks
Free and Legal Movies OnlineBeyond Search10 dayssaveRefWorks
Data Are a Problem? And the Solution Is?Beyond Search11 dayssaveRefWorks
Google Wants to Help. Really HelpBeyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
Linguistics: Becoming Useful to Regular People?Beyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
Google and Open Innovation: A Tiny Ripple, the Flap of a Butterfly Wing?Beyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Is Open Source Changing and Rapidly?Beyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Shutting Down a C Suite Person to Cyber SecurityBeyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Olla ihmisiksi?Sorvipenkki13 dayssaveRefWorks
Business Tampereen seminaari: Digitalisaatio ja ekosysteemitSorvipenkki13 dayssaveRefWorks
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