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Microsoft now lets you bring your own data types to ExcelTechCrunch » google1 hoursaveRefWorks
After pandemic speed bump, Airbnb cleaning startup Neu bounces back and raises $700KGeekWire16 hourssaveRefWorks
Impinj beats Q3 expectations, but stock sinks 6%; revenue of $28.2M down 30% from last yearGeekWire17 hourssaveRefWorks
Cantwell report warns that Google and Facebook are killing local journalism as CEOs testify at SenateGeekWire19 hourssaveRefWorks
Apple search crawler activity could signal a Google competitor, or a bid to make Siri a one-stop-shopTechCrunch » google19 hourssaveRefWorks
Another Seattle-area resident charged for COVID-related relief fraudGeekWire19 hourssaveRefWorks
Used car marketplace Shift expands into Seattle region with end-to-end digital servicesGeekWire19 hourssaveRefWorks
Snoop Dogg can chill and play games as he unboxes world’s first Xbox Series X FridgeGeekWire20 hourssaveRefWorks
Junior Geek of the Month: Inventor Maxwell Mamishev adds COVID safety device to resumeGeekWire21 hourssaveRefWorks
GeekWire Summit: T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert to headline the final day of our signature eventGeekWire22 hourssaveRefWorks
Unboxing Microsoft’s new Xbox consoles: A low-key look for a heavyweight performanceGeekWire23 hourssaveRefWorks
Silicon Valley mainstay NEA leads $37.5M investment in Seattle cloud startup PulumiGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
A machine leaning model that incorporates immunological Computer Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
Chronicle’s ex-CSO is starting a new company he doesn’t want you to know much aboutTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
Google’s display advertising business is under antitrust probe in ItalyTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
Former Zillow execs raise $40M seed round for Tomo Networks to reinvent how people buy homesGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
LeoStella takes on assembly role for NorthStar’s space traffic-monitoring satellitesGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Watch Facebook, Google, and Twitter’s CEOs defend the law that created social media to CongressTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
Health experts weigh in on what we’ll have to do to get through a winter of COVID-19GeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Microsoft Teams hits 115M users— here’s why Satya Nadella is excited about the platformGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Mophie introduces a modular wireless charging moduleTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
Google’s EU Android choice screen isn’t working say search rivals, calling for a joint process to devise a fair remedyTechCrunch » google1 daysaveRefWorks
Microsoft cruises past expectations for fiscal Q1, revenue up 12% to $37.2B, profits up 30%GeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Zillow cuts 80 Zillow Offers jobs, adjusting its approach in field offices as it eyes expansionGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Users don't understand computer explanations for image labeling Computer Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
Best way to detect 'deepfake' videos? Check for the Computer Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
Cloud-based framework leads to improved efficiency in disaster-area Computer Sciences1 daysaveRefWorks
T-Mobile revamps TVision service with live sports and news for $40/month, unveils $50 HUB deviceGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Microsoft earnings preview: All eyes on Azure growth as tech giant reports its fiscal first quarterGeekWire1 daysaveRefWorks
Google confirms post-Election Day political ad ban, partners with AP on election resultsTechCrunch » google2 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon to add another 100k seasonal positions, preparing for holidays in midst of pandemicGeekWire2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Freewrite Traveler is an outstanding, but expensive, dedicated portable writing laptopTechCrunch » google2 dayssaveRefWorks
Former Facebook and Pinterest exec Tim Kendall traces“extractive business models” to VCsTechCrunch » google2 dayssaveRefWorks
Fragomen, a law firm used by Google, confirms data breachTechCrunch » google2 dayssaveRefWorks
Tech in 2020 and beyond: What we’ve learned at the GeekWire Summit, and what to expect this weekGeekWire2 dayssaveRefWorks
Shares of F5 Networks jump 5% as focus on cloud software and services continues to fuel growthGeekWire2 dayssaveRefWorks
Seattle startup Membrion creating spray coating to help masks better guard against coronavirusGeekWire2 dayssaveRefWorks
New control architecture defends complex interconnected systems against Computer Sciences2 dayssaveRefWorks
Tech Moves: UW hires director for new DoD program; Microsoft vet joins EQT; and moreGeekWire2 dayssaveRefWorks
Fresh studies boost hopes for water on the moon— and for Jeff Bezos’ lunar visionGeekWire2 dayssaveRefWorks
YouTube revamps its mobile app with new gestures, video chapter lists, and moreTechCrunch » google2 dayssaveRefWorks
Scholars tracking social media see efforts to delegitimize election, imperiling democracyGeekWire3 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook steps into cloud gaming— and another feud with AppleTechCrunch » google3 dayssaveRefWorks
Week in Review: Most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of Oct. 18, 2020GeekWire3 dayssaveRefWorks
Resting places for Boeing’s moon rovers win Washington state landmark statusGeekWire4 dayssaveRefWorks
This Week in Apps: Quibi dies, Snapchat soars, Halide upgrades for iPhone 12TechCrunch » google4 dayssaveRefWorks
CEO of Washington STEM on finding inspiration in Christmas trees and a microbiology failGeekWire4 dayssaveRefWorks
Expedia Group’s CEO on the future of travel, and why big cities will eventually ‘come roaring back’GeekWire4 dayssaveRefWorks
UW researcher put tiny tracking technology on giant hornets to help state deal with murderous pestGeekWire4 dayssaveRefWorks
Follow-up: After AOC’s Twitch stream, ‘Among Us’ hit with massive pro-Trump spam attackGeekWire5 dayssaveRefWorks
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