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African wild dogs return to southern Malawi for the first time in 20 yearsMongabay.com5 hourssaveRefWorks
In Sierra Leone, two colorful land crabs rediscovered, two new species foundMongabay.com8 hourssaveRefWorks
Old and new solutions pave way to net-zero emissions farming, studies showMongabay.com8 hourssaveRefWorks
New report provides road map for expanding chestnut agroforestry in the U.S.Mongabay.com10 hourssaveRefWorks
Arboreal camera traps add‘tons of value’ to forest canopy researchMongabay.com16 hourssaveRefWorks
One of South America’s most abundant felids: Geoffroy’s cat | Candid Animal CamMongabay.com19 hourssaveRefWorks
Lessons from Brazil’s São Paulo droughts (commentary)Mongabay.com19 hourssaveRefWorks
U.S., Argentine investors tied to illegal land deals, deforestation in BrazilMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Spanish farmers fight forest fires with agroforestry (and many sheep)Mongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Ethnic communities in Myanmar opposing a coal plant see their fight get harderMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Southeast Asia losing tigers as deadline looms to double population by 2022Mongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Podcast: ‘Stubborn optimism’ for elephants fuels Indigenous conservation effortMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Hartree Partners to channel $2.8 billion toward new carbon creditsMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia reimposes ban on destructive seine and trawl nets in its watersMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Palm oil grower looks to make amends for past deforestation in IndonesiaMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
For species in the red, IUCN’s new Green Status signals conservation winsMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Trafficking for traditional medicine threatens the Philippine porcupineMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
New index measuring rainforest vulnerability to sound alarm on tipping pointsMongabay.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
There’s still room to save Asia’s hoolock gibbons, study says, but only justMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Camera trap cameo for Buru Island babirusa last seen 26 years agoMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
For an Indigenous group in Sumatra, a forest regained is being lost once moreMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Canadian miner looms large as Nauru expedites key deep-sea mining rulesMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Eight of the 10 nations most at risk from climate and toxic pollution in Africa: studyMongabay.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Huge wildlife corridor in Belize sees progress, boosting hope for jaguars and more (commentary)Mongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Nearly 1 million km2 of intact forests menaced by extractives, study findsMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Record heat waves are a taste of what’s to come under a changing climateMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia’s Gorontalo road runs into forest, swerves environmental checksMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Stampede’ of legislation threatens accelerated destruction of the AmazonMongabay.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Illegal deforestation intensifies along Brazilian highway as agribusiness hopes swellMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Global restoration now has an online meeting pointMongabay.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
Lessons from the 2021 Amazon flood (commentary)Mongabay.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
Better logging regulations‘last best hope’ for Solomon Islands, study saysMongabay.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
Study puts 2050 deadline on tipping point for Mekong Delta salinityMongabay.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
Warming climate means scientists may have overcounted bonobos, study saysMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Betting big on bioacoustics: Q&A with philanthropist Lisa YangMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
EU sanctions no‘silver bullet’ against Myanmar’s illegal timber trade, experts sayMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Amazon and Cerrado deforestation, warming spark record drought in urban BrazilMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia to send more tuna vessels out into international watersMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Planned Brazil-Peru highway threatens one of Earth’s most biodiverse placesMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
As soy frenzy grips Brazil, deforestation closes in on Indigenous landsMongabay.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Next stop, the sea: Sri Lanka’s old buses are a new home for marine lifeMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Great Barrier Reef in danger: Don’t fight the diagnosis, fight the threats (commentary)Mongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Protected areas keep adjacent lands safe, but face losing their own protectionMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Turning Kenya’s problematic invasive plants into useful bioenergyMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Philippines banks on new fisheries management system, but rollout is rockyMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
For monitoring mammals, eDNA boasts‘killer feature’ over other methodsMongabay.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
For manta rays, parasitic hitchhikers can be a pain in the rear, study findsMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Indonesia eyes less severe fire season, but COVID-19 could turn it deadlyMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Gabon becomes first African country to get paid for protecting its forestsMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Hotter and drier: Deforestation and wildfires take a toll on the AmazonMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
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