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The corepressors GPS2 and SMRT control enhancer and silencer remodeling via eRNA transcription during inflammatory activation of macrophages.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.182 dayssaveRefWorks
Peripheral inflammation preceeding ischemia impairs neuronal survival through mechanisms involving miR-127 in aged animals.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.212 dayssaveRefWorks
Genetic Regulation of Atherosclerosis-Relevant Phenotypes in Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.288 dayssaveRefWorks
BMP6/TAZ-Hippo signaling modulates angiogenesis and endothelial cell response to VEGF.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.295 dayssaveRefWorks
Microanatomy of the Human Atherosclerotic Plaque by Single-Cell Transcriptomics.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.303 dayssaveRefWorks
Hypoxia-Mediated Regulation of Histone Demethylases Affects Angiogenesis-Associated Functions in Endothelial Cells.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.314 dayssaveRefWorks
The proapoptotic gene interferon regulatory factor-1 mediates the antiproliferative outcome of paired box 2 gene and tamoxifen.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.335 dayssaveRefWorks
Radiosynthesis and preclinical evaluation of [68Ga]Ga-NOTA-folate for PET imaging of folate receptorβ-positive macrophages.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.349 dayssaveRefWorks
NRF2 is a key regulator of endothelial microRNA expression under proatherogenic stimuli.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.374 dayssaveRefWorks
Systems Genetics in Human Endothelial Cells Identifies Non-coding Variants Modifying Enhancers, Expression, and Complex Disease Traits.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.432 dayssaveRefWorks
Comparative transcriptome analysis of matched primary and distant metastatic ovarian carcinoma.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.616 dayssaveRefWorks
Novel Lipid Long Intervening Noncoding RNA, Oligodendrocyte Maturation-Associated Long Intergenic Noncoding RNA, Regulates the Liver Steatosis Gene Stearoyl-Coenzyme A Desaturase As an Enhancer RNA.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.659 dayssaveRefWorks
Axon Guidance-Related Factor FLRT3 Regulates VEGF-Signaling and Endothelial Cell Function.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.849 dayssaveRefWorks
Extensive reprogramming of the nascent transcriptome during iPSC to hepatocyte differentiation.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.875 dayssaveRefWorks
Therapeutic effects of rosuvastatin in hypercholesterolemic prediabetic mice in the absence of low density lipoprotein receptor.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.965 dayssaveRefWorks
Transcriptional Profiling of Hypoxia-Regulated Non-coding RNAs in Human Primary Endothelial Cells.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.981 dayssaveRefWorks
Functional Variant in the GCKR Gene Affects Lactate Levels Differentially in the Fasting State and During Hyperglycemia.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1002 dayssaveRefWorks
Deletion of Lymphangiogenic and Angiogenic Growth Factor VEGF-D Leads to Severe Hyperlipidemia and Delayed Clearance of Chylomicron Remnants.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1007 dayssaveRefWorks
Emerging Roles of Non-Coding RNA Transcription.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1066 dayssaveRefWorks
Control of inducible gene expression links cohesin to hematopoietic progenitor self-renewal and differentiation.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1072 dayssaveRefWorks
MicroRNAs mediate the senescence-associated decline of NRF2 in endothelial cells.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1115 dayssaveRefWorks
Genetics instability of wtAAV2 genome and AAV promoter activities in the Baculovirus/Sf9 cells system.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1119 dayssaveRefWorks
Differential but Complementary HIF1α and HIF2α Transcriptional Regulation.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1155 dayssaveRefWorks
Temporal Dynamics of Gene Expression During Endothelial Cell Differentiation From Human iPS Cells: A Comparison Study of Signalling Factors and Small Molecules.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1217 dayssaveRefWorks
Endothelial cell differentiation is encompassed by changes in long range interactions between inactive chromatin regions.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1329 dayssaveRefWorks
NRF2 regulates endothelial glycolysis and proliferation with miR-93 and mediates the effects of oxidized phospholipids on endothelial activation.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1345 dayssaveRefWorks
Analysis of primary microRNA loci from nascent transcriptomes reveals regulatory domains governed by chromatin architecture.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1381 dayssaveRefWorks
Analysis of primary microRNA loci from nascent transcriptomes reveals regulatory domains governed by chromatin architecture.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1394 dayssaveRefWorks
Aggravated post-infarct heart failure in type 2 diabetes is associated with impaired mitophagy and exaggerated inflammasome activation.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1405 dayssaveRefWorks
Snake venom VEGF Vammin induces a highly efficient angiogenic response in skeletal muscle via VEGFR-2/NRP specific signaling.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1470 dayssaveRefWorks
Identification and characterization of a FOXA2-regulated transcriptional enhancer at a type 2 diabetes intronic locus that controls GCKR expression in liver cells.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1482 dayssaveRefWorks
Genome-Wide Dynamics of Nascent Noncoding RNA Transcription in Porcine Heart After Myocardial Infarction.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1505 dayssaveRefWorks
SREBP1 Contributes to Resolution of Pro-inflammatory TLR4 Signaling by Reprogramming Fatty Acid Metabolism.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1667 dayssaveRefWorks
Differential regulation of angiogenic cellular processes and claudin-5 by histamine and VEGF via PI3K-signaling, transcription factor SNAI2 and interleukin-8.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1709 dayssaveRefWorks
Crosstalk between androgen and pro-inflammatory signaling remodels androgen receptor and NF-κB cistrome to reprogram the prostate cancer cell transcriptome.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1765 dayssaveRefWorks
Global analysis of transcription in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells uncovers active enhancers and direct androgen receptor targets.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1773 dayssaveRefWorks
PRC2 Enacts Wnt Signaling in Intestinal Homeostasis and Contributes to the Instigation of Stemness in Diseases Entailing Epithelial Hyperplasia or Neoplasia.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1794 dayssaveRefWorks
Transcription-coupled genetic instability marks acute lymphoblastic leukemia structural variation hotspots.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.1835 dayssaveRefWorks
Transcription factor Nr4a1 couples sympathetic and inflammatory cues in CNS-recruited macrophages to limit neuroinflammation.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2095 dayssaveRefWorks
Global SUMOylation on active chromatin is an acute heat stress response restricting transcription.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2179 dayssaveRefWorks
Quantification of nascent transcription by bromouridine immunocapture nuclear run-on RT-qPCR.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2204 dayssaveRefWorks
Differential Promoter Methylation of Macrophage Genes Is Associated With Impaired Vascular Growth in Ischemic Muscles of Hyperlipidemic and Type 2 Diabetic Mice: A Genome-Wide Promoter Methylation Study.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2232 dayssaveRefWorks
Slit2 modifies VEGF-induced angiogenic responses in rabbit skeletal muscle via reduced eNOS activity.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2258 dayssaveRefWorks
Control of VEGF-A transcriptional programs by pausing and genomic compartmentalization.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2464 dayssaveRefWorks
Clonal variation in interferon response determines the outcome of oncolytic virotherapy in mouse CT26 colon carcinoma model.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2505 dayssaveRefWorks
Does mass balance between sense and antisense transcripts fine-tune the outcome of gene expression?Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2750 dayssaveRefWorks
Vespucci: a system for building annotated databases of nascent transcripts.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2791 dayssaveRefWorks
Biodistribution and antitumor effect of Cetuximab-targeted lentivirus.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2802 dayssaveRefWorks
Effect of natural genetic variation on enhancer selection and function.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2844 dayssaveRefWorks
NCoR Repression of LXRs Restricts Macrophage Biosynthesis of Insulin-Sensitizing Omega 3 Fatty Acids.Kaikkonen, M(inna) U.2858 dayssaveRefWorks
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