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Canada's moral panicEvo and proud175 dayssaveRefWorks
Lewontin's legacyEvo and proud201 dayssaveRefWorks
American Indians in declineEvo and proud212 dayssaveRefWorks
Getting the messageEvo and proud224 dayssaveRefWorks
Damunwha in South KoreaEvo and proud258 dayssaveRefWorks
Polygenic scores and Black AmericansEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
Selection for fair skin in Europeans and North AsiansEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
The mismeasure of genetic differentiationEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent cognitive evolution in West AfricaEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
The big bird that takes away waterEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
Nigerians, Scrabble, and the GCSEEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
Not getting the conceptEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
White Skin Privilege: Modern Myth, Forgotten PastEvo and proud274 dayssaveRefWorks
Sex differences in human eye morphologyEvo and proud367 dayssaveRefWorks
Are identical twins really identical?Evo and proud373 dayssaveRefWorks
Are fungal pathogens manipulating human behavior?Evo and proud380 dayssaveRefWorks
The mental qualities that make a society workableEvo and proud388 dayssaveRefWorks
Frank Salter and the National QuestionEvo and proud396 dayssaveRefWorks
Brain size and family structure in EstoniaEvo and proud403 dayssaveRefWorks
Large differences at a few genes?Evo and proud414 dayssaveRefWorks
The genetics of susceptibility to COVID-19Evo and proud422 dayssaveRefWorks
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