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The large society problem in Northwest Europe and East AsiaEvo and proud44 dayssaveRefWorks
Declining intelligence in the 20th century: the case of EstoniaEvo and proud53 dayssaveRefWorks
Selection for slow life history?Evo and proud62 dayssaveRefWorks
Religion as a force for natural selectionEvo and proud69 dayssaveRefWorks
Did women jumpstart recent cognitive evolution?Evo and proud76 dayssaveRefWorks
Recent evolution of the British populationEvo and proud83 dayssaveRefWorks
When the mob decides truthEvo and proud91 dayssaveRefWorks
Cleansing the scientific literature ... againEvo and proud98 dayssaveRefWorks
This is where the virus is least deadlyEvo and proud126 dayssaveRefWorks
Does a commensal relationship exist between coronaviruses and some human populations?Evo and proud133 dayssaveRefWorks
British hipstersEvo and proud156 dayssaveRefWorks
A second look at ASPMEvo and proud164 dayssaveRefWorks
COVID-19 updateEvo and proud171 dayssaveRefWorks
Affective empathy: a double-edged swordEvo and proud178 dayssaveRefWorks
The myth of selective neutralityEvo and proud185 dayssaveRefWorks
From here it's all downhillEvo and proud193 dayssaveRefWorks
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