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Blocked and thwarted– Public engagement professionals in higher education deserve greater recognition.Impact Blog - LSE15 hourssaveRefWorks
Paragraphs and PropositionsImpact Blog - LSE1 daysaveRefWorks
After a year of COVID-19 we can still learn from the experience of AIDSImpact Blog - LSE2 dayssaveRefWorks
The mismeasure of genetic differentiationEvo and proud2 dayssaveRefWorks
A self-correcting fallacy– Why don’t researchers correct their own errors in the scientific record?Impact Blog - LSE3 dayssaveRefWorks
The Cycle of Decolonisation: A tool for applying anthropology to policy and practice and achieving social justice Impact Blog - LSE4 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Delivering Impact with Digital Resources: Planning Strategy in the Attention Economy by Simon TannerImpact Blog - LSE11 dayssaveRefWorks
Funding cuts undermine the global impact of research and its value as an emancipatory projectImpact Blog - LSE15 dayssaveRefWorks
Reading Peer Review– What a dataset of peer review reports can teach us about changing research cultureImpact Blog - LSE16 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent cognitive evolution in West AfricaEvo and proud16 dayssaveRefWorks
A simple guide to ethical co-authorshipImpact Blog - LSE18 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Coaching and Mentoring for Academic Development by Kay Guccione and Steve HutchinsonImpact Blog - LSE20 dayssaveRefWorks
Introducing Open Research Europe (ORE)– Q and A with Michael MarkieImpact Blog - LSE22 dayssaveRefWorks
The big bird that takes away waterEvo and proud24 dayssaveRefWorks
The Absurdity of University RankingsImpact Blog - LSE25 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Presumed Incompetent II: Race, Class, Power and Resistance of Women in Academia edited by Yolanda Flores Niemann, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs and Carmen G. GonzalezImpact Blog - LSE27 dayssaveRefWorks
The public places more trust in scientists and politicians, when they appear individually, rather than together, to communicate COVID-19 public health measuresImpact Blog - LSE28 dayssaveRefWorks
What ethical responsibilities do social media researchers have to report harmful or illegal content?Impact Blog - LSE29 dayssaveRefWorks
E-Textbooks– scandal or market imperative?Impact Blog - LSE30 dayssaveRefWorks
Sustainable Science as a VocationImpact Blog - LSE31 dayssaveRefWorks
Nigerians, Scrabble, and the GCSEEvo and proud32 dayssaveRefWorks
By focusing on commercialisation we fail to recognise the more complex ways universities engage with businessImpact Blog - LSE32 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: The University and Social Justice: Struggles Across the Globe edited by Aziz Choudry and Salim VallyImpact Blog - LSE34 dayssaveRefWorks
Has the pandemic changed public attitudes about science?Impact Blog - LSE35 dayssaveRefWorks
Power and publications in Chinese academiaImpact Blog - LSE37 dayssaveRefWorks
The hard labour of connecting research to policy during COVID-19Impact Blog - LSE38 dayssaveRefWorks
ARIA and Defence– A Missed Opportunity?Impact Blog - LSE39 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Food Insecurity on Campus: Action and Intervention edited by Katharine M. Broton and Clare L. CadyImpact Blog - LSE40 dayssaveRefWorks
Without stronger ethical standards, predatory publishing will continue to be a permanent feature of scholarly communicationImpact Blog - LSE40 dayssaveRefWorks
The Post-Covid future of virtual conferencesImpact Blog - LSE40 dayssaveRefWorks
Excess Deaths February UpdateKieran Healy's Weblog44 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Access to academic books creates larger, more diverse and more equitable readershipsImpact Blog - LSE44 dayssaveRefWorks
Socially distanced networks– 5 Reasons PhD students should engage with social media nowImpact Blog - LSE44 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Being Well in Academia: Ways to Feel Stronger, Safer and More Connected by Petra BoyntonImpact Blog - LSE44 dayssaveRefWorks
Reflecting on discomfort in researchImpact Blog - LSE51 dayssaveRefWorks
Putting social science in its place– Could social science parks be the answer to wicked problems?Impact Blog - LSE52 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Revolution and Disenchantment: Arab Marxism and the Binds of Emancipation by Fadi A. BardawilImpact Blog - LSE55 dayssaveRefWorks
Universal Open Science policies risk alienating researchersImpact Blog - LSE57 dayssaveRefWorks
Exposing the Costs of Uncounting, a review essayImpact Blog - LSE58 dayssaveRefWorks
Admitting failure is hard, but as academics we should learn to fail betterImpact Blog - LSE60 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Veblen: The Making of an Economist Who Unmade Economics by Charles CamicImpact Blog - LSE62 dayssaveRefWorks
The (il)logic of legibility– Why governments should stop simplifying complex systemsImpact Blog - LSE63 dayssaveRefWorks
How the pandemic changed editorial peer review– and why we should wonder whether that’s desirableImpact Blog - LSE65 dayssaveRefWorks
Not getting the conceptEvo and proud67 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Inevitably Toxic: Historical Perspectives on Contamination, Exposure and Expertise edited by Brinda Sarathy, Vivien Hamilton and Janet Farrell BrodieImpact Blog - LSE69 dayssaveRefWorks
Against Research Waste– How the Evidence-Based Research paradigm promotes more ethical and innovative researchImpact Blog - LSE71 dayssaveRefWorks
Communicating statistics through the media in the time of COVID-19Impact Blog - LSE72 dayssaveRefWorks
White Skin Privilege: Modern Myth, Forgotten PastEvo and proud73 dayssaveRefWorks
Is there a standard research career? The unintended consequences of task specialisation in scienceImpact Blog - LSE74 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Putting the Humanities PhD to Work: Thriving In and Beyond the Classroom by Katina L. RogersImpact Blog - LSE74 dayssaveRefWorks
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