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Microsoft: A Legitimate Point about Good EnoughBeyond Search18 hourssaveRefWorks
Mapping the Earth: A Big Game?Beyond Search21 hourssaveRefWorks
Enterprise Search: Will It Prove Sweet for MeiliSearch?Beyond Search21 hourssaveRefWorks
No Click Excitement: Interaction-Less Vulnerabilities in Messaging AppsBeyond Search21 hourssaveRefWorks
Registering Dismay: Microsoft Azure BluesBeyond Search21 hourssaveRefWorks
The Boss of the DoubleClick Outfit Offers Some AdviceBeyond Search1 daysaveRefWorks
Data Slupring Gluttons: Guess Who, Please?Beyond Search1 daysaveRefWorks
Digital Shadows Announces Social MonitorBeyond Search1 daysaveRefWorks
Research? Sure. Accurate? Yeah, Sort OfBeyond Search1 daysaveRefWorks
DarkCyber for October 19, 2021: DDoS Takedown, More NSO Group PR, VPN Shift, and Autonomous KillsBeyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Interesting Behavior: Is It a Leitmotif for Big Tech?Beyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Xoogler Identifies Management Idiosyncrasies and InsecuritiesBeyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Office 365: A Petri Dish for Malware?Beyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon and Google: Another Management ChallengeBeyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
University of Washington: Struggling with Ethics 101Beyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Zuck: A Puck for the Stop Facebook TeamBeyond Search2 dayssaveRefWorks
Human Editors and Subject Matter Experts? Dinosaurs but Just from a Previous EraBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
Dagens bibliotekslänk: Framtidens aktiva samhällsdeltagare (DK)Peter Alsbjer5 dayssaveRefWorks
Apple: Oh, One More ThingBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
Data Confidence: The Check Is in the MailBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
Apple and Google: Just Being Responsive to RussiaBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
A Simple Query, Interesting ConsequencesBeyond Search5 dayssaveRefWorks
A Compliance Hat Trick?Beyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook Targets Paginas Amarillas: Never Enough, Zuck?Beyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Regulators Move, Just Slowly Toward FacebookBeyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Voyager Labs Expands into South AmericaBeyond Search6 dayssaveRefWorks
Another Reason for Windows 11?Beyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook and Synthetic DataBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
Ampliganda: A Wonderful WordBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook and the UK: About to Get ExcitingBeyond Search7 dayssaveRefWorks
Stanford Google AI Bond?Beyond Search8 dayssaveRefWorks
Dagens bibliotekslänk: Disorientaion Guide to LibrarianshipPeter Alsbjer8 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook Engineering: Big Is TrickyBeyond Search8 dayssaveRefWorks
Glean: Another Enterprise Search SolutionBeyond Search8 dayssaveRefWorks
AI: The Answer to Cyberthreats Existing Systems Cannot Perceive?Beyond Search8 dayssaveRefWorks
Progress: Marketing Triumphs, Innovating Becomes SEOBeyond Search9 dayssaveRefWorks
Regulating Big Tech: Ho, Ho, Ho. That Is a Good OneBeyond Search9 dayssaveRefWorks
China: Rethinking Decentralized Finance the CCP WayBeyond Search9 dayssaveRefWorks
Is That an Iceberg or Dark Matter, Captain?Beyond Search9 dayssaveRefWorks
The Economist Zucks FacebookBeyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
Yext: Payoff MarketingBeyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
Google and the Russian Law: A MismatchBeyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon AI: Redefines Defensive Driving and Some Rules of the RoadBeyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
Snap Cracks into ActionBeyond Search12 dayssaveRefWorks
An Onion Story: The Facebook Oversight Board Checks Out Rule FollowingBeyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Insight into Hacking Targets: Headhunters Make Slip Ups but the Often Ignore ThemBeyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Models, Models Everywhere: Not a Doubt in SightBeyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Key Words: Useful ThingsBeyond Search13 dayssaveRefWorks
Ask A Librarian: Working Towards Racial Justice in LibrariesLibrarian.net13 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook: Why Change?Beyond Search14 dayssaveRefWorks
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