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Adding equity to transformative agreements and journal subscriptions–The Read & Let Read modelImpact Blog - LSE1 daysaveRefWorks
Leaving Twitter? Musk’s management shows the inevitability of regulationImpact Blog - LSE2 dayssaveRefWorks
The Lovelace Effect– AI generated texts should lead us to re-value creativity in academic writingImpact Blog - LSE3 dayssaveRefWorks
When publishing becomes the sole focus of PhD programmes academia suffersImpact Blog - LSE4 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: The Science and Art of Interviewing by Kathleen Gerson and Sarah DamaskeImpact Blog - LSE6 dayssaveRefWorks
To understand the impact of government policies we need a long-term evaluation culture Impact Blog - LSE7 dayssaveRefWorks
How academics review books (and each other)Impact Blog - LSE8 dayssaveRefWorks
Can blogs change the world? Uncovering pathways to policy influence through LSE BlogsImpact Blog - LSE10 dayssaveRefWorks
Just how important is the problem of predatory publishing?Impact Blog - LSE18 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: The Surprisingly Imprecise History of MeasurementImpact Blog - LSE19 dayssaveRefWorks
Requiem for a Tweet– Is there a future for the academic social capital held on the platform?Impact Blog - LSE20 dayssaveRefWorks
Sunlight not shadows: Double-anonymised peer review is not the answer to status biasImpact Blog - LSE21 dayssaveRefWorks
To understand uses of personal data in the present, people draw on the past and imagine the futureImpact Blog - LSE22 dayssaveRefWorks
How intelligent open science can inform our response to global crisesImpact Blog - LSE24 dayssaveRefWorks
Navigating co-design and nudge: Evidence and expertise in practiceImpact Blog - LSE28 dayssaveRefWorks
Academics can easily leave Twitter’s town square, but it will be much harder for their institutionsImpact Blog - LSE29 dayssaveRefWorks
When the safety of being right makes change hard– Introducing the Epistemic BunkerImpact Blog - LSE31 dayssaveRefWorks
Joining the Scientist Rebellion– Can research have impact without losing neutrality?Impact Blog - LSE32 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Where Research Begins: Choosing a Research Project that Matters to You (and the World) by Thomas S. Mullaney and Christopher ReaImpact Blog - LSE34 dayssaveRefWorks
As Musk takes control are we heading to an‘everything app’ or the break-up of academic twitter?  Impact Blog - LSE35 dayssaveRefWorks
Reforming research assessment in Spain requires greater university autonomyImpact Blog - LSE37 dayssaveRefWorks
Two minds better than one – Does research funding and support for collaboration lead to more innovative research?Impact Blog - LSE37 dayssaveRefWorks
Measuring the toll of COVID-19 on academic parents and what we can do about itImpact Blog - LSE39 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Horizon Work: At the Edge of Knowledge in an Age of Runaway Climate Change by Adriana PetrynaImpact Blog - LSE41 dayssaveRefWorks
Linking research to localities – The City-Region Economic Development Institute (City-REDI)Impact Blog - LSE43 dayssaveRefWorks
Reviewing the Rights Retention Strategy– A pathway to wider Open Access?Impact Blog - LSE44 dayssaveRefWorks
Five lessons from four centuries of journal publishing– What the history of the Philosophical Transactions tells us about academic publishingImpact Blog - LSE45 dayssaveRefWorks
Food Sovereignty as a model for scholar-led open access publishingImpact Blog - LSE46 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Doing Economics: What You Should Have Learned in Grad School– But Didn’t by Marc F. BellemareImpact Blog - LSE48 dayssaveRefWorks
The dream of‘editormetrics’ – Why a FAIR dataset of journal editors would benefit all researchersImpact Blog - LSE50 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: A Research Agenda for Experimental Economics edited by Ananish ChaudhuriImpact Blog - LSE50 dayssaveRefWorks
Telling the truth, uniting behind the science– Climate coalitions and science’s place in societyImpact Blog - LSE57 dayssaveRefWorks
The great convergence– Does increasing standardisation of journal articles limit intellectual creativity?Impact Blog - LSE59 dayssaveRefWorks
Contrary to media narratives, higher education has little impact on students’ political viewsImpact Blog - LSE60 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Cloud Empires: How Digital Platforms Are Overtaking the State and How We Can Regain Control by Vili LehdonvirtaImpact Blog - LSE69 dayssaveRefWorks
Is it ethical to be friends with research participants?Impact Blog - LSE71 dayssaveRefWorks
Cutting and Pasting the PastImpact Blog - LSE72 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: How the World Really Works: A Scientist’s Guide to Our Past, Present and Future by Vaclav SmilImpact Blog - LSE81 dayssaveRefWorks
An introvert’s guide to academic networking and hybrid eventsImpact Blog - LSE85 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Access and the enduring myths of the long 1990sImpact Blog - LSE86 dayssaveRefWorks
Aphorism and twitter– A distinct medium for constructing knowledgeImpact Blog - LSE88 dayssaveRefWorks
Research assessments tell us what and who did research impact, but say little about the why and how.Impact Blog - LSE93 dayssaveRefWorks
The focus on misinformation leads to a profound misunderstanding of why people believe and act on bad informationImpact Blog - LSE95 dayssaveRefWorks
The APC question mark hovering over the OSTP announcementImpact Blog - LSE98 dayssaveRefWorks
Surveying the landscape of UK University policy engagement– What are we doing differently and why?Impact Blog - LSE100 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Driving With Strangers: What Hitchhiking Tells Us about Humanity by Jonathan PurkisImpact Blog - LSE104 dayssaveRefWorks
Post-COVID and the new normal for Early Career ResearchersImpact Blog - LSE106 dayssaveRefWorks
Research funders can tackle research waste– Lessons from COVID-19 researchImpact Blog - LSE107 dayssaveRefWorks
Tell me what you read (or watch) and I will tell you what you research: The two-way street between science and literatureImpact Blog - LSE109 dayssaveRefWorks
Book Review: Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization: Practical Tools for Improving Teaching, Research, and Scholarship edited by Abby Day, Lois Lee, Dave S.P. Thomas and James SpickardImpact Blog - LSE111 dayssaveRefWorks
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