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Call for local authorities to support students with free wifi in public spacesJISC News Web Feed243 dayssaveRefWorks
The creativity of communityJISC News Web Feed243 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Creative, resilient, grateful and engaged’: how university students have fared through COVIDJISC News Web Feed245 dayssaveRefWorks
New national agreement helps UK universities evaluate journal agreements with publishersJISC News Web Feed245 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: Preparing students with autism for the workplaceJISC News Web Feed256 dayssaveRefWorks
Why mobile apps must be accessible and inclusiveJISC News Web Feed256 dayssaveRefWorks
Four reasons to optimise course engagementJISC News Web Feed257 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc security team earns accolades at international competitionsJISC News Web Feed258 dayssaveRefWorks
Why it’s important to cultivate the idea that security is everyone’s businessJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Survey results will help build picture of cyber security in education and researchJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
New National Centre will‘unleash the power of AI’ in educationJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Cyber security staff training courses help build up first line of defenceJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Award-wining college uses industry 4.0 to shape the curriculumJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc distributes open access articles from global publisher Wiley to UK repositoriesJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Taylor & Francis Group and Jisc agree transformational deal for UK researchJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
New podcast series kicks off with‘lively and thought-provoking' debateJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Global Research Data Alliance Plenary focuses on global data reuseJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Research England and Jisc launch groundbreaking free benchmarking tool for researchJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
COVID-19: the highs and lows for hard-pushed IT and security teamsJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc partners with Unsub to evaluate UK university journal subscriptionsJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Transforming the skills system is key to unlocking the potential of Northern Ireland collegesJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Universities must focus on online assets to ensure financial sustainabilityJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc launches toolkit to help new university presses to publish open accessJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc launches new strategy to support higher education sectorJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
New digital teaching resources list supports National Skills Fund coursesJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Ransomware:‘Act now, before it’s too late’JISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Technology in education is a vital part of the journey into the workplace’JISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Rachel Bruce, head of Open Research at UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) heads up international conference on frontiers in researchJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: Diversity, equity, and inclusion - encouraging difficult conversationsJISC News Web Feed264 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: how can structure help student wellbeing?JISC News Web Feed354 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for universities to embed wellbeing in curriculum, to save student mental healthJISC News Web Feed354 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Culture change is the biggest challenge for colleges starting their digital journey’JISC News Web Feed355 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc to manage OCRE cloud procurement framework for UKJISC News Web Feed357 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc and Springer Nature extend commitment to open access publishingJISC News Web Feed362 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Virtually connected classroom network would save time, money and solve the teacher shortage’JISC News Web Feed363 dayssaveRefWorks
Government action called for to lift HE students out of digital povertyJISC News Web Feed364 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: why wellbeing is so important, a student's storyJISC News Web Feed368 dayssaveRefWorks
FE experts give top tips for teaching in lockdown 2021JISC News Web Feed370 dayssaveRefWorks
How do we enable agile digital infrastructure for education and research?JISC News Web Feed377 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: teaching students in a virtual worldJISC News Web Feed396 dayssaveRefWorks
Cambridge University Press and Jisc reach UK-wide flexible open access read and publish agreementJISC News Web Feed396 dayssaveRefWorks
The Digifest sessions: how to make content accessible with SCULPTJISC News Web Feed398 dayssaveRefWorks
New chair to take the helm at Jisc in May 2021JISC News Web Feed402 dayssaveRefWorks
Emerald Publishing partners with Jisc to combine access to Emerald’s research with a sustainable approach to green open accessJISC News Web Feed403 dayssaveRefWorks
What do graduates do? Report offers insight into graduate labour market in 2021JISC News Web Feed405 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc launches next-generation, Plan S-compliant repositoryJISC News Web Feed405 dayssaveRefWorks
Libraries at the heart of digital strategyJISC News Web Feed409 dayssaveRefWorks
University-college collaboration produces COVID-19 data modelling tool that’s helping keep college staff and learners safeJISC News Web Feed410 dayssaveRefWorks
The challenges and opportunities for research in the age of automationJISC News Web Feed410 dayssaveRefWorks
UK collaborates with new body to accelerate global open accessJISC News Web Feed410 dayssaveRefWorks
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