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Neural network has learned to identify tree Computer Sciences262 dayssaveRefWorks
Deep learning-based assessment of student engagement could aid classroom Computer Sciences262 dayssaveRefWorks
'Liquid' machine-learning system adapts to changing Computer Sciences262 dayssaveRefWorks
New supercomputer in Wyoming to rank among world's Computer Sciences262 dayssaveRefWorks
'Bleep-bloop-bleep! Say "cheese," human' Computer Sciences263 dayssaveRefWorks
A technique to estimate emotional valence and arousal by analyzing images of human Computer Sciences264 dayssaveRefWorks
Chess engine sacrifices mastery to mimic human Computer Sciences264 dayssaveRefWorks
Smart algorithm cleans up images by searching for clues buried in Computer Sciences264 dayssaveRefWorks
AI trained to read electric vehicle charging station reviews to find infrastructure Computer Sciences268 dayssaveRefWorks
Designing customized 'brains' for Computer Sciences269 dayssaveRefWorks
When a story is breaking, AI can help consumers identify fake Computer Sciences269 dayssaveRefWorks
New approach to AI offers more certainty in the face of Computer Sciences269 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers develop a system that can recommend personalized and healthy Computer Sciences269 dayssaveRefWorks
Data science and computational mathematics unite to advance predictive methods in Computer Sciences269 dayssaveRefWorks
Optimizing traffic signals to reduce wait times at Computer Sciences270 dayssaveRefWorks
Exploring the underpinnings of shadowbanning on Computer Sciences270 dayssaveRefWorks
An AI system for training Computer Sciences270 dayssaveRefWorks
How to train a robot (using AI and supercomputers) Computer Sciences270 dayssaveRefWorks
Appreciating a flower's texture, color, and shape leads to better drone Computer Sciences271 dayssaveRefWorks
Robot learns fast but safe navigation Computer Sciences271 dayssaveRefWorks
Cyber-evolution: How computer science is harnessing the power of Darwinian Computer Sciences271 dayssaveRefWorks
A technique that allows robots to estimate the pose of objects by touching Computer Sciences272 dayssaveRefWorks
Experts reduce search times for novel high-entropy alloys 13,000-fold using Cuckoo Computer Sciences276 dayssaveRefWorks
New method makes better predictions of material properties using low quality Computer Sciences276 dayssaveRefWorks
New algorithm mimics electrosensing in Computer Sciences276 dayssaveRefWorks
AI algorithm over 70% accurate at guessing a person's political Computer Sciences276 dayssaveRefWorks
Evolvable neural units that can mimic the brain's synaptic Computer Sciences276 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers explore how to share data and keep Computer Sciences276 dayssaveRefWorks
Concept whitening: A strategy to improve the interpretability of image recognition Computer Sciences277 dayssaveRefWorks
A new model of influence Computer Sciences278 dayssaveRefWorks
A framework to assess the importance of variables for different predictive Computer Sciences278 dayssaveRefWorks
Machine learning accelerates discovery of materials for use in industrial Computer Sciences278 dayssaveRefWorks
Tweaking AI software to function like a human brain improves computer's learning Computer Sciences279 dayssaveRefWorks
We wouldn't be able to control superintelligent Computer Sciences279 dayssaveRefWorks
Accelerating AI computing to the speed of Computer Sciences279 dayssaveRefWorks
Building a testing-free Computer Sciences279 dayssaveRefWorks
A model that can create unique Chinese calligraphy Computer Sciences282 dayssaveRefWorks
A framework to evaluate the cognitive capabilities of machine learning Computer Sciences283 dayssaveRefWorks
Machine learning at the speed of light: New paper demonstrates use of photonic structures for Computer Sciences284 dayssaveRefWorks
Teaching AI agents to type on a Braille Computer Sciences284 dayssaveRefWorks
New module for OpenAI GPT-3 creates unique images from Computer Sciences284 dayssaveRefWorks
New research shows machine learning could lop a year off technology design Computer Sciences285 dayssaveRefWorks
Chitrakar: A system that can transform images of human faces into Computer Sciences285 dayssaveRefWorks
Researchers compute turbulence with artificial Computer Sciences285 dayssaveRefWorks
Using artificial intelligence to find new uses for existing Computer Sciences286 dayssaveRefWorks
DUAL takes AI to the next Computer Sciences286 dayssaveRefWorks
DeepMind's MuZero conquers and learns the rules as it Computer Sciences297 dayssaveRefWorks
Exploring the notion of shortcut learning in deep neural Computer Sciences298 dayssaveRefWorks
Modeling rainfall drop by Computer Sciences300 dayssaveRefWorks
Developing a better way to address vulnerabilities at the source-code Computer Sciences303 dayssaveRefWorks
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