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ITI BOOKS: Florilla: A Pinelands RomanceInfotoday-lehdet47 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: What We're Getting Wrong About Digital TransformationInfotoday-lehdet47 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: How Content Marketers Are Using AI for Content DevelopmentInfotoday-lehdet47 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: Online Teaching in K-12: Models, Methods, and Best Practices for Teachers and AdministratorsInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: Engaging Children in Anti-Racism Work at Your LibraryInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: OUTSIDE THE BOX - Five Sites for Upskilling and ReskillingInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: Educational Video Games: From the Classics We Love to the Newest on the MarketInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: How Data Bias Obscures the UnderservedInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES #2: Camera Scanning Apps for You and Your PatronsInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES: Via Education and Creativity, Patrick Zinn WinsInfotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
INFOTODAY.EU: Learning About and Experimenting With New Technologies: Skills for Librarian 4.0Infotoday-lehdet77 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: The Legendary Pine Barrens: New Tales from Old HauntsInfotoday-lehdet105 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: Improving Content Management to Maximize the Value of Information AssetsInfotoday-lehdet105 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: Five Key Questions About Video Marketing AnsweredInfotoday-lehdet105 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: The Convergence of the Digital With the Physical and the BiologicalInfotoday-lehdet105 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS: Voyager to Alma Migration With a Team of ThreeInfotoday-lehdet105 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES #2: THE SYSTEMS LIBRARIAN - Social Media Disconnect: Considering the Role of Social Media in Library Marketing StrategiesInfotoday-lehdet105 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: 21 Days to Success Through Networking: The Life and Times of Gnik RowtenInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: INTERNATIONAL REPORT: The Latest EU Copyright Infringement CasesInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: LET'S STRATEGIC: Quick Fixes for Common UX MistakesInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: Building Science and Technology Capacity in GovernmentInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: Building Frameworks for Long-Term Digital PreservationInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES #2: Adopting Google Slides for Adaptable TutorialsInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES: HOW-TO: Using Video Captioning to Improve Accessibility and UXInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
INFOTODAY.EU: How the National Library of Scotland continued to provide a quality service during lockdownInfotoday-lehdet131 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: Adventures Along the Jersey ShoreInfotoday-lehdet168 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: Publishing as Embodiment of Licensing: Licensing as a Framework, Part 2Infotoday-lehdet168 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: How Content Marketers Are Using Zapier and Other Automation ToolsInfotoday-lehdet168 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: Open Access Gains TractionInfotoday-lehdet168 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: The Road to Simplified Remote AccessInfotoday-lehdet168 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: The Carousel CarverInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: Diamonds in the Spotlight: Archiving APC-Free Journals and Spreading the NewsInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: Mixing Work With Virtual and At-Home VacationsInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: Non-Fungible Tokens, Libraries, and PublishersInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: It's A Wrap! Tips for Producing Engaging VideosInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES: HOW-TO: Connecting Newcomers With 'Human Library' Programs in Brampton, OntarioInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
INFOTODAY.EU: Creating Effective Videos for LibrariesInfotoday-lehdet189 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: Greetings From Ventnor City (A Meg Daniels Mystery)Infotoday-lehdet224 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: My Career as a Pioneering Information Professional: Witnessing 50 Plus Years of ChangeInfotoday-lehdet224 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: Aligning Marketing and Sales: Why It’s Important and How to Do ItInfotoday-lehdet224 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: Open Technologies for Open KnowledgeInfotoday-lehdet224 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: Direction, Alignment, and Commitment—Partnering to Close the DivideInfotoday-lehdet224 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others FailInfotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY: Can Deleting the Past Be the Answer to Racism?Infotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
INFORMATION TODAY - INSIGHTS ON CONTENT: OUTSIDE THE BOX - Seven Tips for Women Starting a BusinessInfotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
ONLINE SEARCHER: Mindfulness, Nudges, and Empathy: New Media Literacies?Infotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: Universal Design Assessment: We’ve Got a Checklist for That!Infotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES: HOW-TO: Meeting Our Patrons Where They Are With Free Google AdsInfotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
INFOTODAY.EU: Librarians Leading Together to Change the WorldInfotoday-lehdet259 dayssaveRefWorks
ITI BOOKS: Deep Text: Using Text Analytics to Conquer Information Overload, Get Real Value from Social Media, and Add Big(ger) Text to Big DataInfotoday-lehdet469 dayssaveRefWorks
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