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Is applying international standards to special collections worth the effort?JISC News Web Feed4 hourssaveRefWorks
More than three quarters of HE teaching staff want to use technology in their teachingJISC News Web Feed1 daysaveRefWorks
Minister backs college teacher skills to help pandemic-proof digital educationJISC News Web Feed1 daysaveRefWorks
Finalists announced for Jisc's award for effective use of digital technology in further educationJISC News Web Feed5 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc partners with Wiley to bring together a history of science archiveJISC News Web Feed5 dayssaveRefWorks
UK universities come together to drive down price of digital archival collectionsJISC News Web Feed8 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: what can the UK learn from the rest of the world? Education 4.0 with the University of BathJISC News Web Feed12 dayssaveRefWorks
What can we do with the wisdom of many?JISC News Web Feed13 dayssaveRefWorks
How can data help solve higher education challenges?JISC News Web Feed14 dayssaveRefWorks
Forget on-campus vs online: the future is blended, say universitiesJISC News Web Feed20 dayssaveRefWorks
Enabling staff to adopt new forms of professional practiceJISC News Web Feed20 dayssaveRefWorks
New dedicated interactive data dashboards launched for Welsh HEJISC News Web Feed21 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: Coleg Menai– how to teach with virtual realityJISC News Web Feed22 dayssaveRefWorks
Navigating the challenges remote working poses for network and system securityJISC News Web Feed25 dayssaveRefWorks
Ransomware attack: how one college pulled together to rebuild and recoverJISC News Web Feed26 dayssaveRefWorks
College of the Future report is a catalyst for changeJISC News Web Feed27 dayssaveRefWorks
University leaders come together for new digital strategy frameworkJISC News Web Feed28 dayssaveRefWorks
Colleges struggle with‘old equipment, poor connectivity, and lack of skilled IT staff’, report revealsJISC News Web Feed29 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press enter an innovative read-and-publish agreementJISC News Web Feed33 dayssaveRefWorks
American Physiological Society and Jisc announce new Read, Publish and Join partnershipJISC News Web Feed34 dayssaveRefWorks
New roadmap lays out path for OpenDOAR as an international, community-driven repository directoryJISC News Web Feed36 dayssaveRefWorks
New digital strategy supports FE through the technology revolutionJISC News Web Feed36 dayssaveRefWorks
Could a hacker break your heart?JISC News Web Feed39 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Security is not a bolt-on to the IT function’.JISC News Web Feed40 dayssaveRefWorks
BibliU - Jisc agreement brings sustainable e-textbooks to UK librariesJISC News Web Feed40 dayssaveRefWorks
New APC-free open access agreements test alternative funding modelsJISC News Web Feed41 dayssaveRefWorks
Colleges encouraged to meet industry demands for digital skillsJISC News Web Feed42 dayssaveRefWorks
Weston College launches UK’s first virtual classroom for further educationJISC News Web Feed43 dayssaveRefWorks
Moving towards safer online experiencesJISC News Web Feed43 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc supports the University of Buckingham to launch ground-breaking degree that truly embraces technologyJISC News Web Feed48 dayssaveRefWorks
A joined-up approach to supporting disabled studentsJISC News Web Feed48 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Universities should advise students how to spot scam emails’JISC News Web Feed49 dayssaveRefWorks
Millions of researchers get free access to digital collections through new Jisc and JSTOR collaborationJISC News Web Feed49 dayssaveRefWorks
New government support to upskill FE teachers in online delivery‘insufficient’JISC News Web Feed53 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc and EMS Press sign agreement supporting mathematicians publishing open accessJISC News Web Feed55 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc supports universities and colleges to gain‘essential’ cyber certificatesJISC News Web Feed55 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc adds new connectivity services to government procurement frameworkJISC News Web Feed57 dayssaveRefWorks
‘For young disabled learners like me, technology is the future’JISC News Web Feed64 dayssaveRefWorks
First sector-wide agreement provides digital textbooks to support students and teachers in higher education across the UK and IrelandJISC News Web Feed67 dayssaveRefWorks
New advice helps education and research community prevent ransomware attacksJISC News Web Feed68 dayssaveRefWorks
Pioneering digital approaches to raising English and maths' standardsJISC News Web Feed68 dayssaveRefWorks
There is a diversity crisis in AI, but there are ways to break the mouldJISC News Web Feed70 dayssaveRefWorks
Jisc response to Demos report, Research 4.0: Research in the Age of AutomationJISC News Web Feed70 dayssaveRefWorks
Digital teaching must be better, say university and college studentsJISC News Web Feed71 dayssaveRefWorks
Invest now in digital technology to support FE colleges and learnersJISC News Web Feed76 dayssaveRefWorks
Harlow College's 'iPads for all' policy means accessibility for all, tooJISC News Web Feed76 dayssaveRefWorks
Beyond the technology: Barnet and Southgate College - assessing students onlineJISC News Web Feed77 dayssaveRefWorks
Portsmouth College: co-designing a digital transformation journey with learnersJISC News Web Feed77 dayssaveRefWorks
New preservation service makes data more secure and future-proofs UK university digital collectionsJISC News Web Feed77 dayssaveRefWorks
Digital dynamite: learning and teaching during COVID-19JISC News Web Feed83 dayssaveRefWorks
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