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Article Processing Charges (APCs) and the new enclosure of researchImpact Blog - LSE11 hourssaveRefWorks
Vampirism and bloodlustEvo and proud2 dayssaveRefWorks
Fun(ny) facts: Humour as a research communication strategyImpact Blog - LSE3 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: COVID-19 Collaborations: Researching Poverty and Low-Income Family Life during the Pandemic edited by Kayleigh Garthwaite, Ruth Patrick, Maddy Power, Anna Tarrant and Rosalie WarnockImpact Blog - LSE5 dayssaveRefWorks
No Impact People? Reframing research impact in the social sciencesImpact Blog - LSE6 dayssaveRefWorks
Open access books: A global preference for regional subjectsImpact Blog - LSE8 dayssaveRefWorks
Autonomous nudges and Ai Choice Architects– Where does responsibility lie in computer mediated decision making?Impact Blog - LSE9 dayssaveRefWorks
Policy encourages researcher mobility, but it can be career dead endImpact Blog - LSE10 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: A Handbook for Wellbeing Policy-Making by Paul Frijters and Christian KrekelImpact Blog - LSE12 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent evolution in EstoniaEvo and proud13 dayssaveRefWorks
Do Nudges Work? Debate over the effectiveness of‘nudge’ provides a salutary lesson on the influence of social scienceImpact Blog - LSE13 dayssaveRefWorks
We need better AI imagery for better science communicationImpact Blog - LSE17 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Thinking Like a Climate: Governing a City in Times of Environmental Change by Hannah KnoxImpact Blog - LSE19 dayssaveRefWorks
Finding your niche in the four styles of research communicationImpact Blog - LSE21 dayssaveRefWorks
We need to interrogate the North-South dichotomy in African Studies publishingImpact Blog - LSE24 dayssaveRefWorks
Cognitive evolution on the Italian PeninsulaEvo and proud25 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Creative Universities: Reimagining Education for Global Challenges and Alternative Futures by Anke SchwittayImpact Blog - LSE26 dayssaveRefWorks
Changing the gender narrative with open accessImpact Blog - LSE28 dayssaveRefWorks
Academics should embrace Lo-Fi podcastingImpact Blog - LSE29 dayssaveRefWorks
Academics should embrance Lo-Fi podcastingImpact Blog - LSE29 dayssaveRefWorks
Doing research as if participants matteredImpact Blog - LSE31 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Cut/Copy/Paste: Fragments from the History of Bookwork by Whitney TrettienImpact Blog - LSE33 dayssaveRefWorks
Adapting to bubonic plagueEvo and proud35 dayssaveRefWorks
Making sense of preprints by adding context– The Publish Your Reviews initiativeImpact Blog - LSE35 dayssaveRefWorks
What does it mean to be a student in European higher education?Impact Blog - LSE36 dayssaveRefWorks
For learned societies, diversity, equity, and inclusion should be a central focusImpact Blog - LSE37 dayssaveRefWorks
Bibliometrics at large– The role of metrics beyond academiaImpact Blog - LSE38 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: COVID-19 and Psychology: People and Society in Times of Pandemic by John G. HaasImpact Blog - LSE40 dayssaveRefWorks
Extreme founder events among ancestral EuropeansEvo and proud41 dayssaveRefWorks
3 Challenges for a reparatory social scienceImpact Blog - LSE42 dayssaveRefWorks
The true costs of knowledge exchange– a checklistImpact Blog - LSE43 dayssaveRefWorks
Rankings affect the financial sustainability of English universities, just not for the eliteImpact Blog - LSE44 dayssaveRefWorks
Three false starts on the road to open social scienceImpact Blog - LSE45 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Revolutionary Routines: The Habits of Social Transformation by Carolyn PedwellImpact Blog - LSE47 dayssaveRefWorks
Ancestral East Asians and adaptation to coronavirusesEvo and proud49 dayssaveRefWorks
Should you be highlighting that paper you’re reading?Impact Blog - LSE49 dayssaveRefWorks
What do researchers think about paying to publish open access– Findings from a global surveyImpact Blog - LSE51 dayssaveRefWorks
The next REF should place greater value on the‘impact-in-process’ generated by co-produced research.Impact Blog - LSE52 dayssaveRefWorks
Reclaiming Histories with Feminist Digitisation Practices: Researching Millicent Garrett Fawcett: Selected WritingsImpact Blog - LSE54 dayssaveRefWorks
Research Rituals– Finding the value of writing accountability groupsImpact Blog - LSE55 dayssaveRefWorks
Rootless or rooted in regions? International researchers and local engagementImpact Blog - LSE56 dayssaveRefWorks
Planning for Impact– A framework for achievable impacts in grant applications and impact statements.Impact Blog - LSE57 dayssaveRefWorks
Humans and the olfactory environmentEvo and proud59 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Transnational Black Feminism and Qualitative Research: Black Women, Racialization and Migration by Tanja J. BurkhardImpact Blog - LSE61 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent cognitive evolution in Europe: a new study of ancient DNAEvo and proud65 dayssaveRefWorks
The Home Office plan for‘high potential visas’ is no master cardImpact Blog - LSE71 dayssaveRefWorks
Science Diplomacy in times of War– To what extent should western countries distance themselves from Russian Science?Impact Blog - LSE72 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent cognitive evolution: The case of Ashkenazi JewsEvo and proud73 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Complaint! by Sara AhmedImpact Blog - LSE75 dayssaveRefWorks
Disambiguating ImpactImpact Blog - LSE76 dayssaveRefWorks
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