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Shrinking massive neural networks used to model Computer Sciences3 hourssaveRefWorks
AI reduces computational time required to study fate of molecules exposed to Computer Sciences3 hourssaveRefWorks
Teaching computers the meaning of sensor names in smart Computer Sciences9 hourssaveRefWorks
AI system finds, moves items in constricted Computer Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Using artificial intelligence to help drones find people lost in the Computer Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Exploring the use of artificial intelligence in Computer Sciences4 dayssaveRefWorks
Google's AI taps into the minds of the great Computer Sciences6 dayssaveRefWorks
AI tool summarizes lengthy papers in a Computer Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
Binarized neural networks show promise for fast, accurate machine Computer Sciences7 dayssaveRefWorks
Misinformation or artifact: A new way to think about machine Computer Sciences8 dayssaveRefWorks
Deep learning in the emergency Computer Sciences8 dayssaveRefWorks
Q&A: Artificial intelligence and the classroom of the Computer Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
Software developed to help programmers prototype graphic user Computer Sciences11 dayssaveRefWorks
A neural network learns when it should not be Computer Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
DeepER tool uses deep learning to better allocate emergency Computer Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
Vision-based fire detection facilities work better under new deep learning Computer Sciences12 dayssaveRefWorks
New test reveals AI still lacks common Computer Sciences13 dayssaveRefWorks
Computer scientists launch counteroffensive against video game Computer Sciences15 dayssaveRefWorks
VR architecture reveals stunning details, but can't always capture Computer Sciences15 dayssaveRefWorks
System brings deep learning to Internet of Things Computer Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
HAMLET: A platform to simplify AI research and Computer Sciences18 dayssaveRefWorks
Using social robots to improve children's language Computer Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
New method brings physics to deep learning to better simulate Computer Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers use dynamical systems and machine learning to add spontaneity to Computer Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
Intelligent surfaces signal better Computer Sciences20 dayssaveRefWorks
Smart devices to schedule electricity use may prevent Computer Sciences21 dayssaveRefWorks
Double patterns could advance Android device Computer Sciences21 dayssaveRefWorks
A continuous data supply ensures data-intensive simulations can run at maximum Computer Sciences22 dayssaveRefWorks
When algorithmic fairness fixes fail: The case for keeping humans in the Computer Sciences25 dayssaveRefWorks
Teaching AI agents to communicate and act in fantasy Computer Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
AI system predicts election results via analysis of Twitter Computer Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Computer scientist researches interpretable machine learning, develops AI to explain its Computer Sciences27 dayssaveRefWorks
Tricking fake news detectors with malicious user Computer Sciences29 dayssaveRefWorks
When algorithms compete, who wins? Computer Sciences29 dayssaveRefWorks
New tool simplifies data sharing, preserves Computer Sciences33 dayssaveRefWorks
A machine leaning model that incorporates immunological Computer Sciences34 dayssaveRefWorks
Users don't understand computer explanations for image labeling Computer Sciences35 dayssaveRefWorks
Best way to detect 'deepfake' videos? Check for the Computer Sciences35 dayssaveRefWorks
Cloud-based framework leads to improved efficiency in disaster-area Computer Sciences35 dayssaveRefWorks
New control architecture defends complex interconnected systems against Computer Sciences36 dayssaveRefWorks
PESAO: An experimental setup to evaluate the perceptions of freely moving Computer Sciences39 dayssaveRefWorks
Machine translation tools find word meanings vary based on news Computer Sciences39 dayssaveRefWorks
A math idea that may dramatically reduce the dataset size needed to train AI Computer Sciences39 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers discover 'spooky' similarity in how brains and computers Computer Sciences40 dayssaveRefWorks
Creating 3-D maps of complex buildings for disaster Computer Sciences40 dayssaveRefWorks
3-D hand pose estimation using a wrist-worn Computer Sciences41 dayssaveRefWorks
MonoEye: A human motion capture system using a single wearable Computer Sciences41 dayssaveRefWorks
Simple software creates complex wooden Computer Sciences41 dayssaveRefWorks
AI outperforms humans in speech Computer Sciences42 dayssaveRefWorks
Mathematical model to objectively analyzes the appeal of Computer Sciences42 dayssaveRefWorks
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