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Citizen DJ at the virtual National Book FestivalSignal: Digital Preservation, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
How to Write a FDD in 149 Easy Steps: Learning to Evaluate Digital File FormatsSignal: Digital Preservation, The3 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating another year with By the PeopleSignal: Digital Preservation, The6 dayssaveRefWorks
LC Labs Letter: August 2020Signal: Digital Preservation, The20 dayssaveRefWorks
Metaphors for Understanding Born Digital Collection Access: Part IIISignal: Digital Preservation, The23 dayssaveRefWorks
Metaphors for Understanding Born Digital Collection Access: Part IISignal: Digital Preservation, The25 dayssaveRefWorks
Web Archiving Virtually In Residence: An Interview with Meghan LyonSignal: Digital Preservation, The26 dayssaveRefWorks
Metaphors for Understanding Born Digital Collection Access (Part I)Signal: Digital Preservation, The31 dayssaveRefWorks
LC Labs Letter: July 2020Signal: Digital Preservation, The51 dayssaveRefWorks
Interactive Maps, Oral Histories, LC for Robots, and More! 2020 Library of Congress Junior Fellows Explored the Library’s Collections, Data, and AccessSignal: Digital Preservation, The52 dayssaveRefWorks
10 Weeks of Digital Content Management at a Distance: An Interview with Junior Fellow Randi ProescholdtSignal: Digital Preservation, The53 dayssaveRefWorks
LC LABS LETTER: A Special Edition from the Library of Congress Labs TeamSignal: Digital Preservation, The54 dayssaveRefWorks
Diving into Digital Content Management: An Interview with Mark LopezSignal: Digital Preservation, The59 dayssaveRefWorks
Machine Learning + Libraries: A Report on the State of the FieldSignal: Digital Preservation, The60 dayssaveRefWorks
Introducing the 2020 Staff Innovators!Signal: Digital Preservation, The62 dayssaveRefWorks
Calling all readers of the Signal!Signal: Digital Preservation, The69 dayssaveRefWorks
Finding By the People Transcriptions in the Library’s Digital CollectionsSignal: Digital Preservation, The73 dayssaveRefWorks
LC Labs Letter: June 2020Signal: Digital Preservation, The74 dayssaveRefWorks
Selected Datasets: A New Library of Congress CollectionSignal: Digital Preservation, The88 dayssaveRefWorks
Experimenting with speech-to-text and collections at the LibrarySignal: Digital Preservation, The94 dayssaveRefWorks
Making a valuable resource even better: the Recommended Formats Statement and RFS 2.0Signal: Digital Preservation, The101 dayssaveRefWorks
LC Labs Letter: May 2020Signal: Digital Preservation, The114 dayssaveRefWorks
LC Maps for RobotsSignal: Digital Preservation, The115 dayssaveRefWorks
Innovator Ben Lee and LC Labs Host “Data Jam” with 100 Million Historic Newspaper ImagesSignal: Digital Preservation, The124 dayssaveRefWorks
LC Labs Letter: April 2020Signal: Digital Preservation, The143 dayssaveRefWorks
Innovator Brian Foo Incorporates “Citizen DJs” into Design ProcessSignal: Digital Preservation, The146 dayssaveRefWorks
Earth Day 2020 Has Gone DigitalSignal: Digital Preservation, The151 dayssaveRefWorks
Newspaper Navigator Surfaces Treasure Trove of Historic Images – Get a Sneak Peek at Upcoming Data Jam!Signal: Digital Preservation, The152 dayssaveRefWorks
Gina Jones and 20 Years of Web Archiving at the Library of CongressSignal: Digital Preservation, The158 dayssaveRefWorks
Digital Scholarship Working Group Report: Published!Signal: Digital Preservation, The159 dayssaveRefWorks
Happy Birthday to LCWA! Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Web Archiving at the Library of Congress.Signal: Digital Preservation, The171 dayssaveRefWorks
More Open eBooks: Routinizing Open Access eBook WorkflowsSignal: Digital Preservation, The179 dayssaveRefWorks
PDF is Here to Stay: Archiving with the Portable Document FormatSignal: Digital Preservation, The194 dayssaveRefWorks
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