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If university campuses close, can everyone learn from home? What happens when the home becomes the classroom in India Impact Blog - LSE10 hourssaveRefWorks
How to research policing? Talk to people who have been arrested. 4 insights from 150 arrested individuals on the role and reform of the police.Impact Blog - LSE1 daysaveRefWorks
Book Review: Network Origins of the Global Economy: East vs. West in a Complex Systems Perspective by Hilton L. RootImpact Blog - LSE2 dayssaveRefWorks
National Weekly Death RatesKieran Healy's Weblog2 dayssaveRefWorks
The social sciences struggle to be relevant. Can action-oriented research help?Impact Blog - LSE4 dayssaveRefWorks
US Excess MortalityKieran Healy's Weblog4 dayssaveRefWorks
COVID-19 has profoundly changed the way we conduct and share research. Let’s not return to business as usual when the pandemic is over!Impact Blog - LSE5 dayssaveRefWorks
Are preprints a problem? 5 ways to improve the quality and credibility of preprintsImpact Blog - LSE6 dayssaveRefWorks
Evidence-based policy and other myths. What researchers need to know to influence government.Impact Blog - LSE7 dayssaveRefWorks
A‘New Normal’ for the Social Sciences: Improving Pandemic Preparedness and ResponseImpact Blog - LSE8 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Decolonizing Ethnography: Undocumented Immigrants and New Directions in Social Science by Carolina Alonso Bejarano, Lucía López Juárez, Mirian A. Mijangos García and Daniel M. GoldsteinImpact Blog - LSE9 dayssaveRefWorks
How to tell an impact story? The building blocks you needImpact Blog - LSE11 dayssaveRefWorks
The pandemic is making it harder for researchers but women are hit the hardest. 4 findings from 80 countriesImpact Blog - LSE12 dayssaveRefWorks
Data protection laws apply to anyone who collects information about a living individual. So what do researchers in arts, humanities and social sciences need to know?Impact Blog - LSE13 dayssaveRefWorks
Businesses know the value of social sciences. Higher Education policy needs to catch upImpact Blog - LSE14 dayssaveRefWorks
Dataviz InterviewKieran Healy's Weblog14 dayssaveRefWorks
Online conferences don’t have to feel like substitutes. 4 considerations for making yours better than the ‘real thing’Impact Blog - LSE15 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: The Impact Agenda: Controversies, Consequences and Challenges by Katherine E. Smith, Justyna Bandola-Gill, Nasar Meer, Ellen Stewart and Richard WatermeyerImpact Blog - LSE16 dayssaveRefWorks
Between science and policy—Scrutinising the role of SAGE in providing scientific advice to governmentImpact Blog - LSE19 dayssaveRefWorks
Navigating algorithms and affective communities in the quest for altmetric stardomImpact Blog - LSE20 dayssaveRefWorks
The role of the research assessment in strengthening research and health systemsImpact Blog - LSE21 dayssaveRefWorks
Scaling what works doesn’t work: we need to scale impact insteadImpact Blog - LSE22 dayssaveRefWorks
How should we celebrate the research excellence obscured by the REF? The case of the Research Society EngineerImpact Blog - LSE26 dayssaveRefWorks
From isolation to inspiration: The psychology of writing in communitiesImpact Blog - LSE27 dayssaveRefWorks
From Impact to Inequality: How Post-COVID-19 government policy is privatising research innovationImpact Blog - LSE28 dayssaveRefWorks
From Impact to Inequality: How Post-COVID-19 government policy is privatising research innovationImpact Blog - LSE28 dayssaveRefWorks
Assessing research impact– a tale of 7 impact studiesImpact Blog - LSE33 dayssaveRefWorks
“F**k the algorithm”?: What the world can learn from the UK’s A-level grading fiascoImpact Blog - LSE34 dayssaveRefWorks
Some Data PackagesKieran Healy's Weblog35 dayssaveRefWorks
What is the role of the social sciences in the response to COVID-19? 4 priorities for shaping the post-pandemic worldImpact Blog - LSE35 dayssaveRefWorks
Science by press conference: What the Heinsberg Study on COVID-19 demonstrates about the dangers of fast, open science.Impact Blog - LSE40 dayssaveRefWorks
As COVID-19 hits Australian universities hard, how have online writing groups enabled researchers to stay connected and sustain their work?Impact Blog - LSE41 dayssaveRefWorks
How can anthropological research impact the populations it studies? Six steps for creating inclusivity and accessibility with ethnographic monographsImpact Blog - LSE42 dayssaveRefWorks
Unfunded research: Why academics do it and its unvalued contribution to the impact agendaImpact Blog - LSE47 dayssaveRefWorks
The large society problem in Northwest Europe and East AsiaEvo and proud47 dayssaveRefWorks
Retaining the Human Touch When Supporting Students in Transitioning to Asynchronous Online Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationImpact Blog - LSE48 dayssaveRefWorks
From management meetings to meaningful change: risks of institutional capture in the decolonisation of UK higher education and recommendations for delivering structural changeImpact Blog - LSE49 dayssaveRefWorks
Putting the breaks on professional nomadism? Prospects for long-distance commuting in a post-pandemic world.Impact Blog - LSE53 dayssaveRefWorks
How an audience-first approach to social media increases engagement with your researchImpact Blog - LSE54 dayssaveRefWorks
Declining intelligence in the 20th century: the case of EstoniaEvo and proud57 dayssaveRefWorks
STEMM in Parliament: what oral history tells us about MPs and scienceImpact Blog - LSE60 dayssaveRefWorks
It’s Time to Get Serious About Research FraudImpact Blog - LSE62 dayssaveRefWorks
The Case of BookcasesImpact Blog - LSE64 dayssaveRefWorks
Selection for slow life history?Evo and proud66 dayssaveRefWorks
Is public accountability possible in algorithmic policymaking? The case for a public watchdogImpact Blog - LSE67 dayssaveRefWorks
When evidence does not matter– What Brazil teaches us about the fragility of evidence based policymakingImpact Blog - LSE69 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Learning and Using Languages in Ethnographic Research edited by Robert Gibb, Annabel Tremlett and Julien Danero IglesiasImpact Blog - LSE72 dayssaveRefWorks
Religion as a force for natural selectionEvo and proud72 dayssaveRefWorks
Researcher Activism– Reflections on a careerImpact Blog - LSE74 dayssaveRefWorks
Strength in diversity– Changing the shape of expert engagement with the UK parliamentImpact Blog - LSE78 dayssaveRefWorks
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