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Do you have questions about the Janet Network and coronavirus? We may have the answerJISC News Web Feed1 daysaveRefWorks
Statement on access to content in response to COVID-19JISC News Web Feed8 dayssaveRefWorks
Are you ready for the workplace of the future?JISC News Web Feed9 dayssaveRefWorks
Free student e-textbook programme to give university students and staff access to learning resourcesJISC News Web Feed10 dayssaveRefWorks
Free resources to support the education sector during coronavirus; from ebooks to online communitiesJISC News Web Feed10 dayssaveRefWorks
Networkshop48 cancelled as precautionary measureJISC News Web Feed15 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc supports pioneering open access model Subscribe to OpenJISC News Web Feed18 dayssaveRefWorks
‘We must embrace technology to make education easier, fairer and more inclusive’JISC News Web Feed18 dayssaveRefWorks
How data and analytics helped Dean Close School build new insight and intelligenceJISC News Web Feed19 dayssaveRefWorks
Top things to do at Digifest 2020JISC News Web Feed19 dayssaveRefWorks
Could you solve a problem with network automation? Enter the hackathon at NetworkshopJISC News Web Feed19 dayssaveRefWorks
A vision for a digital cityJISC News Web Feed24 dayssaveRefWorks
Bright minds invited to test new projects on 5G testbedsJISC News Web Feed24 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc appoints new director of licensingJISC News Web Feed25 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc, UK institutions and Wiley agree ground-breaking dealJISC News Web Feed26 dayssaveRefWorks
Trailblazers vs luddites? Ditch the digital stereotypes and prepare for Industry 4.0JISC News Web Feed30 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Sci-fi’ tech at your fingertipsJISC News Web Feed31 dayssaveRefWorks
Moving past the‘tyranny of innovation’JISC News Web Feed31 dayssaveRefWorks
First US–based university press signs Jisc transitional open access agreement for UK higher educationJISC News Web Feed38 dayssaveRefWorks
Assessment overhaul: time to ditch pen and paper exams for goodJISC News Web Feed40 dayssaveRefWorks
Turning the page on paper notebooks creates a digital dilemmaJISC News Web Feed40 dayssaveRefWorks
What the Edtech?! Series two, episode three: the future role of libraries in further and higher educationJISC News Web Feed43 dayssaveRefWorks
Harvard professor heads up international conference on frontiers in researchJISC News Web Feed45 dayssaveRefWorks
Call to scrap pen and paper exams by 2025JISC News Web Feed47 dayssaveRefWorks
MP hears the value of on-the-job learning from Jisc apprenticesJISC News Web Feed50 dayssaveRefWorks
A trusted, reliable resource in a transforming worldJISC News Web Feed51 dayssaveRefWorks
Research 4.0 - how technology and imagination will push human knowledge further, fasterJISC News Web Feed52 dayssaveRefWorks
Tools and skills for a modern institutionJISC News Web Feed54 dayssaveRefWorks
Access all areasJISC News Web Feed59 dayssaveRefWorks
Would your university work with an edtech startup?JISC News Web Feed66 dayssaveRefWorks
How to deal with the end of support for Windows 7JISC News Web Feed66 dayssaveRefWorks
‘None of this is really about technology’ – digital transformation and culture changeJISC News Web Feed67 dayssaveRefWorks
Nicola Arnold joins Jisc as chief finance officerJISC News Web Feed67 dayssaveRefWorks
Online learning expert appointed as new Jisc trusteeJISC News Web Feed72 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc helps devise new code of ethics for cyber security professionalsJISC News Web Feed72 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting sticky with it: enhancing student learning at the University of PortsmouthJISC News Web Feed73 dayssaveRefWorks
Stepping up to the plateJISC News Web Feed73 dayssaveRefWorks
How big data could vaccinate the worldJISC News Web Feed79 dayssaveRefWorks
Influential FE leader appointed to Jisc boardJISC News Web Feed82 dayssaveRefWorks
Award-winning virtual and augmented reality providers now available through JiscJISC News Web Feed109 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc and IOP Publishing secure new transitional open access agreement for UK universitiesJISC News Web Feed110 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc consortium secures five open access agreements with learned societiesJISC News Web Feed110 dayssaveRefWorks
Staying secure on social media: a quick guide for academicsJISC News Web Feed117 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc-supported startup's project wins THE award for innovationJISC News Web Feed120 dayssaveRefWorks
Supporting students to stick with universityJISC News Web Feed122 dayssaveRefWorks
Green and smart: University of the West of Scotland wins accolade for high-tech sustainabilityJISC News Web Feed122 dayssaveRefWorks
UK universities reach new national open access dealJISC News Web Feed123 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Our users are our best defence’JISC News Web Feed123 dayssaveRefWorks
Delivering a digital educationJISC News Web Feed124 dayssaveRefWorks
Universities unite in high-level strategy group to govern negotiations with publishersJISC News Web Feed124 dayssaveRefWorks
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