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The 3:00 Booktheartblog2 dayssaveRefWorks
Philadelphia Center City walls treated to Piotr Szyhalski’s provocative ‘Covid-19 Labor Camp Reports’theartblog3 dayssaveRefWorks
Socialist Grocerytheartblog5 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog8 dayssaveRefWorks
Celebrating Jonathan Lyndon Chase in a 2017 Artblog Radio interview, and elsewheretheartblog10 dayssaveRefWorks
Vulnerable, loving and lawless, Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s book, ‘Wild Wild Wild West / Haunting of the Seahorse’theartblog15 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog15 dayssaveRefWorks
Talking about ‘Taking Space’ with Brittany Webb and Jodi Throckmorton of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Artstheartblog18 dayssaveRefWorks
Socialist Grocerytheartblog22 dayssaveRefWorks
Charm City double feature, a tale of two historic theaterstheartblog25 dayssaveRefWorks
Matthew Rose repurposes madness and confusion in his clever quaranzine ‘Coronaville’theartblog25 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog29 dayssaveRefWorks
Disarm the Philadelphia police, invest in black lives and communitytheartblog29 dayssaveRefWorks
How do we value art?theartblog36 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog36 dayssaveRefWorks
Gilbert Lewis’s empathetic gay male gaze at Woodmere Art Museum, Kapp Kapp Gallery and William Way Centertheartblog39 dayssaveRefWorks
Amy June’s edgy intimate cover art syncs with band Pinkwash’s “COLLECTIVE SIGH”theartblog44 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog44 dayssaveRefWorks
Victory for Camp JTD!theartblog51 dayssaveRefWorks
Ken Lum and Karyn Olivier talk Art and Social Responsibilitytheartblog51 dayssaveRefWorks
The theme is Shorts, Seven films for the commitment-averse viewertheartblog52 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog53 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Honey Honey,’ a film by Ninth Planet, Attic Youth Center, and You!theartblog58 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog58 dayssaveRefWorks
Dan Keplinger talks about art, his life-long activism and ‘King Gimp’ his Oscar-winning movietheartblog59 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog79 dayssaveRefWorks
At home at The Baltimore Museum of Art, Mickalene Thomas’s ‘A Moment’s Pleasure’theartblog80 dayssaveRefWorks
Artblog’s 17th Birthday and Auctiontheartblog81 dayssaveRefWorks
Vulnerable, optimistic and community-spirited, Thank You, Artists in the Time of Coronavirustheartblog85 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog86 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog93 dayssaveRefWorks
Salina Almanzar, artist, educator and school board member in Lancaster, PAtheartblog96 dayssaveRefWorks
Can’t stop, won’t stop. BlackStar Film Festival, online, in print, and expandingtheartblog99 dayssaveRefWorks
Two open calls, “Art Against Racism” online and “Atlas of Affects” an in-gallery exhibittheartblog99 dayssaveRefWorks
Let’s chat about Comasttheartblog99 dayssaveRefWorks
Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 56theartblog100 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog100 dayssaveRefWorks
Two art books for our era of racial reckoningtheartblog102 dayssaveRefWorks
Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 55theartblog106 dayssaveRefWorks
Velocity Fund 2020 grantees announced, $5,000 awards to 12 Philadelphia based artiststheartblog106 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog108 dayssaveRefWorks
Tapestries sparkle in isolated pandemic viewing, Marie Cuttoli at The Barnestheartblog108 dayssaveRefWorks
Jeannine Cook’s historically informed activism is a gift to Philadelphiatheartblog109 dayssaveRefWorks
Reimagine our schools as a school-to-museum pipeline for Black studentstheartblog112 dayssaveRefWorks
Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 54theartblog114 dayssaveRefWorks
Let’s chat about The Philadelphia Museum of Art Uniontheartblog114 dayssaveRefWorks
Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 53theartblog116 dayssaveRefWorks
Thank you from Artblog, Submissions closed for “Artists in the time of Coronavirus”theartblog116 dayssaveRefWorks
The 3:00 Booktheartblog116 dayssaveRefWorks
The theme is Community, Four films on intimacy, vulnerabilitytheartblog117 dayssaveRefWorks
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