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Designing public institutions that foster Social Sciences17 minsaveRefWorks
Identity fusion: Why some people will go to extremes for the beliefs of a Social Sciences2 hourssaveRefWorks
White boys growing up with Black neighbors more likely to vote for Social Sciences2 hourssaveRefWorks
A simple nudge isn't enough to tackle fake news, but these tactics could Social Sciences4 hourssaveRefWorks
Experts urge global reform, before deadlier pandemic Social Sciences4 hourssaveRefWorks
How COVID-19 exposed the systemic ageism at the heart of Social Sciences4 hourssaveRefWorks
Researchers warn that modern slavery has been exacerbated by Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
Albinism in Tanzania: What can be done to break the Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
It's a myth that promiscuous women have low Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
Discovery of shackled skeleton in a ditch: Slavery in Roman Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
97% of Indigenous people report seeing negative social media content Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
Black- and Latinx-owned small businesses and liquid Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
How gender norms and job loss affect relationship Social Sciences3 dayssaveRefWorks
Economic crime is going uninvestigated as police hide behind the veil of Action Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Women are as likely as men to accept a gender pay gap if they benefit from Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
How cities can avoid 'green gentrification' and make urban forests Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Study sheds new light on COVID-19 and mass Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Essential workers' tweets show surprising positivity during Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
What makes someone bilingual? There's no easy Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
People's odds of loneliness could fall by up to half if cities hit 30% green space Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Secondary exposure to hate crime can harm community Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Labels for the COVID-19 virus and its variants have incited Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Poor people's willingness to vote is affected by the local Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Losing nature impacts Black, Hispanic, and low-income Americans Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Social media use one of four factors related to higher COVID-19 spread rates early Social Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Innovation projects can reinvent the Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
Language extinction triggers loss of unique medicinal Social Sciences5 dayssaveRefWorks
Why Indigenous knowledge should be an essential part of how we govern the world's Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
Cities worldwide took space for cars and gave it to people during the pandemic. Will it stick? Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
Orphans and exiles: Research shows the impact of family Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
Correcting misperceptions about, and increasing empathy for, Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
In Oregon, new gun violence restraining orders appear to be used as intended, but could be used more Social Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
'Asian American': A rallying cry that united Asians in the 1960s but is it still relevant? Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
9 in 10 LGBTQ+ students say they hear homophobic language at school, and 1 in 3 hear it almost every Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
How customers respond to socially responsible business Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
How vulnerable groups were left behind in pandemic Social Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
Social identity within the anti-vaccine Social Sciences9 dayssaveRefWorks
Most Californians unaware of law to prevent gun violence but would support using Social Sciences10 dayssaveRefWorks
The pandemic blew up the American office—for better and Social Sciences10 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting they/them pronouns Social Sciences10 dayssaveRefWorks
You're more likely to fight misinformation if you think others are being Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
One in 20 workers are in 'useless' jobs– far fewer than previously Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
Pressure to return to the office could be making employees more Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
The pandemic has slowed tourism to Thailand's Buddhist temples, but the impact is more than Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
Decline in languages leads to decline in Indigenous biological Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
More people with disabilities are developing technology—and it's good for Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
Arabic people nearly 50 times more likely to be stopped and scanned by UK Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
How COVID-19 is disrupting and transforming the future of Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
From 'deadly enemy' to 'covidiots': Words matter when talking about Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
Why countries best placed to handle the pandemic appear to have fared Social Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
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