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Relationships between early postpartum nutritional and metabolic profiles and subsequent reproductive performance of lactating dairy cowsTheriogenology2 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Sperm motility modulated by Trpv1 regulates zebrafish fertilizationTheriogenology5 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Determination of the roles of GREM1 gene in granulosa cell proliferation and steroidogenesis of hen ovarian prehierarchical folliclesTheriogenology5 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Local influence of the corpus luteum on the ipsilateral oviduct and early embryo development in the eweTheriogenology5 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Harem stallion changes are not associated with diminished reproductive performance of females in semi-feral Konik polski horses (Equus caballus)Theriogenology6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Local cooling of the ovary and its implications for heat stress effects on reproductionTheriogenology6 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Effects of red-light irradiation on the function and survival of fresh and liquid-stored donkey semenTheriogenology7 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Equilibration in freezing extender alters in vitro sperm–oviduct binding in the domestic cat (Felis catus)Theriogenology7 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Channel catfish ovarian fluid differentially enhances blue catfish sperm performanceTheriogenology7 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Effect of dimethylformamide on sperm quality and fertilizing ability of Indian red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus murghi)Theriogenology9 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The proportion of tyrosine phosphorylated spermatozoa in cryopreserved semen is negatively related to crossbred bull fertilityTheriogenology9 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Melatonin concentration in peripheral blood and melatonin receptors (MT1 and MT2) in the testis and epididymis of male roe deer during active spermatogenesisTheriogenology9 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Step by step optimization of a sperm cryopreservation protocol for spotted wolffish (Anarhichas minor Olafsen, 1772)Theriogenology11 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Impact of activation solutions on fresh and frozen-thawed sperm motility and fertilization success for two species of migratory freshwater fishesTheriogenology13 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Effect of breed body-size on leptin amniotic fluid concentrations at term pregnancy in dogsTheriogenology13 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Nuclear and membrane progesterone receptors expression in placenta from early to late pregnancy in sheep: Effects of restricted nutrition and realimentationTheriogenology29 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Seasonal variations in sperm DNA fragmentation and pregnancy rates obtained after artificial insemination with cooled-stored stallion sperm throughout the breeding season (spring and summer)Theriogenology30 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The processes of cellular growth, aging, and programmed cell death are involved in lifespan of ovarian granulosa cells during short-term IVC – Study based on animal modelTheriogenology31 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Pluripotency factor NANOG promotes germ cell maintenance in vitro without triggering dedifferentiation of spermatogonial stem cellsTheriogenology36 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
d-aspartate treatment in vitro improves mouse sperm fertility in young B6N miceTheriogenology36 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Administration of nerve growth factor-β to heifers with a pre-ovulatory follicle enhanced luteal formation and function and promoted LH releaseTheriogenology39 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Aberrant DNA and histone methylation during zygotic genome activation in goat cloned embryosTheriogenology39 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
3, 3′, 5-Triiodo-L-thyronine affects polarity proteins of bovine Sertoli cells via WT1/non-canonical Wnt signaling pathwayTheriogenology40 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Passive immunization against inhibin increases testicular blood flow in male goatsTheriogenology40 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Increased pregnancy rate in beef heifers resynchronized with estradiol at 14 days after TAITheriogenology47 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Can jaguar (Panthera onca) ovulate without copulation?Theriogenology47 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1)-mediated progesterone effect on preimplantation development of in vitro produced porcine embryosTheriogenology50 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
X chromosome aneuploidy and micronuclei in fertile maresTheriogenology50 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Expression of genes involved in the NF-κB-dependent pathway of the fibrosis in the mare endometriumTheriogenology50 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The subtle balance of insulin and thyroxine on survival and development of in vitro cultured caprine preantral follicles enclosed in ovarian tissueTheriogenology50 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Effects of glucose concentration in semen extender and storage temperature on stallion sperm quality following long-term cooled storageTheriogenology54 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Research and development of a silicone letrozole-releasing device to control reproduction in cattleTheriogenology54 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
In vitro and in vivo development of domestic cat embryos generated by in vitro fertilization after eCG priming and oocyte in vitro maturationTheriogenology55 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Presynchronization with prostaglandin F2α and prolonged exposure to exogenous progesterone impacts estrus expression and fertility in beef heifersTheriogenology55 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Presynchronization with CIDR, with or without GnRH, prior to CO-Synch in beef heifersTheriogenology56 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Metabolic biomarkers, body condition, uterine inflammation and response to superovulation in lactating Holstein cowsTheriogenology56 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
MLL1 combined with GSK3 and MAP2K inhibition improves the development of in vitro-fertilized embryosTheriogenology57 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Reproductive hormones influence zinc homeostasis in the bovine cumulus-oocyte complex: Impact on intracellular zinc concentration and transporters gene expressionTheriogenology62 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Efficient one-step direct transfer to recipients of thawed bovine embryos cultured in vitro and frozen in chemically defined mediumTheriogenology62 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Timing of oocyte recruitment within the ovulatory cycle of Macedonian shad, Alosa macedonica, a batch spawning fish with indeterminate fecundityTheriogenology63 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Early resynchronization of non-pregnant beef cows based in corpus luteum blood flow evaluation 21 days after Timed-AITheriogenology63 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
The embryo affects day 14 uterine transcriptome depending on nutritional status in sheep. a. Metabolic adaptation to pregnancy in nourished and undernourished ewesTheriogenology63 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
IMD/ADM21-47, a factor that improves embryo qualityTheriogenology63 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Genetic effects of DSCAML1 identified in genome-wide association study revealing strong associations with litter size and semen quality in goat (Capra hircus)Theriogenology63 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Intracellular pH regulation and sperm motility in the European eelTheriogenology65 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Progesterone-based timed AI protocols for Bos indicus cattle I: Evaluation of ovarian functionTheriogenology65 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Cryopreservation of ram sperm alters the dynamic changes associated with in vitro capacitationTheriogenology65 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Short-term testicular warming under anesthesia causes similar increases in testicular blood flow in Bos taurus versus Bos indicus bulls, but no apparent hypoxiaTheriogenology65 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Progesterone-based timed AI protocols for Bos indicus cattle II: Reproductive outcomes of either EB or GnRH-type protocol, using or not GnRH at AITheriogenology65 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
Implications of miRNA expression pattern in bovine oocytes and follicular fluids for developmental competenceTheriogenology71 dayssaveRefWorksSFX Info
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