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IFLA Leads Open Letter on Intellectual Property and COVID-19IFLA News1 daysaveRefWorks
Mid Year MeetingIFLA News2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Evolving Concept of School Library and Its ProfessionIFLA News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Deadline Extended to 8 April 2020: WLIC 2020 Committee on Standards Call for PapersIFLA News2 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLAPARL 36th Satellite Conference CancelledIFLA News2 dayssaveRefWorks
Hard Choices: Libraries Face Major Challenges in Meeting Reader eLending DemandIFLA News3 dayssaveRefWorks
Now Available: IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Quarterly News - January 2020 IssueIFLA News4 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for nominations open-2020 UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s EducationIFLA News4 dayssaveRefWorks
New SET Bulletin Jan. 2020IFLA News6 dayssaveRefWorks
Update on IFLA's Work on Sustainable Development - March 2020IFLA News8 dayssaveRefWorks
Latin America and The Caribbean Effective Leadership: How to Inspire, Engage, Enable, Connect-CANCELLEDIFLA News11 dayssaveRefWorks
Translated language resources available for libraries to communicate with communities about COVID-19.IFLA News11 dayssaveRefWorks
Share Your Thoughts and Ideas on the Public Library ManifestoIFLA News12 dayssaveRefWorks
¿Cómo las bibliotecas pueden extender sus servicios durante las cuarentenas?IFLA News15 dayssaveRefWorks
Assess Your Progress on Preservation and Access to Documentary HeritageIFLA News16 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Green Library Award 2020 Winners AnnouncedIFLA News16 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA "Reading Journeys" Satellite Meeting CANCELLEDIFLA News17 dayssaveRefWorks
Extended Deadline - Call for Papers (video or multimedia work) IFLA WLIC 2020 Dublin– The Audiovisual and Multimedia Section joint with Metropolitan Libraries SectionIFLA News19 dayssaveRefWorks
In the face of COVID-19, IFLA closes offices but continues to offer strong support to the global library fieldIFLA News22 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Reading Journeys’ Satellite cancelledIFLA News22 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLAPARL February 2020 Newsletter PublishedIFLA News22 dayssaveRefWorks
Expressions of Interest to Attend IFLAPARL 2020 Satellite Meeting in Dublin due March 22!IFLA News22 dayssaveRefWorks
LBES holds successful mid-year meeting and seminar in MontrealIFLA News23 dayssaveRefWorks
Ensuring Every Voice is Heard: IFLA Holds Ballot on New Decision-Making RulesIFLA News24 dayssaveRefWorks
Memory Institutions from Arab Region Trained on Collection Management and Documentation TechniquesIFLA News24 dayssaveRefWorks
WIPO Nominates Daren Tang as New Director GeneralIFLA News25 dayssaveRefWorks
Rapport: Consultation International sur la sauvegarde, l’accessibilité et la promotion des manuscrits anciens du SahelIFLA News25 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Represented at the UNESCO International Consultation on the Safeguarding, Accessibility and Promotion of Ancient Manuscripts from the SahelIFLA News25 dayssaveRefWorks
Rescheduling experience sharing seminar“Cataloguing in Transformation"IFLA News25 dayssaveRefWorks
International Women’s Day 2020: How Libraries Help Deliver on Gender Equality and Empowerment of WomenIFLA News26 dayssaveRefWorks
A Clear Contribution: Libraries Engage at African SDG ForumIFLA News28 dayssaveRefWorks
LGBTQ Users Call for Papers for IFLA WLIC 2020!IFLA News29 dayssaveRefWorks
A Question of Judgement: New IFLA-ICA Statement on Archiving and PrivacyIFLA News31 dayssaveRefWorks
Better Decisions from Town Halls to Households: IFLA Participates in UCLG RetreatIFLA News31 dayssaveRefWorks
WIPO Member States Meet to Choose a New Director GeneralIFLA News31 dayssaveRefWorks
Now available: Library Theory and Research's February 2020 NewsletterIFLA News32 dayssaveRefWorks
On the Road to New Opportunities: Update on the IFLA Governance ReviewIFLA News33 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for papers: Music in the library worldIFLA News33 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for papers for the Big Data SIG open session at WLIC 2020 now open. Better Together: Collaborative Solutions to the Challenges of Data and Libraries.IFLA News34 dayssaveRefWorks
An important message from IFLA Headquarters: Information on Covid-19IFLA News35 dayssaveRefWorks
DEADLINE EXTENDED: Call for Papers— Open Sessions: Local History and Genealogy joint with Indigenous Matters and Rare Books and Special CollectionsIFLA News35 dayssaveRefWorks
Extended deadline - Call for papers: Subject Access and Artificial Intelligence: Enhancing competencies and safeguarding ethicsIFLA News36 dayssaveRefWorks
Qatar National Library Presents Conservation Training Course in the Levant RegionIFLA News37 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Papers— Open Sessions at IFLA WLIC 2020IFLA News37 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Papers: "Putting Emerging LIS Competencies into Education and Practice: Challenges and Opportunities"IFLA News37 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Papers: Perspectives on the role of information literacy education in fostering a smooth transition throughout a learner’s formal education journey - from PK to 20 and beyondIFLA News37 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for PapersIFLA News38 dayssaveRefWorks
Half a Year of Action: 6 Months of Delivering on the IFLA Strategy 2019-2024IFLA News38 dayssaveRefWorks
Accelerating Development, Transforming Lives in Africa: IFLA Promotes Libraries at African Regional Forum on Sustainable DevelopmentIFLA News38 dayssaveRefWorks
CFP IFLA WLIC2020 Open Session, "Better Together: Collaborative Solutions to the Challenges of Data and Libraries"IFLA News39 dayssaveRefWorks
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