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Sensors, Vol. 21, Pages 5127: Identifying Misbehaving Greedy Nodes in IoT NetworksSensors16 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sensors, Vol. 21, Pages 5126: Non-Contact Respiratory Monitoring Using an RGB Camera for Real-World ApplicationsSensors16 minsaveRefWorksSFX Info
IJERPH, Vol. 18, Pages 8015: Occurrence of Aflatoxins in Edible Vegetable Seeds and Oil Samples Available in Pakistani Retail Markets and Estimation of Dietary Intake in ConsumersMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Processes, Vol. 9, Pages 1311: Relationship between Total Phenolic Content, Antioxidant Capacity, Fe and Cu Content from Tea Plant Samples at Different Brewing TimesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
EBJ, Vol. 2, Pages 88-105: Systematic Quantification of Hypertrophic Scar in Adult Burn SurvivorsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Agronomy, Vol. 11, Pages 1507: Straw-Based Biopurification Systems to Remove Ibuprofen, Diclofenac and Triclosan from Wastewaters: Dominant Microbial CommunitiesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Water, Vol. 13, Pages 2059: Spatial and Long-Term Temporal Changes in Water Quality Dynamics of the Tonle Sap EcosystemMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Energies, Vol. 14, Pages 4585: A Material Model for the Orthotropic and Viscous Behavior of Separators in Lithium-Ion Batteries under High Mechanical LoadsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sustainability, Vol. 13, Pages 8466: Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure, Media Reports, and Enterprise Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Listed CompaniesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Children, Vol. 8, Pages 653: Neighborhood Contexts and Oral Health Outcomes in a Pediatric Population: An Exploratory StudyMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Games, Vol. 12, Pages 59: Self-Enforcing Price LeadershipMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Medicina, Vol. 57, Pages 770: Presepsin as Early Marker of Sepsis in Emergency Department: A Narrative ReviewMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nutrients, Vol. 13, Pages 2610: Testing and Prescribing Vitamin B12 in Swiss General Practice: A Survey among PhysiciansMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nutrients, Vol. 13, Pages 2608: Curcumin, an Inhibitor of p300-HAT Activity, Suppresses the Development of Hypertension-Induced Left Ventricular Hypertrophy with Preserved Ejection Fraction in Dahl RatsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Applied Mechanics, Vol. 2, Pages 516-541: On Aerodynamic Models for Flutter Analysis: A Systematic Overview and Comparative AssessmentMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
IJERPH, Vol. 18, Pages 8014: Wayfinding of Firefighters in Dark and Complex EnvironmentsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Crystals, Vol. 11, Pages 882: An Environmentally Friendly Method for Removing Hg(II), Pb(II), Cd(II) and Sn(II) Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Novel Metal–Carbon-Based CompositesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Antioxidants, Vol. 10, Pages 1219: Impact of EcSOD Perturbations in Cancer ProgressionMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sustainability, Vol. 13, Pages 8464: The Psychological and Social Impacts of Curfew during the COVID-19 Outbreak in Kuwait: A Cross-Sectional StudyMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Metabolites, Vol. 11, Pages 492: MStractor: R Workflow Package for Enhancing Metabolomics Data Pre-Processing and VisualizationMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Microorganisms, Vol. 9, Pages 1615: Antimicrobial Effects of Potential Probiotics of Bacillus spp. Isolated from Human Microbiota: In Vitro and In Silico MethodsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Materials, Vol. 14, Pages 4230: A Novel Method for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Based on Graphene-Impedimetric ImmunosensorMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Toxins, Vol. 13, Pages 533: Pathological and Therapeutic Approach to Endotoxin-Secreting Bacteria Involved in Periodontal DiseaseMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nutrients, Vol. 13, Pages 2609: The Role of Reduced Methionine in Mediating the Metabolic Responses to Protein Restriction Using Different Sources of ProteinMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Antioxidants, Vol. 10, Pages 1217: Quercetin in Tartary Buckwheat Induces Autophagy against Protein AggregationsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Energies, Vol. 14, Pages 4586: A Review on MoS2 Energy Applications: Recent Developments and ChallengesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pathogens, Vol. 10, Pages 953: Atelerix algirus, the North African Hedgehog: Suitable Wild Host for Infected Ticks and Fleas and Reservoir of Vector-Borne Pathogens in TunisiaMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Micromachines, Vol. 12, Pages 896: Simultaneous Detection of Viability and Concentration of Microalgae Cells Based on Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Bright Field Dual ImagingMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Applied Sciences, Vol. 11, Pages 6973: Determination of the Spatial Resolution in the Case of Imaging Magnetic Fields by Polarized NeutronsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Agronomy, Vol. 11, Pages 1506: Producing Superphosphate with Sewage Sludge Ash: Assessment of Phosphorus Availability and Potential Toxic Element ContaminationMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Membranes, Vol. 11, Pages 572: Structure-Dependent Stability of Lipid-Based Polymer Amphiphiles Inserted on ErythrocytesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Energies, Vol. 14, Pages 4584: High-Speed Infrared Measurement of Injector Tip Temperature during Diesel Engine OperationMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
IJERPH, Vol. 18, Pages 8013: Strategies to Stay Alive: Adaptive Toolboxes for Living Well with Suicidal BehaviorMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Crystals, Vol. 11, Pages 881: Study of Black Silicon Wafer through Wet Chemical Etching for Parametric Optimization in Enhancing Solar Cell Performance by PC1D Numerical SimulationMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nutrients, Vol. 13, Pages 2607: Higher Fruit and Vegetable Intake Is Associated with Participation in the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) ProgramMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Medicina, Vol. 57, Pages 769: Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy for Muscle-Invasive Bladder CancerMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sustainability, Vol. 13, Pages 8465: Sustainable Technologies for Older AdultsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cells, Vol. 10, Pages 1918: Epsins Negatively Regulate Aortic Endothelial Cell Function by Augmenting Inflammatory SignalingMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Marine Drugs, Vol. 19, Pages 430: Molecular Mechanism of Anti-Inflammatory Activities of a Novel Sulfated Galactofucan from Saccharina japonicaMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Molecules, Vol. 26, Pages 4581: Effects of Water and Chemical Solutions Ageing on the Physical, Mechanical, Thermal and Flammability Properties of Natural Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic CompositesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Microorganisms, Vol. 9, Pages 1614: Molecular Characterization of Novel Family IV and VIII Esterases from a Compost Metagenomic LibraryMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Viruses, Vol. 13, Pages 1487: Localization of SARS-CoV-2 Capping Enzymes Revealed by an Antibody against the nsp10 SubunitMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Children, Vol. 8, Pages 655: Perioperative Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Is Associated with Long-Term Neurodevelopment Outcome of Infants with Congenital Heart DiseaseMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Languages, Vol. 6, Pages 130: On the Relationship between Frequency, Features, and Markedness in Inflection: Experimental Evidence from Russian NounsMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Membranes, Vol. 11, Pages 573: Effect of Osmotic Pressure on Whey Protein Concentration in Forward OsmosisMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
C, Vol. 7, Pages 57: Ab Initio Study of Porous Graphene–CNT Silicon Composite for Li-Ion and Na-Ion BatteriesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
IJMS, Vol. 22, Pages 8114: An Evaluation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Test for Cardiac Developmental ToxicityMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cancers, Vol. 13, Pages 3811: Deep Learning for Automatic Subclassification of Gastric Carcinoma Using Whole-Slide Histopathology ImagesMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
IJERPH, Vol. 18, Pages 8012: Characterization of People with Functional Limitations from ICF Components Using the Longitudinal Social Protection Survey (ELPS) of UruguayMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
Metals, Vol. 11, Pages 1208: Analysis of Optimization Weights for Flow Field of Internal Rotation Stabilizer Coupled with Porous Retaining WallMolecules1 hoursaveRefWorksSFX Info
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