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Crystal and solution structure of NDRG1, a membrane-binding protein linked to myelination and tumour suppression.Kursula, P(etri)308 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure and substrate specificity determinants of the taurine biosynthetic enzyme cysteine sulphinic acid decarboxylase.Kursula, P(etri)319 dayssaveRefWorks
Arc self-association and formation of virus-like capsids are mediated by an N-terminal helical coil motif.Kursula, P(etri)337 dayssaveRefWorks
How Does Protein Zero Assemble Compact Myelin?Kursula, P(etri)434 dayssaveRefWorks
GADL1 is a multifunctional decarboxylase with tissue-specific roles inβ-alanine and carnosine production.Kursula, P(etri)441 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure of the ALS Mutation Target Annexin A11 Reveals a Stabilising N-Terminal Segment.Kursula, P(etri)534 dayssaveRefWorks
Cryo-EM, X-ray diffraction, and atomistic simulations reveal determinants for the formation of a supramolecular myelin-like proteolipid lattice.Kursula, P(etri)555 dayssaveRefWorks
Functional homo- and heterodimeric actin capping proteins from the malaria parasite.Kursula, P(etri)588 dayssaveRefWorks
Flexible Players within the Sheaths: The Intrinsically Disordered Proteins of Myelin in Health and Disease.Kursula, P(etri)601 dayssaveRefWorks
Raptor-Mediated Proteasomal Degradation of Deamidated 4E-BP2 Regulates Postnatal Neuronal Translation and NF-κB Activity.Kursula, P(etri)674 dayssaveRefWorks
Stability and flexibility of full-length human oligodendrocytic QKI6.Kursula, P(etri)752 dayssaveRefWorks
A Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Investigation on the Molecular Self-Dynamics of Human Myelin Protein P2.Kursula, P(etri)772 dayssaveRefWorks
Sub-Atomic Resolution Crystal Structures Reveal Conserved Geometric Outliers at Functional Sites.Kursula, P(etri)783 dayssaveRefWorks
Neuropathy-related mutations alter the membrane binding properties of the human myelin protein P0 cytoplasmic tail.Kursula, P(etri)861 dayssaveRefWorks
Direct Binding of the Flexible C-Terminal Segment of Periaxin toβ4 Integrin Suggests a Molecular Basis for CMT4F.Kursula, P(etri)903 dayssaveRefWorks
Shanks - multidomain molecular scaffolds of the postsynaptic density.Kursula, P(etri)952 dayssaveRefWorks
Ionic strength and calcium regulate membrane interactions of myelin basic protein and the cytoplasmic domain of myelin protein zero.Kursula, P(etri)975 dayssaveRefWorks
Molecular structure and function of myelin protein P0 in membrane stacking.Kursula, P(etri)993 dayssaveRefWorks
Structural properties and role of the endocannabinoid lipases ABHD6 and ABHD12 in lipid signalling and disease.Kursula, P(etri)1031 dayssaveRefWorks
The quaternary structure of human tyrosine hydroxylase: effects of dystonia-associated missense variants on oligomeric state and enzyme activity.Kursula, P(etri)1071 dayssaveRefWorks
The N-terminal Domain of Unknown Function (DUF959) in Collagen XVIII is Intrinsically Disordered and Highly O-glycosylated.Kursula, P(etri)1094 dayssaveRefWorks
Crystallographic home-source X-ray data for the atomic-resolution experimental phasing of the Shank3 SH3 domain structure from pseudomerohedrally twinned crystals.Kursula, P(etri)1103 dayssaveRefWorks
High-affinity heterotetramer formation between the large myelin-associated glycoprotein and the dynein light chain DYNLL1.Kursula, P(etri)1114 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure of monomeric full-length ARC sheds light on molecular flexibility, protein interactions, and functional modalities.Kursula, P(etri)1182 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure and dynamics of a human myelin protein P2 portal region mutant indicate opening of theβ barrel in fatty acid binding proteins.Kursula, P(etri)1206 dayssaveRefWorks
