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US Treasury imposes sanctions on Syria prisons, armed groupsUS Legal News - JURIST1 hoursaveRefWorks
Biden proposes ‘Buy American’ rule to support US workers, manufacturingUS Legal News - JURIST23 hourssaveRefWorks
HRW calls for ICC inquiry into war crimes in Gaza, urges US to condition assistance to IsraelUS Legal News - JURIST23 hourssaveRefWorks
US pauses cooperation with Guatemala AG after ouster of anti-corruption chiefUS Legal News - JURIST1 daysaveRefWorks
California Supreme Court: prisoners must get lawyer when challenging convictions for killings committed by othersUS Legal News - JURIST1 daysaveRefWorks
Democratic lawmakers urge EPA to reinstate California vehicle emissions waiverUS Legal News - JURIST1 daysaveRefWorks
Federal judge declines to block Nevada ‘ghost gun’ banUS Legal News - JURIST1 daysaveRefWorks
Federal appeals court rules two-sentence immigration decision insufficientUS Legal News - JURIST2 dayssaveRefWorks
VA mandates COVID-19 vaccination for medical facility employeesUS Legal News - JURIST2 dayssaveRefWorks
US House passes bill to expand and expedite visa process for AfghansUS Legal News - JURIST4 dayssaveRefWorks
US Treasury sanctions Cuba defense minister and special forces unitUS Legal News - JURIST5 dayssaveRefWorks
Mississippi AG files brief with Supreme Court urging Roe and Casey be overturnedUS Legal News - JURIST5 dayssaveRefWorks
US labor board rejects challenge to large banner displays at union strike sitesUS Legal News - JURIST5 dayssaveRefWorks
Attorneys general announce $26B settlement with opioid distributorsUS Legal News - JURIST6 dayssaveRefWorks
US blocks entry of former Honduras president and his familyUS Legal News - JURIST7 dayssaveRefWorks
US federal judge blocks Arkansas state-wide ban on abortionsUS Legal News - JURIST7 dayssaveRefWorks
US Senate rejects procedural vote to begin debate on infrastructure billUS Legal News - JURIST8 dayssaveRefWorks
US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejects environmental challenge to DACAUS Legal News - JURIST8 dayssaveRefWorks
Minnesota appeals court remands state agency permit for PolyMet copper-nickel mineUS Legal News - JURIST9 dayssaveRefWorks
Federal court refuses to block Indiana University COVID-19 vaccine mandateUS Legal News - JURIST9 dayssaveRefWorks
Federal court orders Arizona Department of Corrections to trial over inadequate healthcareUS Legal News - JURIST9 dayssaveRefWorks
Biden administration transfers its first detainee from Guantánamo BayUS Legal News - JURIST10 dayssaveRefWorks
ACLU sues Chicago Police for release of social media monitoring recordsUS Legal News - JURIST10 dayssaveRefWorks
US adds six Russian technology firms to entity list over cyberattack claimsUS Legal News - JURIST11 dayssaveRefWorks
Texas district court rules DACA unlawfulUS Legal News - JURIST11 dayssaveRefWorks
Planned Parenthood allowed to proceed with suit against LouisianaUS Legal News - JURIST11 dayssaveRefWorks
US sanctions seven Chinese officials over Hong Kong democracy crackdownsUS Legal News - JURIST11 dayssaveRefWorks
US Capitol Police arrest leader of Black Congressional Caucus during protestUS Legal News - JURIST11 dayssaveRefWorks
Federal judge rules SFPD officer who shot and killed unarmed man will face trial by juryUS Legal News - JURIST11 dayssaveRefWorks
CEIR press brief: ‘fraudulent’ audits represent ongoing US election denialUS Legal News - JURIST13 dayssaveRefWorks
US Senate approves bill to ban all goods from Xinjiang region of ChinaUS Legal News - JURIST14 dayssaveRefWorks
Texas Senate advances transgender sports billsUS Legal News - JURIST15 dayssaveRefWorks
Fourth Circuit rules laws barring gun sales to persons under 21 unconstitutionalUS Legal News - JURIST15 dayssaveRefWorks
Maryland judge blocks Governor Larry Hogan from terminating unemployment benefitsUS Legal News - JURIST15 dayssaveRefWorks
ACLU files lawsuit to stop new Texas law banning abortionUS Legal News - JURIST15 dayssaveRefWorks
US imposes visa restrictions on 100 members of Nicaragua National Assembly, JudiciaryUS Legal News - JURIST15 dayssaveRefWorks
Texas Democrats leave state to block vote on election restrictions billUS Legal News - JURIST15 dayssaveRefWorks
Federal judge blocks Tennessee law on transgender restroom useUS Legal News - JURIST17 dayssaveRefWorks
UN rights chief urges ‘reparations’ for slavery, systemic racism, colonialismUS Legal News - JURIST17 dayssaveRefWorks
States sue Google for monopolizing app store marketUS Legal News - JURIST19 dayssaveRefWorks
Lawsuits filed against Florida condo association after collapseUS Legal News - JURIST20 dayssaveRefWorks
US Supreme Court to hear case on tuition assistance for religious schoolsUS Legal News - JURIST24 dayssaveRefWorks
US Supreme Court rejects appeal by florist who refused to serve same-sex coupleUS Legal News - JURIST25 dayssaveRefWorks
Dissenting US Supreme Court justices question libel protections for media organizationsUS Legal News - JURIST25 dayssaveRefWorks
US Supreme Court invalidates California rule requiring nonprofits to disclose major donorsUS Legal News - JURIST25 dayssaveRefWorks
Trump organization and executive charged with fraud and tax crimesUS Legal News - JURIST26 dayssaveRefWorks
AG Garland imposes moratorium on scheduling federal executionsUS Legal News - JURIST26 dayssaveRefWorks
Federal judge blocks Florida social media censorship lawUS Legal News - JURIST26 dayssaveRefWorks
US Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting restrictionsUS Legal News - JURIST28 dayssaveRefWorks
House creates select committee to investigate US Capitol riotUS Legal News - JURIST28 dayssaveRefWorks
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