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UK: Jisc announces OA deals with smaller society : Featured News2 dayssaveRefWorks
TOME launches website to support open monographs in the : Featured News8 dayssaveRefWorks
OUP announces read and publish : Featured News9 dayssaveRefWorks
Library skills support ? call for research participants????????? : Featured News9 dayssaveRefWorks
Twitter and 'dead' : Featured News13 dayssaveRefWorks
British Library Shared Research : Featured News15 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Green Library of the Year : Featured News17 dayssaveRefWorks
London Library launches : Featured News22 dayssaveRefWorks
Canadian Association of Research Libraries ? statement on Open : Featured News27 dayssaveRefWorks
Crowdfunding campaign to bring Charlotte Bront? book to : Featured News29 dayssaveRefWorks
Twitter teases : Featured News30 dayssaveRefWorks
UK: New home for the Feminist : Featured News30 dayssaveRefWorks
National Library of Israel digitisation : Featured News34 dayssaveRefWorks
Artstor releases UK Science Museum : Featured News38 dayssaveRefWorks
Internet Archive and Wikipedia : Featured News40 dayssaveRefWorks
Twitter bans all political advertising : Featured News42 dayssaveRefWorks
Germany: consortium to drive OA humanities : Featured News42 dayssaveRefWorks
ProQuest launches One : Featured News45 dayssaveRefWorks
The Internet Archive launches new music : Featured News55 dayssaveRefWorks
Improvements to Web of : Featured News55 dayssaveRefWorks
Taylor?& Francis rolls out : Featured News55 dayssaveRefWorks
De Gruyter launches University Press : Featured News62 dayssaveRefWorks
BBC releases Monty Python : Featured News62 dayssaveRefWorks
International consortium The Research on Research Institute : Featured News71 dayssaveRefWorks
UK: PLR celebrates 40 : Featured News71 dayssaveRefWorks
France: Google removes news : Featured News71 dayssaveRefWorks
UK: important edition of Lady Chatterley?s Lover acquired by the University of : Featured News71 dayssaveRefWorks
US National Book Awards 2019: Longlist in Translated : Featured News81 dayssaveRefWorks
American FactFinder : Featured News81 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook: large scale suspension of : Featured News81 dayssaveRefWorks
BBC launches archive : Featured News83 dayssaveRefWorks
SAGE Publishing launches Research Methods : Featured News83 dayssaveRefWorks
Facebook: millions of account details found in unprotected : Featured News98 dayssaveRefWorks
US: YouTube fined for collecting children's personal : Featured News98 dayssaveRefWorks
National Library of Wales wins grant to create National Broadcast Archive for : Featured News99 dayssaveRefWorks
Finland: pilot project to encourage wider indexing in : Featured News101 dayssaveRefWorks
Germany: Projekt Deal and Springer Nature announce OA : Featured News111 dayssaveRefWorks
British Ecological Society launches study to test if ?author blinding? reduces bias in science : Featured News111 dayssaveRefWorks
Building a word map of modern : Featured News111 dayssaveRefWorks
Japan: AIP Publishing announces Read and Publish pilot with Waseda : Featured News111 dayssaveRefWorks
AI in academic publishing: call for survey : Featured News111 dayssaveRefWorks
Taxonomy Boot Camp London Awards: nominations now : Featured News142 dayssaveRefWorks
China: Google has closed Project : Featured News147 dayssaveRefWorks
Publisher Pearson to phase out : Featured News147 dayssaveRefWorks
Southeast Asia Digital Library: $1.2 Million grant : Featured News149 dayssaveRefWorks
Europeana launches Heritage at : Featured News149 dayssaveRefWorks
University of California loses access to new Elsevier : Featured News149 dayssaveRefWorks
Harvard Data Science Review : Featured News161 dayssaveRefWorks
Plans for a European Open Access Book : Featured News162 dayssaveRefWorks
Springer Nature agrees Read and Publish deals in Norway and : Featured News162 dayssaveRefWorks
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