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The Library of Congress joins the Digital Preservation CoalitionSignal: Digital Preservation, The1 daysaveRefWorks
LC Labs Letter: November 2019Signal: Digital Preservation, The12 dayssaveRefWorks
Introducing the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud ProjectSignal: Digital Preservation, The16 dayssaveRefWorks
In the Library’s Web Archives: 1,000 U.S. Government PowerPoint Slide DecksSignal: Digital Preservation, The20 dayssaveRefWorks
Introducing Ben and Brian, the Library’s new Innovators in Residence!Signal: Digital Preservation, The23 dayssaveRefWorks
What can you find in 1.7 million phone book images?Signal: Digital Preservation, The26 dayssaveRefWorks
Expanding Digital Collecting at the LibrarySignal: Digital Preservation, The28 dayssaveRefWorks
Sprinting toward a Lab: defining, connecting and writing a book in five daysSignal: Digital Preservation, The41 dayssaveRefWorks
In the Library’s Web Archives: Dig If You Will the PicturesSignal: Digital Preservation, The42 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating a year with By the PeopleSignal: Digital Preservation, The48 dayssaveRefWorks
Launching the Digital Collections Management CompendiumSignal: Digital Preservation, The61 dayssaveRefWorks
ARL Digital and Inclusive Excellence Fellows Visit the LibrarySignal: Digital Preservation, The79 dayssaveRefWorks
Announcing International Collaborations on Digital Scholarship in Cultural InstitutionsSignal: Digital Preservation, The84 dayssaveRefWorks
Summer of Machine Learning Collaboration with the University of Nebraska-LincolnSignal: Digital Preservation, The85 dayssaveRefWorks
Taking Note on the Digital Strategy RoundtableSignal: Digital Preservation, The140 dayssaveRefWorks
Acquiring Open Access Children’s BooksSignal: Digital Preservation, The156 dayssaveRefWorks
Appraisal of the Library of Congress Commissioned Composers Web ArchiveSignal: Digital Preservation, The169 dayssaveRefWorks
In the Library’s Web Archives: Totally Tabular DataSignal: Digital Preservation, The196 dayssaveRefWorks
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