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Engaging with Politicians in Library Advocacy - Why and HowIFLA News525 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA extraordinary General Assembly: It’s easier than ever to make your voice heardIFLA News526 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA RISS + IFLA Strategy: survival skills for a digital worldIFLA News526 dayssaveRefWorks
Human Rights, Internet Governance and the Global Library Field in 2021: A Look AheadIFLA News528 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Submits Comments on draft UNESCO Open Science RecommendationIFLA News531 dayssaveRefWorks
Libraries Champion Children’s Online Wellbeing: Getting Ready for Safer Internet DayIFLA News532 dayssaveRefWorks
Information Sustainability: Interview with Genilson Geraldo, BrazilIFLA News533 dayssaveRefWorks
General Assembly: Designating Your ProxiesIFLA News533 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA's looking aheadIFLA News533 dayssaveRefWorks
Manifesto 2021IFLA News535 dayssaveRefWorks
Libraries Preserving and Providing Access to Culture and Heritage in 2021IFLA News535 dayssaveRefWorks
CPDWL Newsletter January 2021 Issue Out!IFLA News541 dayssaveRefWorks
Understanding Infodiversity: An InterviewIFLA News541 dayssaveRefWorks
Terry L Weech, PhD retired Dec. 31, 2021IFLA News543 dayssaveRefWorks
CPDWL Newsletter January 2021 Issue Out!IFLA News543 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA’s Management of Library Associations Section Launches Webinar SeriesIFLA News544 dayssaveRefWorks
Units + IFLA Strategy: looking back, looking forwardIFLA News545 dayssaveRefWorks
2021 IFLA ILDS Conference Location AnnouncedIFLA News545 dayssaveRefWorks
Associations + IFLA Strategy: looking back, looking forwardIFLA News546 dayssaveRefWorks
Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem, 8-12 Feb. 2021IFLA News546 dayssaveRefWorks
From Global Goals to Local Practice: Interview with Evi Tramantza, OCLC Global Council Program CommitteeIFLA News548 dayssaveRefWorks
Making the Decisions that Matter Better: IFLA Releases Statement on Open and Good GovernanceIFLA News548 dayssaveRefWorks
Second Call for Papers: IFLA Journal Special Issues on Preservation storage and curation strategies: Best Practices for physical and digital storageIFLA News556 dayssaveRefWorks
Viviana QuiñonesIFLA News561 dayssaveRefWorks
Holiday Greetings from SET Chair Kendra AlbrightIFLA News562 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA ARL Section + IFLA Strategy: Acting locally, Reaching GloballyIFLA News564 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Professional Unit 2021 Action PlansIFLA News566 dayssaveRefWorks
Two Job opportunities at IFLA Headquarters: Administrative Assistant– Data and OutreachIFLA News566 dayssaveRefWorks
Administrative Assistant– Data and OutreachIFLA News566 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Engages with UNESCO and Partner NGOs at the International Conference of Non-Governmental OrganisationsIFLA News567 dayssaveRefWorks
Apply for the 2021 IFLA PressReader International Marketing Award!IFLA News567 dayssaveRefWorks
Iraq Library Association + IFLA Strategy: ---IFLA News568 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA observes the 15th Meeting of the Committee for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed ConflictIFLA News569 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Governing Board meeting report, 7-11 December 2020IFLA News570 dayssaveRefWorks
A Constant Goal in a Changing Landscape: IFLA Launches Survey on Intellectual FreedomIFLA News574 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA SET Section + IFLA Strategy: celebrating collaborationIFLA News574 dayssaveRefWorks
Now Available: IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Quarterly News - November 2020 IssueIFLA News574 dayssaveRefWorks
Mobilising Libraries for Digital Skills DeliveryIFLA News575 dayssaveRefWorks
2019-2020 Annual Report is now available!IFLA News578 dayssaveRefWorks
Library Reference Model in ChineseIFLA News578 dayssaveRefWorks
Call for Abstracts: IFLA Journal special issue on Intellectual FreedomIFLA News581 dayssaveRefWorks
IFLA Signs Statement on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in the Nagorno-Karabakh RegionIFLA News582 dayssaveRefWorks
Recognising Libraries as Partners for Development– A Review of Five Years of Voluntary National ReviewsIFLA News582 dayssaveRefWorks
Costa Rica Library Association + IFLA Strategy: first steps toward stronger library strategiesIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
Out Now: October 2020 issue of IFLA JournalIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
Professional Unit Virtual Event - Preservation of Digital Complex ObjectsIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
Building Back Better for Libraries in Africa: An InterviewIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
Leaders’ Conversations: National Libraries in the Post-COVID-19 WorldIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
Leaders’ Conversations: Public Libraries in the Post-COVID-19 WorldIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
Leaders’ Conversations: Academic Libraries in the Post-COVID-19 WorldIFLA News583 dayssaveRefWorks
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