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Four reasons slow scholarship will not change academiaImpact Blog - LSE1 daysaveRefWorks
Love DORA, Hate Rankings?Impact Blog - LSE2 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: The Filing Cabinet: A Vertical History of Information by Craig RobertsonImpact Blog - LSE4 dayssaveRefWorks
How the Mars landings took SHAPE– Assessing the contribution of social sciences, arts and humanities to space exploration.Impact Blog - LSE5 dayssaveRefWorks
Is a breakdown in trust, transparency and social cohesion a price worth paying for more extensive data linkage?Impact Blog - LSE6 dayssaveRefWorks
What works for knowledge brokers? Assessing the communication challenge of linking research to policy.Impact Blog - LSE7 dayssaveRefWorks
Who benefits from data for good?Impact Blog - LSE8 dayssaveRefWorks
The REF’s singular focus on excellence limits academic diversityImpact Blog - LSE13 dayssaveRefWorks
Without social sciences, humanities and arts, the goal of sustainability may never be reachedImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Are experts complicit in making their advice easy for politicians to ignore?Impact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Side-stepping safeguards– Data journalists are doing science nowImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: How to Fight Inequality (and Why That Fight Needs You) by Ben PhillipsImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Working with serendipity to produce impactImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Why don’t you publish your research here?Impact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Analysts, Advocates and Applicators– Understanding and engaging with different actors in the evidence for policy movementImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Causality and complexity in impact statements: Is it time to rethink a one-size-fits-all approach to writing about impact?Impact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism by Mariana MazzucatoImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Blocked and thwarted– Public engagement professionals in higher education deserve greater recognition.Impact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Polygenic scores and Black AmericansEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
Selection for fair skin in Europeans and North AsiansEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
The mismeasure of genetic differentiationEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent cognitive evolution in West AfricaEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
The big bird that takes away waterEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
Nigerians, Scrabble, and the GCSEEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
Not getting the conceptEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
White Skin Privilege: Modern Myth, Forgotten PastEvo and proud14 dayssaveRefWorks
Short notice research funding calls are bad for researchers and researchImpact Blog - LSE104 dayssaveRefWorks
Charting the long-term impact of economic ideas– The rise and fall of growth narrativesImpact Blog - LSE105 dayssaveRefWorks
Income and HappinessKieran Healy's Weblog105 dayssaveRefWorks
When it comes to gender inequality in academia, we know more than what can be measuredImpact Blog - LSE106 dayssaveRefWorks
Sex differences in human eye morphologyEvo and proud106 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide by Christopher L. CaterineImpact Blog - LSE109 dayssaveRefWorks
Campus or platform– What shape will the post-COVID university take?Impact Blog - LSE110 dayssaveRefWorks
What’s the purpose of university? Your answer may depend on how much it costs youImpact Blog - LSE111 dayssaveRefWorks
To shape policy with evidence, we should celebrate both good practice and good theoryImpact Blog - LSE112 dayssaveRefWorks
Are identical twins really identical?Evo and proud113 dayssaveRefWorks
For the sake of all involved, we should stop the REF clockImpact Blog - LSE114 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Embedding Young People’s Participation in Health Services: New Approaches edited by Louca-Mai BradyImpact Blog - LSE114 dayssaveRefWorks
Four guiding principles for choosing frameworks and indicators to assess research impactImpact Blog - LSE114 dayssaveRefWorks
In 2021 let’s do institutional academic social media better.Impact Blog - LSE118 dayssaveRefWorks
To communicate scientific research, we need to confront motivated ignoranceImpact Blog - LSE119 dayssaveRefWorks
Are fungal pathogens manipulating human behavior?Evo and proud120 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Good Economics for Hard Times: Better Answers to Our Biggest Problems by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther DufloImpact Blog - LSE122 dayssaveRefWorks
What Happened?Kieran Healy's Weblog123 dayssaveRefWorks
The Rule of Truth: How fallacies can help stem the COVID-19 infodemicImpact Blog - LSE124 dayssaveRefWorks
Podcast: Has social science influenced the policy response to COVID-19?Impact Blog - LSE126 dayssaveRefWorks
The mental qualities that make a society workableEvo and proud128 dayssaveRefWorks
Frank Salter and the National QuestionEvo and proud136 dayssaveRefWorks
2020 In Review– An Impact Reading ListImpact Blog - LSE142 dayssaveRefWorks
Brain size and family structure in EstoniaEvo and proud143 dayssaveRefWorks
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