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US Excess MortalityKieran Healy's Weblog1 daysaveRefWorks
Dataviz InterviewKieran Healy's Weblog11 dayssaveRefWorks
Some Data PackagesKieran Healy's Weblog32 dayssaveRefWorks
The Politics of DisorderKieran Healy's Weblog115 dayssaveRefWorks
Get Apple's Mobility DataKieran Healy's Weblog125 dayssaveRefWorks
The Kitchen Counter ObservatoryKieran Healy's Weblog127 dayssaveRefWorks
Covid Concept GeneratorKieran Healy's Weblog140 dayssaveRefWorks
New Orleans and NormalizationKieran Healy's Weblog150 dayssaveRefWorks
Apple's COVID Mobility DataKieran Healy's Weblog155 dayssaveRefWorks
Upset PlotsKieran Healy's Weblog162 dayssaveRefWorks
Covdata PackageKieran Healy's Weblog168 dayssaveRefWorks
This Is Just to Try to SayKieran Healy's Weblog181 dayssaveRefWorks
A COVID Small MultipleKieran Healy's Weblog182 dayssaveRefWorks
Covid 19 TrackingKieran Healy's Weblog188 dayssaveRefWorks
U.S. Census Counts DataKieran Healy's Weblog194 dayssaveRefWorks
Animating U.S. Population DistributionsKieran Healy's Weblog195 dayssaveRefWorks
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