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Staying secure on social media: a quick guide for academicsJISC News Web Feed4 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc-supported startup's project wins THE award for innovationJISC News Web Feed7 dayssaveRefWorks
Supporting students to stick with universityJISC News Web Feed9 dayssaveRefWorks
Green and smart: University of the West of Scotland wins accolade for high-tech sustainabilityJISC News Web Feed9 dayssaveRefWorks
UK universities reach new national open access dealJISC News Web Feed10 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Our users are our best defence’JISC News Web Feed10 dayssaveRefWorks
Delivering a digital educationJISC News Web Feed11 dayssaveRefWorks
Universities unite in high-level strategy group to govern negotiations with publishersJISC News Web Feed11 dayssaveRefWorks
Solving the virtual learning environment headacheJISC News Web Feed16 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting students ready for the changing workplaceJISC News Web Feed18 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc geospatial data gives academics access to millions of open data mapsJISC News Web Feed18 dayssaveRefWorks
"We’re sleepwalking into a surveillance society with the tech in our pockets"JISC News Web Feed21 dayssaveRefWorks
Independent Commission on the College of the Future releases interim reportJISC News Web Feed22 dayssaveRefWorks
Working collaboratively for a bright future in further educationJISC News Web Feed22 dayssaveRefWorks
Accessible e-books– addressing inequality in informationJISC News Web Feed23 dayssaveRefWorks
Got a security weak spot? Exercise Mercury will find itJISC News Web Feed24 dayssaveRefWorks
On the road to ISO 27001: Runshaw College’s information security journeyJISC News Web Feed25 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Game-changing’ public sector internet access technology earns awardJISC News Web Feed28 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc service gets student voters on the rolls as the UK prepares for the pollsJISC News Web Feed29 dayssaveRefWorks
Putting people at the heart of digital strategyJISC News Web Feed30 dayssaveRefWorks
Teaching staff need greater support to develop vital digital skills, survey findsJISC News Web Feed31 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting connected for Education 4.0JISC News Web Feed32 dayssaveRefWorks
Phishing and social engineering: still the top threats to cyber security?JISC News Web Feed37 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc-supported startup's project nominated for awardJISC News Web Feed39 dayssaveRefWorks
New book calls for collective action to achieve Open ScholarshipJISC News Web Feed50 dayssaveRefWorks
11 reasons to go to Newcastle in NovemberJISC News Web Feed50 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc secures two-year pilot transitional open access agreement with Microbiology SocietyJISC News Web Feed51 dayssaveRefWorks
Creating a vision of future researchJISC News Web Feed52 dayssaveRefWorks
Ring for resilienceJISC News Web Feed53 dayssaveRefWorks
Inspiring women VR pioneersJISC News Web Feed60 dayssaveRefWorks
Student voter registration service gains its 1,000th sign upJISC News Web Feed66 dayssaveRefWorks
Enabling digital evolution at Weston CollegeJISC News Web Feed66 dayssaveRefWorks
New report explores impact of automation on UK researchJISC News Web Feed66 dayssaveRefWorks
One million pages on the history of science freely available for researchers, students and teachersJISC News Web Feed67 dayssaveRefWorks
Fine-tuning resources at Morley CollegeJISC News Web Feed70 dayssaveRefWorks
What the Edtech?! Series two, episode two: process improvement - people before technologyJISC News Web Feed73 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc appoints new leader for FE and skillsJISC News Web Feed74 dayssaveRefWorks
Five examples of campus innovation from the 2019 Green Gown awardsJISC News Web Feed78 dayssaveRefWorks
Combined data analytics expertise to benefit higher education sectorJISC News Web Feed80 dayssaveRefWorks
Going through the millJISC News Web Feed81 dayssaveRefWorks
Sticky campus: the students’ verdictJISC News Web Feed87 dayssaveRefWorks
From atoms to bits - free 3D scanning on demandJISC News Web Feed88 dayssaveRefWorks
Students need better preparation for digital careers, Jisc survey suggestsJISC News Web Feed94 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc and Sigfox seek partners to show how connecting small things makes a big differenceJISC News Web Feed113 dayssaveRefWorks
New report tracks trend in use of copied materials in higher education teachingJISC News Web Feed114 dayssaveRefWorks
New report will give insight into future researchJISC News Web Feed114 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc is looking for student partners to help shape the future of educationJISC News Web Feed120 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc enterprise OpenAthens opens applications for best publisher user experience awardJISC News Web Feed123 dayssaveRefWorks
Wellbeing code of practice selected for ICO SandboxJISC News Web Feed128 dayssaveRefWorks
Apprenticeship success earns Jisc a place in the 100 clubJISC News Web Feed135 dayssaveRefWorks
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