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What’s Next for Open Science — Making the Case for Open MethodsScholarly Kitchen, The20 hourssaveRefWorks
Open Access, Conspiracy Theories and the Democratization of KnowledgeScholarly Kitchen, The1 daysaveRefWorks
Guest Post– Scientific Output in the Year of COVID, An UpdateScholarly Kitchen, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Towards Accessible Conferences: A ConversationScholarly Kitchen, The2 dayssaveRefWorks
Plan S Rights Retention Strategy, Copyright and the Academic Community– Part TwoScholarly Kitchen, The6 dayssaveRefWorks
Plan S Rights Retention Strategy, Copyright and the Academic Community– Part OneScholarly Kitchen, The7 dayssaveRefWorks
Explaining the Rights Retention StrategyScholarly Kitchen, The8 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Lessons Learned: A Year with GetFTRScholarly Kitchen, The9 dayssaveRefWorks
Off for President’s DayScholarly Kitchen, The10 dayssaveRefWorks
The Super Bowl Ad We Really Wanted to SeeScholarly Kitchen, The13 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— What Should A Conference Cost?Scholarly Kitchen, The14 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating Five Years of PIDapalooza with a 24-Hour PID Party!Scholarly Kitchen, The15 dayssaveRefWorks
Emerging from the Pandemic: The Future of Work is NowScholarly Kitchen, The16 dayssaveRefWorks
Sci-Hub Citation Study Confuses Causes With EffectsScholarly Kitchen, The17 dayssaveRefWorks
Amanda Gorman at the Moth Grand SlamScholarly Kitchen, The20 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Unethical Practices in Research and Publishing: Evidence from RussiaScholarly Kitchen, The21 dayssaveRefWorks
The Cell Press Inclusion and Diversity Statement— An Interview with Deborah SweetScholarly Kitchen, The22 dayssaveRefWorks
Revisiting Nicholson Baker and Retention of PrintScholarly Kitchen, The23 dayssaveRefWorks
Changing Journal Impact Factor Rules Creates Unfair Playing Field For SomeScholarly Kitchen, The24 dayssaveRefWorks
Channeling Your Newfound Cognitive Surplus— What’s the Correct Plural Form of “Octopus”?Scholarly Kitchen, The24 dayssaveRefWorks
Open Access and Global South: It is More Than a Matter of InclusionScholarly Kitchen, The28 dayssaveRefWorks
Watch Out for the Silent Librarian: An Interview with Crane HassoldScholarly Kitchen, The29 dayssaveRefWorks
Publishers Still Don’t Prioritize ResearchersScholarly Kitchen, The30 dayssaveRefWorks
Ask The Chefs: New Year’s ResolutionsScholarly Kitchen, The31 dayssaveRefWorks
Words Matter: A Week Best Expressed through PoetryScholarly Kitchen, The34 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Citing Software in Scholarly Publishing to Improve Reproducibility, Reuse, and CreditScholarly Kitchen, The35 dayssaveRefWorks
Pandemic Perspectives: Updating“What Will We Learn About Scholarly Publishing as a Result of COVID-19”Scholarly Kitchen, The36 dayssaveRefWorks
Truth and LiesScholarly Kitchen, The37 dayssaveRefWorks
Letter from a Birmingham JailScholarly Kitchen, The38 dayssaveRefWorks
Historians in Historic TimesScholarly Kitchen, The42 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Evaluating Publishers as Partners with Libraries and Higher EducationScholarly Kitchen, The43 dayssaveRefWorks
Pandemic Perspectives: Volunteer Projects Continue ProgressScholarly Kitchen, The44 dayssaveRefWorks
Wiley Acquires Hindawi: An Interview with Judy Verses and Liz FergusonScholarly Kitchen, The45 dayssaveRefWorks
The View from AboveScholarly Kitchen, The48 dayssaveRefWorks
Don’t Bust Silos When a Little Remodeling Will DoScholarly Kitchen, The49 dayssaveRefWorks
Can Publishers Maintain Control of the Scholarly Record?Scholarly Kitchen, The50 dayssaveRefWorks
Pandemic Perspectives: Updating Talking About— and Maybe Even Selling — Books in a PandemicScholarly Kitchen, The51 dayssaveRefWorks
The Year in Review: 2020 In The Scholarly KitchenScholarly Kitchen, The52 dayssaveRefWorks
Goodbye 2020, See You On The Other SideScholarly Kitchen, The64 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Publishing in a Pandemic: 5 Factors Limiting Scholarly ResearchScholarly Kitchen, The65 dayssaveRefWorks
The Failure of the US Government to Fund Science Infrastructure is Causing Things to Literally CollapseScholarly Kitchen, The66 dayssaveRefWorks
The Senior Research Officer and the Academic Research EnterpriseScholarly Kitchen, The69 dayssaveRefWorks
The Humanities [Are Everywhere] in American LifeScholarly Kitchen, The70 dayssaveRefWorks
Transformative Agreements, Funders and the Publishing Ecosystem: a Lack of Focus on EquityScholarly Kitchen, The71 dayssaveRefWorks
The State of Not-for-Profit Publishing TodayScholarly Kitchen, The72 dayssaveRefWorks
Journalism, Preprint Servers, and the Truth: Allocating AccountabilityScholarly Kitchen, The73 dayssaveRefWorks
X-Ray Bat FlightScholarly Kitchen, The76 dayssaveRefWorks
Towards a Shared Peer-Review Taxonomy: An interview with Joris Rossum and Lois JonesScholarly Kitchen, The77 dayssaveRefWorks
The Impacts of COVID-19 on Academic Library Budgets: Fall 2020Scholarly Kitchen, The78 dayssaveRefWorks
Guest Post— Subscribe to Open: The Why, The How and The What Now?!Scholarly Kitchen, The79 dayssaveRefWorks
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