Structural basis for PDZ domain interactions in the post-synaptic density scaffolding protein Shank3.Kursula, P(etri)1330 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure of the mouse acidic amino acid decarboxylase GADL1.Kursula, P(etri)1358 dayssaveRefWorks
CHCHD10 mutations p.R15L and p.G66V cause motoneuron disease by haploinsufficiency.Kursula, P(etri)1375 dayssaveRefWorks
Publisher Correction: Molecular mechanisms of Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy linked to mutations in human myelin protein P2.Kursula, P(etri)1375 dayssaveRefWorks
Crystallographic anomalous diffraction data for the experimental phasing of two myelin proteins, gliomedin and periaxin.Kursula, P(etri)1498 dayssaveRefWorks
Molecular mechanisms of Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy linked to mutations in human myelin protein P2.Kursula, P(etri)1541 dayssaveRefWorks
Membrane Association Landscape of Myelin Basic Protein Portrays Formation of the Myelin Major Dense Line.Kursula, P(etri)1557 dayssaveRefWorks
Structure of an unconventional SH3 domain from the postsynaptic density protein Shank3 at ultrahigh resolution.Kursula, P(etri)1573 dayssaveRefWorks
Structural similarities and functional differences clarify evolutionary relationships between tRNA healing enzymes and the myelin enzyme CNPase.Kursula, P(etri)1612 dayssaveRefWorks
SUMO on CRMPs - wrestling for pain?Kursula, P(etri)1665 dayssaveRefWorks
Structural aspects of nucleotide ligand binding by a bacterial 2H phosphoesterase.Kursula, P(etri)1718 dayssaveRefWorks
Calcium modulates calmodulin/α-actinin 1 interaction with and agonist-dependent internalization of the adenosine A2A receptor.Kursula, P(etri)1721 dayssaveRefWorks
Assembly of the elongated collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase α2β2 heterotetramer around a central α2 dimer.Kursula, P(etri)1731 dayssaveRefWorks
Antagonistic Functions of MBP and CNP Establish Cytosolic Channels in CNS Myelin.Kursula, P(etri)1738 dayssaveRefWorks
Collapsin response mediator protein 2: high-resolution crystal structure sheds light on small-molecule binding, post-translational modifications, and conformational flexibility.Kursula, P(etri)1746 dayssaveRefWorks
Stable preparations of tyrosine hydroxylase provide the solution structure of the full-length enzyme.Kursula, P(etri)1902 dayssaveRefWorks
Death-Associated Protein Kinase Activity Is Regulated by Coupled Calcium/Calmodulin Binding to Two Distinct Sites.Kursula, P(etri)1992 dayssaveRefWorks
Sister Chromatid Cohesion Establishment Factor ESCO1 Operates by Substrate-Assisted Catalysis.Kursula, P(etri)1998 dayssaveRefWorks
Determinants of ligand binding and catalytic activity in the myelin enzyme 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase.Kursula, P(etri)2163 dayssaveRefWorks
Production, crystallization and neutron diffraction of fully deuterated human myelin peripheral membrane protein P2.Kursula, P(etri)2173 dayssaveRefWorks
Structural and functional evolution of 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase.Kursula, P(etri)2223 dayssaveRefWorks
Dynamics of the Peripheral Membrane Protein P2 from Human Myelin Measured by Neutron Scattering-A Comparison between Wild-Type Protein and a Hinge Mutant.Kursula, P(etri)2317 dayssaveRefWorks
Two independently folding units of Plasmodium profilin suggest evolution via gene fusion.Kursula, P(etri)2332 dayssaveRefWorks
The N-terminal cytoplasmic domain of neuregulin 1 type III is intrinsically disordered.Kursula, P(etri)2354 dayssaveRefWorks
Haploinsufficiency of TBK1 causes familial ALS and fronto-temporal dementia.Kursula, P(etri)2397 dayssaveRefWorks
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