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Extensible ontology-based views for business process modelsKnowledge and Information Systems2 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Editorial: How to develop a quality research article and avoid a journal desk rejectionInternational journal of information management4 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The nonpharmaceutical interventionist (NPI) signs of the coronavirus pandemic: a documentary typology and case study of COVID-19 signageJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Contextualising risk: the unfolding information work and practices of people during the COVID-19 pandemicJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The image of the library through the eyes of immigrant and migrant readersJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ViewpointRuminations on peer review in the time of social changeJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Documenting information making in archaeological field reportsJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Library stories: a systematic review of narrative aspects within and around librariesJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The potential of feminist technoscience for advancing research in information practiceJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Identifying the future direction of legal deposit in the United Kingdom: The Digital Library Futures approachJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Towards complexity-sensitive book metrics for scholarly monographs in national databases for research outputJournal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
An analysis of research methods utilized in five top, practitioner-oriented LIS journals from 1980 to 2019Journal of Documentation8 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Transfer alignment network for blind unsupervised domain adaptationKnowledge and Information Systems12 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
DyFT: a dynamic similarity search method on integer sketchesKnowledge and Information Systems17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
What Medical Students Want: A Library Survey of the First Ten Classes of a New College of MedicineMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Developing New Online Course Accessibility Services for Faculty through Collaboration between Librarians and Campus Departments: A Case StudyMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Information-Seeking Behaviors of Medical Faculty at a Qatar Academic Medical InstitutionMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The Rutgers University Libraries Open and Affordable Textbook (OAT) ProgramMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Alternatives to Google Suite ApplicationsMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
MedNar: Free Specialty Database for Accessing the Deep WebMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
From the LiteratureMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Meeting the challenge of teaching information literacyMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Discovering New Trends & Connections: Current Applications of Biomedical Text MiningMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Evolving Librarian Engagement in Undergraduate Medical Education Student Research and ScholarshipMedical reference services quarterly17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Word and graph attention networks for semi-supervised classificationKnowledge and Information Systems17 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
HAR-sEMG: A Dataset for Human Activity Recognition on Lower-Limb sEMGKnowledge and Information Systems18 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Exaggeration in fake vs. authentic online reviews for luxury and budget hotelsInternational journal of information management19 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Table of ContentsComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Come in WE'RE OPENComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:News DeskComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Adopting Google Slides for Adaptable TutorialsComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:The Systems LibrarianComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:TAKING THE LEAD IN DIGITAL LITERACY INITIATIVESComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Noted& QuotedComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Developing Online Learning Experiences for Library Staffers StatewideComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Building Digital LibrariesComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:Preparing for Just About EverythingComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
ProQuest:CreditsComputers in Libraries22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Simple Question Answering over Knowledge Graph Enhanced by Question Pattern ClassificationKnowledge and Information Systems22 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Engaging interaction and long-term engagement with WhatsApp in an everyday life context: exploratory studyJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Toward a conceptual framework of health crisis information needs: an analysis of COVID-19 questions in a Chinese social Q&A websiteJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The Chinese philosophy of information by Kun WuJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Information activities in serious leisure as a catalyst for self-actualisation and social engagementJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Data modeling and evaluation of deep semantic annotation for cultural heritage imagesJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Migrating a complex classification scheme to the semantic web: expressing the Integrative Levels Classification using SKOS RDFJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A critical comparison analysis between human and machine-generated tags for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collectionJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
A dual lens approach to exploring informal communication's influence on learning in a political partyJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Grammar and social action: two schools of thought in knowledge organization researchJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Exploring the information practices of lawyersJournal of Documentation23 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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