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The New Testament Gospels in Manichaean Tradition (ed. Larsen & Leurini)PaleoJudaica.com2 hourssaveRefWorks
The full Gospel of ThomasPaleoJudaica.com2 hourssaveRefWorks
Gruen, Ethnicity in the Ancient WorldPaleoJudaica.com2 hourssaveRefWorks
Jews under Byzantine rulePaleoJudaica.com1 daysaveRefWorks
The scapegoat and the crimson threadPaleoJudaica.com1 daysaveRefWorks
The masthead from a late-antique shipwreckPaleoJudaica.com1 daysaveRefWorks
HB/JS job at UBCPaleoJudaica.com1 daysaveRefWorks
More Syriac manuscripts recovered in IraqPaleoJudaica.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Monotheism and Christology in Greco-Roman Antiquity (ed. Novenson)PaleoJudaica.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Aelia CapitolinaPaleoJudaica.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
BAJS Annual Book Prize 2020 and 2021PaleoJudaica.com2 dayssaveRefWorks
Late-antique Syriac mosaics excavated in Turkey churchPaleoJudaica.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
The Masorah of the (printed ed.) Cairo Codex of the ProphetsPaleoJudaica.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Sogdian publicationsPaleoJudaica.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Dahlén (ed.), Achaemenid Anatolia (open-access book)PaleoJudaica.com3 dayssaveRefWorks
Boccaccini, Paul’s Three Paths to SalvationPaleoJudaica.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Wizard battles and demon circles in MNTA2PaleoJudaica.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
"Passion" sequel is still onPaleoJudaica.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Chicago Assyrian Dictionary onlinePaleoJudaica.com4 dayssaveRefWorks
Review of Thavapalan, The meaning of color in ancient MesopotamiaPaleoJudaica.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
An old DSS documentaryPaleoJudaica.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
The Masorah of MS BH MSS1PaleoJudaica.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
Abraham in Jewish and Early Christian Literature (ed. Adams & Domoney-Lyttle)PaleoJudaica.com5 dayssaveRefWorks
Archaeological gardens in IsraelPaleoJudaica.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Review of Goulet-Cazé, Cynicism and Christianity in antiquityPaleoJudaica.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Abusch, Essays on Babylonian and Biblical Literature and ReligionPaleoJudaica.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Fakes and Forgeries of Written ArtefactsPaleoJudaica.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Archaeologically authentic operaPaleoJudaica.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
The Masorah of the Leningrad Codex in BHSPaleoJudaica.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
Wagner-Durand & Linke (eds.), Tales of RoyaltyPaleoJudaica.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
What does holy and treasured mean?PaleoJudaica.com7 dayssaveRefWorks
Rosh HaShanah 2020PaleoJudaica.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Pagan imagery in late-antique synagoguesPaleoJudaica.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
Ancient inkwell discovered at Gush EtzionPaleoJudaica.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
SuperheroesPaleoJudaica.com8 dayssaveRefWorks
The early Rosh HaShanahPaleoJudaica.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Dinars and Dirhams - numismatic Bates FestschriftPaleoJudaica.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
More on that Phoenician wine pressPaleoJudaica.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Pietsch & Rösel (eds.), Hebräisch (5th ed.)PaleoJudaica.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Friedman reviews Sabar, VeritasPaleoJudaica.com9 dayssaveRefWorks
Don't pick a fight with an elephantPaleoJudaica.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Who were the wood choppers and water drawers?PaleoJudaica.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Petra once morePaleoJudaica.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
De Gruyter's Handbook of StemmatologyPaleoJudaica.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
The Masorah of Biblia Hebraica QuintaPaleoJudaica.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
Vintage PhoeniciansPaleoJudaica.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
SBL/AAR 2020 is going full virtualPaleoJudaica.com12 dayssaveRefWorks
More from Sabar on VeritasPaleoJudaica.com12 dayssaveRefWorks
OT/HB job at BerkeleyPaleoJudaica.com12 dayssaveRefWorks
Oxford Archaeology Image DatabasePaleoJudaica.com12 dayssaveRefWorks
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