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BoE calls for changes to regulatory reportingRisk - Financial Risk Management7 hourssaveRefWorks
In euro swaps tug of war, EC considers Eurex trading quotaRisk - Financial Risk Management11 hourssaveRefWorks
Evergrande exposes China’s lack of credit hedgesRisk - Financial Risk Management21 hourssaveRefWorks
US funds regain their nerve in index CDS marketRisk - Financial Risk Management1 daysaveRefWorks
Eonia trading shuts down as CCPs make€STR switchRisk - Financial Risk Management1 daysaveRefWorks
Prime MMFs accept need for higher liquid asset ratiosRisk - Financial Risk Management1 daysaveRefWorks
Banks and Fed still stuck on cyber loss data sharingRisk - Financial Risk Management2 dayssaveRefWorks
Defiant ECB urges‘further work’ on clearing relocationRisk - Financial Risk Management2 dayssaveRefWorks
US banks step up FX optimisation push as SA-CCR loomsRisk - Financial Risk Management2 dayssaveRefWorks
China hints at broader scope with netting law name changeRisk - Financial Risk Management2 dayssaveRefWorks
Buy side divided on euro swap clearing moveRisk - Financial Risk Management2 dayssaveRefWorks
Mifid’s derivatives open access poses ‘dire consequences’Risk - Financial Risk Management3 dayssaveRefWorks
How Athora uses its ties to Apollo to boost returnsRisk - Financial Risk Management3 dayssaveRefWorks
Legg Mason, Western AM jump into surging inflation marketRisk - Financial Risk Management6 dayssaveRefWorks
TCFD backs carbon disclosure, but not temperature scoresRisk - Financial Risk Management7 dayssaveRefWorks
Energy vol puts spotlight on Ice’s TTF futures marginRisk - Financial Risk Management7 dayssaveRefWorks
Asia moves: BIS appoints new chair for Asia council, VP Bank expands Asia leadership, and moreRisk - Financial Risk Management8 dayssaveRefWorks
Stock-level‘inelasticity’ explains ESG boom, research saysRisk - Financial Risk Management8 dayssaveRefWorks
PGIM chops CDS book as others bulk upRisk - Financial Risk Management9 dayssaveRefWorks
Barclays looks to woo CCPs with CDM prototypeRisk - Financial Risk Management9 dayssaveRefWorks
Regulatory attacks deal BSBY swaps a crippling blowRisk - Financial Risk Management9 dayssaveRefWorks
Firms doubt benefits of EU Mifid best execution reformRisk - Financial Risk Management10 dayssaveRefWorks
Machines say:‘Ignore the spread in merger arb’Risk - Financial Risk Management13 dayssaveRefWorks
EC aims for near-real time consolidated tapeRisk - Financial Risk Management14 dayssaveRefWorks
Japan’s Libor-linked structured products face basis menaceRisk - Financial Risk Management14 dayssaveRefWorks
Non-bank growth in e-credit spurs dealer algo pushRisk - Financial Risk Management15 dayssaveRefWorks
EU consolidated bond tape could boost all-to-all tradingRisk - Financial Risk Management15 dayssaveRefWorks
EC shelves report on relocation of euro clearingRisk - Financial Risk Management15 dayssaveRefWorks
More banks flirt with machine learning for CCAR– but risks persistRisk - Financial Risk Management16 dayssaveRefWorks
Inflation swap stampede stirs fears of lopsided marketRisk - Financial Risk Management17 dayssaveRefWorks
State Street launches tri-party custody for IM clientsRisk - Financial Risk Management20 dayssaveRefWorks
Citi hires treasury execs from JP, Citadel in equities pushRisk - Financial Risk Management21 dayssaveRefWorks
Banks warn it’s too early for an OTC swaps consolidated tapeRisk - Financial Risk Management21 dayssaveRefWorks
Synthetic Libor gets cautious approval as swaps fixRisk - Financial Risk Management22 dayssaveRefWorks
Many ESG products face liquidity struggle, say exchangesRisk - Financial Risk Management22 dayssaveRefWorks
Brainard: stablecoins‘front and centre’ of regulatory focusRisk - Financial Risk Management23 dayssaveRefWorks
Bank-backed futures utility criticised as too ambitiousRisk - Financial Risk Management23 dayssaveRefWorks
Euro swaps relocation stalls as equivalence deadline nearsRisk - Financial Risk Management23 dayssaveRefWorks
BNP hits top spot for FX optionsRisk - Financial Risk Management24 dayssaveRefWorks
Study fuels doubt over benefits of climate risk-weightsRisk - Financial Risk Management27 dayssaveRefWorks
Podcast: Huge and Savine on turbo-charging derivatives pricingRisk - Financial Risk Management27 dayssaveRefWorks
BSBY swap fallbacks too flimsy for BMR– FCARisk - Financial Risk Management28 dayssaveRefWorks
EBA set to unveil revised hybrid stress test frameworkRisk - Financial Risk Management28 dayssaveRefWorks
BlackRock to grant funds the power to slow global warmingRisk - Financial Risk Management29 dayssaveRefWorks
Morgan Stanley bests Citi as top forwards shop for US fundsRisk - Financial Risk Management29 dayssaveRefWorks
Vanguard, FX forwards kingmakerRisk - Financial Risk Management29 dayssaveRefWorks
Amundi, Axa urge boardroom pay cuts for climate laggardsRisk - Financial Risk Management30 dayssaveRefWorks
SEC’s Gensler questions BSBY’s Iosco complianceRisk - Financial Risk Management30 dayssaveRefWorks
FSB debates how to fit climate risk into capital rulesRisk - Financial Risk Management31 dayssaveRefWorks
ECB’s stress capital buffer still a ‘black box’ – banksRisk - Financial Risk Management31 dayssaveRefWorks
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