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Reforested areas rival mature forests in securing water, study findsMongabay.com1 hoursaveRefWorks
Chinese triads target Bolivia’s jaguars in search of ‘American tiger’ partsMongabay.com1 hoursaveRefWorks
Amazon‘Tribes on the Edge’: Q&A with documentary filmmaker Céline CousteauMongabay.com7 hourssaveRefWorks
Opportunities to save Africa’s unique biodiversity are dwindling, says Rodger SchlickeisenMongabay.com20 hourssaveRefWorks
Organizations aim to block funds for East African oil pipelineMongabay.com22 hourssaveRefWorks
Papua deforestation highlights eastward shift of Indonesia forest clearingMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
To fight climate change, save the whales, some scientists sayMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
An economic case for competing in the XPRIZE Rainforest contest (commentary)Mongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
One-hit wonder frog makes a comeback in the southern PhilippinesMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Sri Lanka replanting bid begins after minister is held liable for deforestationMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Declaring key ocean habitats off-limits to human activities protects biodiversity and guards against climate change (commentary)Mongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Jaguars in Suriname’s protected parks remain vulnerable to poachingMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Forest patches amid agriculture are key to orangutan survival: StudyMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
‘The river will bleed red’: Indigenous Filipinos face down dam projectsMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
The perils of relying on high-tech networks in a warmer world (commentary)Mongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
‘A disgrace’: Luxury housing plans threaten Cambodia’s Bokor National ParkMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Mystery bird not seen in 172 years makes surprise reappearance in Borneo forestMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Why do zebras have stripes? Candid Animal Cam visits the SerengetiMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
We’re killing those tropical trees we’re counting on to absorb carbon dioxideMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Human impacts leave reefs short on sharks and long on moray eelsMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Podcast: Is ecosystem restoration our last/best hope for a sustainable future?Mongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
The Kalunga digitally map traditional lands to save Cerrado way of lifeMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Only 1 of 52 pilot whales survives mass stranding in IndonesiaMongabay.com1 daysaveRefWorks
Agroforestry and land reform give Brazil cacao farmers sweet taste of successMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
When seas turn rough, gleaning keeps the fish on the table for some communitiesMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
As Amazon forest-to-savanna tipping point looms, solutions remain elusiveMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Electronic ears spy on poachers in a key Central American jaguar habitatMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
“Securing Indigenous guardianship of vital ecosystems”: Q&A with Nia Tero CEO Peter SeligmannMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
On a Philippine volcano, an eruption-proof mouse rules the roostMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
New platform gathers data on Brazil’s disappearing Cerrado biomeMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Here goes nothing: Male spiders found giving females silk-wrapped zilchMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Gold and diamonds fail to shine as drivers of Amazon developmentMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
‘Everything on this planet is connected’: Q&A with WWF’s Marco LambertiniMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Mongabay founder wins environmental journalism awardMongabay.com6 dayssaveRefWorks
Madagascar: Young farmers adopt new methods to help lemurs, forests and themselvesMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
Backing the stewards of biocultural diversity: Q&A with Indigenous rights leader Carla FredericksMongabay.com10 dayssaveRefWorks
U.N. report lays out blueprint to end‘suicidal war on nature’Mongabay.com11 dayssaveRefWorks
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